House wife ko choda

Hello to all iws readers and hi to all aunties & girls main app ko jo story ajj app kay sath share kar raha hon wo aik shachi gatna hain agar app ko meri ye story passand aye ho tu mujay zaroor mail karain my email address ye mere sath ajse takreeban 7 saal pehlay hui tee main uss waqt 15 years ka tha jab main 1 ghar main kaam karta tha wo log bohat paisay walay log te uss ghar main 1 aunty tee aur un k 2 bachay te aur husband tha main ghar ka sara kaam karta tha bazar se soda lana ghar main safai waghera karna uss waqt main 15 saal ka tha bachay subah school jatay te aur aunty ka husband be subah kaam par jata tha aunty ka naam sangeeta tha sangeeta aunty thodi moti tee aur uss kay baal lambay lambay baday baday mamay aur gol matol badi gand.

Main uss waqt itna samjta be nahee tha jab sab chalay gaye aunty nay mujay awaj dee sunny ider aja main jaldi se ander room main chala giya aunty nay kaha ye safai kar de is kamre ki main bola jee aunty main nay safai mukamal kar li main nay kaha jee aur kuch kaam uss nay kaha ider ajao ooper store se ye kuch saman hain ye nikalo main kaha jee stool par main khada ho giya lakin main uder nahee ponch paya aunty nay kaha chalo sunny ider utro main dektee hon uss waqt aunty nay nighty pehni tee jab aunty stool par chad gaye mujay kaha neechay se stool kas k pakdo aisa na ho main gir jaon main nay kaha jee jaisay hee sangeeta aunty ooper chad gaye aur samaan utaar rahee tee main nay neechay se deka aunty ki nighty main uss nay neechay.

Kuch nahee pehna tha uss ki tighs dik rahee tee main ussay deknay laga aunty nay kaha majboot pakro main kaha jee mera aunty nay 1 kambal uta k mujay diya jaisay hee wo kambal denay kay liye thoda bend ho gaye main nay uss ki gand dek lee pir aunty aur kambal ooper se utarnay lagee main nay 1 haath se stool pakra tha aur doosre haath se aunty ki night thodi pela de peechay se aunty nay waqi main kuch nahee pehna tha main ussi tarha nighty thoda pelaya tha jaisay hee aunty nay mujay doosra kambal diya aur wo thoda jhuki uss ki fudi peechay se.

Diknay lagee kiya motee fudi tee main bayan nahee kar sakta.

Main uss waqt bohat chota tha mera lun khada ho giya aur main nay stool chor diya aunty nay kaha kiya kar raha hain sunny main gir jaongee pakro main nay kaha jee aunty thodi der baad jab wo neechay aye tu neechay farsh par bet gaye aur mujay kaha ye teek se kol de main bet giya aur wo be mere saath hee bet gaye uss ki gand zameen par nahee tee wo aisay hee bet gaye gutno tak uss ki nighty ooper tee main jab kambal kol raha tha aur samnay main nay deka tu aunty ki choot kay lips bilkul saaf dik rahay te bilkul shaved saaf motay motay lips te main kambal teek kar raha tha aur aunty se kaha aunty uss nay kaha han sunny kiya baat hain main nay kaha aunty app nay night suit pehna hain uss nay kaha hain kyun main bola aunty app nay neechay kuch nahee pehna wo boli kiya matlab main bola aunty app ka neechay lips.

Dik rahay hain aunty nay neechay deka aur kaha sunny acha tum ider dek rahay te pir aunty nay kaha tum nay khabhi fudi deki hain main bola jee nahee uss nay kaha acha to tum mujay stool par be neechay se dek rahay te main bola jee nahee aunty aunty boli hain tum dek rahay te pir aunty khadi ho gaye aur mujay kaha apni pent neechay kar do main dektee hon k tum sachi mujay nahee dek rahay te main bola aunty pent main kiya hain wo boli mujay abhi pata chal jayega jaisay hee uss nay meri pent koli mera lun khada tha wo boli ye kiya hain mera lun haath main pakartay hue main bola aunty plz aisa mat karain lakin wo boli acha.

