Khala me lun dala

Hello friends. My name is Jahangir. I run my own restaurant in outskirts of Hyderabad. I am 26 years old 6, 2’’ tall, fair and had worked really hard and made a strong muscular body. I also went to Mumbai to try my luck in movies but I didn’t sustain long enough in the competition. Anyways the story which I am going to narrate to you people today is about me and my Khala( Aunty)

My Khala Ruksana is in mid 30s but she is still as sexy as a college going girl. She is 5’6” 34 boobs, slim, extremely fair and has perfect ass. She was 24 when she got married but within 1 year she lost her husband in a tragic accident. From that day she lives with us in our home. This all started on the day when I completed my Bcom. Right from the beginning I was not good into studies.

In fact I never liked books. What I was good in was fights and had many fights in my college life. Finally my results were out declaring me a B Com graduate. Ammi (Mom) was very much happy on that day. She prepared delicious hyderabadi chicken biryani for all of us. At the dinner table when all of us were enjoying delicious biryani ,she kept a proposal of going to Huj.

Abba loved the idea but was worried about the restaurant to which I said “I will stay back and look after it. Ammi, as usual being Ammi was worried about my food and all to which Khala extended her support of staying back too.  So everything got decided and Abba booked tickets for him, Ammi and my sister. Tickets were for date which was a month later and hence my Abba introduced me to his business.

After a week or so I got myself adjusted to the environment and started handling the account. One day a really sexy girl walked into our restaurant and ordered a parcel meal. She was wearing a low cut black color top. She bent on the counter to place her order. As she bent, she exposed her boobs and pink laced bra to me. I kept staring at those beautiful boobs and my penis got erected.

I enjoyed the scene for some 2 mins after which she sat in a char waiting for parcel and finally gone leaving me behind with picture of her boobs in my mind. Whole day I was not able to forget those boobs. At night when I was in my bed, those boobs again came in front of me and unknowingly my hand went inside my pajama and started stroking my penis.

I was shaking it vigorously and suddenly I realized Khala looking at me standing at the door. I took out my hand immediately. She turned and went away. I was so scared thinking how Khala will react. Next day morning I got up and saw khala. Khala smiled in return. I was not able to make eye contact with her and walked at faster pace, away from her. She giggled and went to kitchen.

Finally the day came when my parents started for Huj. We all drove to airport in our car. At the airport Khala hugged my mom and wished her for successful journey. I waved off to my family and they went inside after check-in. Now it was awkward situation for me. Me and Khala alone to drive all the way to home.

Since that day I was not having courage to talk and was not making eye contact too. We sat in the car and I started driving towards home. It was a silence for some 5 minutes after which Khala asked me Kya hua so Jahangir, tum baat nako karee ji aaj kal”. To which I replied “karra to hu. Hmm was the Khala’s reply. Then she said “Kya tum bahut bade hoo jare aaj kal Nikah karvana padta tumhara abhi.

I didn’t react to her statement. She again said Raat ko haatha se kya karte rehte tum”. I was shocked to hear that. I looked at her and saw her smiling to me in a mischievous manner. I replied kuch nahi khala thoda khujli hua so hai”. She started laughing loudly making me more embarrassed. After a healthy laugh she said its ok boys of your age do that. Don’t be shy.

Then there was a silence for few minutes and from no where khala said mein bhi karti. I could not believe my ears after what I just heard. My penis stood up in excitement making a huge bulge on my pajama. I saw Khala and like before she was smiling looking at me. I didn’t knew how to react to that and a stupid Jahangir replied to her “chup so jao tum abhi kal baat karte apan. After that there was complete silence.

We reached our home and went to our room for sleep. Next day morning I woke up early. I took bath and went to restaurant early. As it was Monday morning, a very few customers came in leaving me free with my thoughts. I keep remembering last night conversation with Khala. As I was in my deep thoughts my mobile rang. It display home calling which means it was Khala.

I picked the phone and said hello. Khala asked me why I left early and all that. She then mentioned that today is some special day and requested me to bring good chicken Biryani from restaurant. I kept asking what is the occasion to which she said it is surprise and will tell at home. The day passed and finally clocked showed 9:30. I ordered Baasha Bhai to make a special chicken Biryani for me and parcel it.

I took the parcel and kept walking toward home. My mind was now full of thought and was busy guessing special occasion. I reached my main door and pressed door bell. Khala opened the door and what I saw made my eyes was wide open. Khala was standing in front of me wearing a blue jeans and black t shirt. I never saw Khala like that.

She looked damm sexy especially her boobs which I never noticed are so huge. I couldn’t stop staring her and said wow. Khala smiled and asked me to come inside. I came in and turn back to look her. She was closing the door and my eyes this time was caught by her ass. God such a sexy ass I felt like touching it and squeezing it immediately but my senses stopped me. I asked her what the occasion is and why she is dressed like that.

She replied “Nothing. Just felt like being young again I gave her Biryani packet and she went inside kitchen while I went inside my room to change to my Kurta Pajama. I came out and saw chicken Biryani was served, not on dinning table but on table in front of sofa. I sat on sofa and Khala came and sat next to me. She asked me how she looked. I was stunned by her new looks and was not finding an appropriate word.

But suddenly what went inside my mind and in a flash I replied your looking damm sexy”. She heard me and started laughing again. She said Jahangir miya haada paar nako karu” and gave a naught smile.  I was confused on her statement. She said chalo biryani kahte apan” She took a spoon bent to server me Biryani in my plate as she bent towards me I saw her white boob cleavage clearly with pink laced bra.