Pir wo mujay apnay bedroom main legaye mujay lun se pakra tha aur apnay bedroom main le gaye main bola aunty plz chor do mujay main aisa dobara nahee karonga wo boli chal room main jatay hee hee uss nay mera pent aur shirt khol diya aur mujay kaha ab tujay maza ayega main dar giya tha lakin uss nay mere lun ko mon main liya aur choosnay lagee main heran tha aur maza be a raha tha 10minuts tak mera lun choosa pir aunty nay kaha chal sunny ider aja ab mere lips choos aur aunty nay apni nighty utaar dee wo kiya gazab lag rahee tee bilkul nagee baday baday mamay saaf clean choot aur motay lips.

Main nay mamo ko choosna start kar diya 10 minuts tak mamay choosay pir aunty nay mera sir pakra aur mera mon apni choot ki taraf le gaye uss main se ajeeb se smell a rahee tee aur bohat geeli te main nay choot kay lips ko chata aur fir 2 ungli andar daal de bilkul choot gili tee wo moaning kar rahee tee.

Aur 15 minuts baad uss nay mujay peechay daka diya aur apni moti gand mere mon ki taraf kar de aur boli ab mere peechay walay ched ko chaat main bola aunty mujay acha nahee lagta peechay se uss nay mujay 1 tapar mara aur boli ider aja aur wo bed par ulta let gaye aur uss ki moti gand ooper ki taraf tee aur mujay boli chat mere ched ko nahee tu aur marongee main jaldi se ooper chad giya aur aunty kay hips ko khola black colour ka ched tha bilkul clean 1 baal be nahee tha main nay apni jeeb gand kay ched main gumana start kar de aunty moaning kar rahee tee aur neechay chhot se pani behnay laga gand kay ched se ajeeb se mehak a rahee tee pir main nay kuch der chatnay kay baad apni 1 choti wali ungli uss ched main.

Daal dee aunty nay mujay daka diya aur mera lun pakar kar choosa aur kaha aja mere ooper main ooper chad giya aur uss nay mera lun pakar kar apni fudi main daal diya aur kaha ander bahar karo ab mujay nahee a raha tha uss nay haath se pakra aur thoda ander bahar kar k mujay samjaya pir main start ho giya aur bohat der baad mere lun main gudgudi honay lagee main nay aunty se kaha uss nay kaha continue rako aur pir main jhad giya aur aunty ki choot se kafi pani beh giya hum dono isi tarha pade te kuch der baad aunty nay dobara mera lun choosa aur wo pir se khada ho giya mujay ab bohay maza a raha tha main nay aunty se kaha ab peechay wale ched main dalon uss nay kaha teek hain tera lun waisay b chota hain lakin aram se dalna pir wo usi tarha let gaye ulta aunty nay kaga thoda apna thook lagao mere ched par aur geeela kar do main thook lagaye aur apni ungli anadr kar de aur.

Pir aunty nay kaha chal ab daal apna loda main nay jaisay hee daal diya mere lun ka topa hee sirf anadr chala giya aur aunty moaning kar rahee tee uss waqt mera lun bohat chota tha aur aunty ki gand bohat moti tee main usi tarha jhatkay marnay laga aur kuch der baad jhad giya gand k ander hee pir main ut giya aur aunty se kaha bohat maja aya iss cheej ka aunty bed par bet gaye aur kaha ider aja aur mujay apnay gutno par ulta lita kar meri meri gand par haath pernay lage aur pir meri gand par uss nay 5 tapar mare main nay kaha aunty chor do mujay sangeeta boli chup chap letay raho pir sangeeta nay mere hips kolay aur mere balls ko peechay se pakra aur boli.

Kitnay chotay chotay balls hain tere aur pir balls kay saath khelnay kay baad uss nay dobara mere hips kolay aur mere gand kay ched par aik ungli raki aur baday aram se ander kar de main bola aunty ye kiya kar rahee ho sangeeta bolo chup pir meri gand main thodi der ungli karnay kay baad mujay kaha chalo uto aur apna kaam karo uss din kay baad main nay aunty ko kahee baar choda pir 3 saal baad main wahan se chala giya ab be mujay sangeeta aunty bohat yaad atee hain.

Chudai kolkata mein

Dear friends, my name is Sumit, 33 years old from Kolkata and I am working with a packers and movers firm. I has chatting friend we had lots of sex chat, later we exchange our numbers. Now sex talk whole night, especially role plays, she eagerly wants to meet me, she is also from kolkata, said that she wants to meet me. Her name is Kakoli she is 38 years old, she called me and said that she is going to book a room at hotel Taj Kolkata. So on that day I went to her at 12pm. When I knocked the door, she said to come in, and when I entered into the room I was shocked that this lady who is 30+ was gorgeous with 38-34-40, she is really good looking, that she don’t look like 38.

She is in her night and didn’t wear any bra; I can clearly saw her nipples through it. Then she said, “I am eagerly waiting for you, would you like to have something”, I said that yet, I didn’t had my breakfast, after getting her call I came directly to meet her, so she called up for Room Service and ordered lunch for two . Then we started chatting for some time. Till that time we got our lunch in our room, and we did our lunch and after our lunch we sat on the bed and she sat beside me.

And again she started, “What we did on phone & chat about that is possible” I was in good mood and her closeness to me was making me for the arouse. I told her “Kakoli Bhabi, you came for me and still you have a doubt that the fucking session is possible or not”, She said “what did you think when you saw me?” I told her that my mind was blown and my first thoughts were “Wowee, this Bhabi of mine is really sensual” Her hand started rubbing my chest, and I placed my hand across her thighs, realizing that she had no panties on also.

She turned towards me, leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. My hand slipped up to her breasts cupping one, then the other. Her hand went into my pants, taking hold of my semi-erect cock. We remained like that for about five minutes, and then broke our embrace. She stood up and lifted her nigh tie over her head, and I removed my shirt and pant. She was beautiful to look at, her breasts with dark brown large areola topped with light brown erect nipples. She came and lay down next to me, telling me “let us enjoy the moment” I took her in my arms, enfolding her, and her hands were in my hair, on my back and then between my legs. I had grown erect, and she pushed me down on my back, and then sat as to ride me. I inserted my erect cock into her warm cunt, sliding in easily.

Her hands were now on my shoulder, her head thrown back as she moved her vagina against my penis. Her breasts were dangling in front of my face and I raised my head and started sucking on her already erect and hard nipples. Her eyes were closed, and soft “Ooooh, aaaah, yes, my, yes” was emitting from her. I was groaning with the pleasure that I was experiencing. I had had sex before but this was something different. She told me “Suck harder on my nipples, squeeze both my breasts together and take both nipples in your mouth, bite them lightly” I did so, and her moans increased, while the feeling on my cock became wet with her juices.

I felt myself Cuming and told her so. She said “I too am Cuming hold on for just a minute” I managed to do so, and then we both came together. I exploded into her while at the same time she did too, collapsing on top of me, both of us holding each other tight, as we reached our climax. As the tension eased out of our bodies, we started kissing and mauling each other’s bodies. Till we were completely at ease.

Then she lifted herself off me and we lay sideways, our arms around each other. She asked me “Are you happy, I am. And this will be our secret” I said “I am happy and yes, this will remain our secret. I am now looking forward to the rest of my life. I know it is going to be wonderful for me” She said “For me too” After lying together for some time, she told me “Always call me Kakoli darling, because I want to feel that you are my husband, my lover, my darling” I told her “ok dear I will call you Kakoli Darling” She said “Sumit darling remember, this is our secret, and I want you to do things for me, something that I have only dreamt about. Will you?” I told her “Darling, whatever you want.

For me it’s my job to give you full satisfaction” She told me “Darling, now please just suck my breasts and rub your hand on my pussy” Her nipples were hard and extended to nearly 1-1/2 inch, almost black and her areola were dark brown. Her Pussy was wet and her clitoris was extended to nearly an inch.