I remembered that girl which came in my restaurant and started all this between me and Khala. Khala noticed me looking at her boobs. She slowly brought her hand towards her boobs and with her index finger pulled her t shirt more lower making her cleavage clearly visible along with her bra cups holding those beautiful boobs. I raised my head and looked her.

He eyes were filled with mischief and she said “Jahangir I love you. Electric shook passed in me and with no time to waste I pulled her towards me making her to sit on my lap. She sat on my lap and I started kissing her cheeks and smooch her. She was also enjoying and was sucking my upper lip rigorously.  We smooched for some time during which I pressed her soft boobs as well.

After we broke our long passionate kiss, she said Biryani kahte apan fir baad mein aaram se pyar karte.  I said ok and with her hands she started feeding me the rice. She fed me and herself alternately and then she kept some rice in her mouth. She said Jahangir mere mouh mein jo biryani hai who khao” I pulled her head again and  smooched her. With her tongue she pushed rice inside my mouth.

During this her tongue touched my lips and I sucked her tongue as well. I then put my tongue in her mouth which she sucked and we played with her tongue. We continued eating like this. Now chicken leg piece came and we started biting it together from opposite ends. While biting chicken, our lips met again and we smooched for one more time. The Biryani got finished leaving me and her full on sexual emotions.

I made her to lie down on sofa and started kissing her shoulder. She was also fully excited. She made me remove my kurta exposing my hairless chest. She kissed my shoulder and chest and kept kissing it. While kissing she untied my pajama string and started lowering it. I got excited and I removed it along with my underwear. She pushed me back with such a force and I landed on other end of sofa.

I asked what happened to which I saw a wild cat in her. She was dam hot and excited. She removed her black top and exposed her pink laced bra holding her big boobs. She crawled towards me and took hold of my penis. My dark penis looked dude in her extremely fair hands. Her big nails which were painted red with nail paint looked amazing and made me more excited.

She started stroking it and after some 3 -4 strokes she took my penis in her mouth kissing and sucking it like a real slut. I was in seventh heaven and reached the 8th when she liked my penis with her tongue right from my testis to my penis tip. She kept pressing my testis giving me intense pain and pleasure. While she was sucking my dick, I removed her bra to expose her white back.

I kissed her back and pulled her hairs to raise her head. I again smooch her and this time I pushed her on sofa as it was my turn to taste on that lovely body. Her boobs looked amazing. Extremely fair boobs with pink nipples on it looked indescribable. It make me excited. I got hold of one boob while I sucked the other. I bit her nipples thinking it to be boneless piece of delicious chicken.

She moaned in pain I sucked both boobs for some time and then I lowered my lips kissing her fat free flat stomach, naval and I reached her jeans. I removed her jeans button and unzipped it to see her sexy pink panty. I couldn’t hold myself and pulled the jeans as fast as I could. My darling khala was lying in front of me only in panty. She was looking like angel.

Extremely fair body, pink red nipples, red because of me sucking vigorously and a pink panty over her beautiful pussy. I was staring at my triangle. She let her toe on my chest and said Kya dhek rahe ji” I took her legs in in my hand and started sucking her leg fingers. As I licked her feet, she giggled which made me more excited. I kissed her whole leg and came up kissing towards her panty.

I kept both of my hands on her panty elastic and pulled it down to reveal her beautiful pussy. It seemed she shaved it today only and was smelling fresh. I made her to spread her legs and licked the pink beautiful pussy lips. I inserted my tongue inside it. As I did that she pushed my head more closely to her pussy and said “Love you Jahangir Aaj tum pyaas bhuja dalo meri.

I could not hold it further as my dick was now turned into 9 inch long rod. I held her legs and placed them on my shoulders. I guided my penis towards her pussy and kept my penis tip touching her vagina lips. I looked in her eyes. She was looking at me. Then Suddenly I gave a push and inserted my penis inside her. She screamed with pain. I started applying strokes. She held my arm and pulled me to lie on her naked body.

She placed her hands on my ass. She said “Jahangir aur jor se karo ji, I increased me speed to which she started moaning harder. She held me very tight and scratched my back with her long nails. The pain excited me and I also kept fucking her harder. As I stroked faster, pat sound came as my testis kept dashing her pussy. I made love to her in different speeds for some time after that I cum inside her pussy.

I removed my penis and along with it my white seamen flown out. Khala hugged me tightly and said Jahangir tum aaj mere ko jannat dhkaye. We then sat on sofa fully tired and exhausted. Khala was happy and was damm satisfied. Khala took my penis again in my hand and started playing with it as if it is a car gear. I took chicken leg piece from plate and started eating the leftover on it.

While Khala was playing with my penis I got a weird idea. I made Khala to spread her legs and inserted the chicken leg piece in her pussy ahhhh nako karo ji and she said as I push it deeper. I kept stroking it for some time and then I removed the leg piece and licked. It tasted much more delicious this time. I made her to lick the leg piece too. We played with each other’s body for a while and then went inside naked for sleeping together.

Till the time my parents returned from Haj, we fucked every night. But as my parents are back, now we are confined to pat on ass, occasional boob press, holding penis from outside pajama and stuff like that. I am planning to go to Golkunda with her. If everything goes as per plan, I will narrate u that experience as well in my story. Hope you guys liked my story.

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