She kept moaning with her “Aaaaaah, oohhhh yes, I love that, don’t stop, yes” The feel of her nipples in my mouth was wonderful. She suddenly said “Suck my breasts from below”, lifting her breasts so that I got the undersides of them. As I sucked, there were marks coming on her skin and I told her. She said “I want that because they are your love bites” My cock was semi-erect, but I continued sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy.

Till she climaxed once more. She said “Wow that was great. Never have I achieved this kind of an experience. I wish my husband was good to me like you are” I told her “Darling, you are just wonderful” She then told me “Sumit Darling, now relax for some time, because I want you to experience happiness just like I have” We did so, just holding each other. Her body was warm and inviting, her thighs across mine, her hand fondling me. It was something different from the sex I had before with others.

Whatever happened must have made me tired, because I fell asleep in her arms, as she caressed me, running her hands thru my hair, over my back, thighs, and arms. When I woke up, I found her sitting up in bed, her hand just caressing my hair. She said “Sumit Darling you look beautiful asleep” I asked her “Kakoli Darling did you not sleep” She said “How could I? You have given me such pleasure, and I enjoyed just watching you sleep and I wanted your energy to return so that you could fuck me again. See, your cock is already hard and I know that you will last longer now that you have re-energized yourself with rest” I did have a hard-on, my cock erect and hard.

She told me “This time, kneel between my thighs and slowly insert your cock into my pussy till you are fully in, then lie on top of me for some time, I want to feel your hard cock inside me. My husband only used to get hard, then stroke three or four times and discharge his load. With you I have enjoyed like never before and I want what I used to dream of as a young girl but have only now experienced.

Hot Fuck

Hi Friends, I am Nikhil from jaipur. Friends, this is my first story on IWS. Well I am a regular reader but read most of stories with good titles. Now my age is 23, but I want to share my first sex experience with you.

I lives in a pose area of my city, and have good neighbors surrounding me, when I was 20. I use to do heavy exercise in early morning so I have good physic.

Remaining I am writing in hindi for speed. Ek din hamare society me hamare ghar se 4 ghar chod k eek kiraye dar aaye, society wale uncle ne kisi company ko apna ground floor kiraype diya tha, well wahan pe ek family aaye, jinke do bache the, or ek uncle or aunty bache kariban 9 sal or ek 7 sal ka tha, who log delhi side se aaye hue lagte the,
Well gali main hum log cricket khelte the chote bade milke, to kuch he dino main unke bachone hume join karliya, mera nature friendly or respectfull rahta hai subke liyeh , jis wajase main unka respect karne laga or who mujse bat karne lage the, jab bhi main galise bahar jata to who aunty ( unka name sarita) bahar bethe mujeh smile dete the, ab to mera unke ghar pe aana jana ho gaya tha, main college main tha, is liyeh unke bacho ko unki balkni main baith kabhi gapsap ya kabhi study ki bate karleta tha, bade ka name Sachin or chote ka name saurabh tha, ek din uncle ne aunty ko tvs ki ek gadi dilaye ( well I don’t remember the name ofvehicle but it was seem like Hero Puch).

Mera roj subh 10 baje ke karib college jana hota tha or aunty ka saman purchase karne janeka, ek din aunty gadi ko kick mar rahit thi or who start nahi ho rahi thi kyon ki tvs ki gadi’s ki kick bahot tight hoti thi,who itna jor nahin laga pati thi, to unhone mujeh start karke dene ko kaha us waqt maine unhe start kardi, tab tak mere dil main koi bura khyal ya feeling nahin the.

Lekin ek din maine gadi start kar ke unhe diya to fatak se unhone accelerator ko pakda or race karne ke liyeh mere karee baa gayi jis wajah se unke boobs mere chati se takraye, well I wasn’t reply any thing unhone ek smile de ki chali gayei, fir yeh hi bat mere sath 4 se 5 bar hue tab bhi main sarma jata or kuch nahin kaheta, Fir jab bhi main ghar se bahar nikalta to who mano mere intzar main raheti, or who bhi mere piche aati, mere pas us waqt koi vehicle nahin tha, main dost ya by auto college jata, ek dinwho mere piche aaye or boli kahan ja rahe ho, maine kaha college, unhone kaha main bhi sayajigunj ja rahi hu, chalo main tumeh drop karti hu, main ne kaha ok, lekin main gadi chalunga, who haske man gayi or who mere piche beth gayi beth te waqt unh one mere right kandhe ka sahara liya or thode boobs touch kar ke beth gayi, us waqt mano mujeh current laga ho aisa aisas hua, or un dino baris ka mousam tha, aakas main badal chaye hue the, maousam thoda thanda tha.

I was in great mood, gadi chalate chalet unhone bat suroo ki, padai kaise chale rahi hai, maine kaha thik, fir boli college main friends banaye honge, maine kaha nahin jyadanahi 3 ya 4 , who boli kyu, maine kaha nahi jyada friends pasand nahi or nahin main doston se jyada bate karta hoo or aise bhi mujeh jyada doston ki jaroorat nahin hai, who boli kya bol rahe ho, chalu gadi pe bara bar sunai nahi deta yeh kahe kar who merepiche kafi chipak kar bethi or apen ear merei or laga ke beth gayi, us waqt unke dono boobs mujeh pureh jos se touch kar rahe the, meri pith pe mano aag lagi ho aise who soft and warm boobs mujeh choo rahe the main sarma raha tha fir bhi main ne us ka looft uthaya, fir who bat karte boli in 3 ya 4 mian koi girl friend hai ke nahin.

Main has pada or kaha kya aunty aap bhi majak karte ho, bhala main koi itna smart thodai hu jo ladkiya mujeh purpose kare, or aaj kal ki ladkiyo ko to Hero jaise ladke pasand honge, tubhi unhone bat aadhe mainse kat ke kaha are pagal Tumari sadgi or bato se to koi bhi impress ho jayegi, or skin ka colordosti main maine nahin rakhta. To maine kaha baki kya maine rakhta hai, To unhone kaha Wishwas, tum se bat kar ke koi bhi jan le ke tum ache ho. Yeh bate chal rahi thike itne main baris suru ho gayi, pahle to jor se badal garje or fir barisne apna rag aalapa, jis wajah se hum thode Gile ho gaye the or jyada gile na ho us liyeh hum ne gadi ek paid ke nich khadi kardi or waha pe khade rahe.

Paideke niche khade honte hi aunty boli kya maousam hai, maja aa jayae, yeh sunte hi anayas( surdenly) main bol pad are to mujehle lo( with the intense of get shower of heavy rain), to who boli Maja main lelu ya tum donge, main kaha main samja nahi, to boli chalo chodo tumeh jo maja lena hai who tum le lo or mujeh jo mil raha he who main pa lungi,( yeh bat us waqt mere upe se Bounce ho gayi ). Mahol or bhi thanda ho raha tha baris gajab ki chayee thi, hum dono akele paid ke niche the, aunty idhar udhar dekh ti or fir muje se khade khade takrati kabhi mere piche jati mujeh boobs touch kar ke to kabhi side main aa jati kyoun ki Paidoke pato or Daliyo(Branches) se pani ki bundhe gir rahi thi.

To who unse buchne ke bahane ghoom rahi thi, us waqt unhone light pink Punjabi Dress paina tha joh thoda gila ho gaya tha, or ahcanak mera dyan paide se gir rahi bundo( Drops ) ko dekha to who sidhe aunty ke boobs per gir rahe the or unke boobs gile ho chuke the or unki White color ki bra bhi thodi dikhne lagi thi, tabhi aunty ne mujeh dekh liya or kaha dekho sub apni apni tarah se majeh(Enjoy) lut rahe hai, lekin sub ke majeh adhure adhure hai, fir main bola who kaise, to unhone kaha tum bhit to adhura majah le rahe ho, or main bhi, dekho suraj ( Sun) bhi badalo ke piche chupke maje le raha hai.

Use bhi bahar aaneka or enjoy karne ka man karta hoga, tabhi main bola aunty kya aap kavitri ho, who hus padi or boli are budhu ummar hue par utna nahin sikha lagta hai, Tabhi main form main aaya or bola kya bat karti ho aunty mainto aapke liyeh yaha ruka warna main har chiz ka samna kar sakta hu, tabhi who boli thik hai thik hai, waqt aane pe pata chal jayega or who has ( Laugh) padi. fir thodi normal bate hue, baris slow ho chuki thi or hum dono thode gile ho chuke thei, to auntyne kaha chalo chodo main yahan se wapas jati hu or tume drop karti hu, to maine kaha aunty chalo main bhi ghar wapas chalta hu college main bunk marta hu sayad jyada log aaye na ho, yeh soch hum lote, baris ki wajase hum gile ho gaye the or mujeh jor se pisab( Pea) ka pressure aa raha tha, utne main he gadi chali or aunty wapas mujeh chipak kar baith gayi or is waqt muje se raha nahin jar aha tha, or naturally mera Lund( penis) bhi pressure ke wajah se or aunty ke boobs ke wajah se tight ( High ) ho gaya tha or us main bhi aunty ne is bar apne dono hat( hands) merai jangho pe rakhe the, utne main hi road pe pani jama hone ke karan maine thodi break lagayi to aunty ne apna hat surka ke mere lund pe rakh diya or apne boobs jor se press kiyeh or boli BARIS ke mujeh le rahae ho ke nahi, tub mujeh strike hua, or muj main thodi himat aayi, or maine bola aap majeh de rahei ho ya le rahie ho, wo hus padi or boli lagta hai ab tum mere company main jaldi bade ho jaoge, or kaha maine kaha thani ki tum pe koi bhi Wishwas karlega or mujeh tum pe wishwas hai.
RE: Hot Fuck
Ab tak baris kafi kum kariban bandh ho chuki thi or hum jyada gile ho chuke the road pe kai jagah pani bhara tha or itne main hum apni society ki gali main paunche wahan pe thoda pani jama ho gaya tha maine gadi aunty ke ghar ke pas khadi ki or who apne get ka darwajah kholne chali gayi or khole ke andar fata fat paunch gayi, maine gadi ko lok kiya or unke pich aavaj lagayi aunty chavi le lo to unhone kaha tum andar aake rakh do, main yeh sunke unke ghar ke main dor se andar gaya to aunty boli tum betho main chay bana ti hu or ha tum apne bal ( hair ) paounch lo, kahe kar who bed room me chali gayi mujeh towel kahin nazar nahin aayato maine kaha aunty towel to who boli idhar room main hai aake le lo, main andar gaya to aunty ne kameez utar rakhi thi or bra main thi, tubhi first time maine life main kise aurat to live aise kapdo main dekah who bra or salwar pahne thi, who andar se kafi Gori Gori thi.

Unki boob jo bra se ubhre hue the who mano DUdh ki ( White Milk) ki bara bari kar rahe ho, unka upsan ( Tightness) itna tha mano Badam ( Badam Mango) ki tarah Badi or Rasile lag rahe the or Bra ka point bhi itna shape me tha mano unke nipples us bra ko apne se dur kar rahe ho Unhone choti pati ki brah pahne thi main to unhai is hal main dekh dung rahe gaya or dimag sum ho gaya mano chemical reaction apne aap body main hua or mera lund tight ho gaya, main dimag se gum tha ( absent) tabhi who mujeh dekhti rahi or dhire reke piche mud gayi, yeh dekh main or bhi pagal hogaya unkhi pith (back) kafi cheekni ( sleepery )or kamar mano 30 ki ho gi koi kahe nahi payei ke yeh do bacho ki maa hai, kamal ka figure tha boobs 36 ke jaroor honge, unhone fir apni piche bra pe hath dala or nikal ne ki khali khali action karte huea merei or gumei, or kaha are kya dekh rahe ho, maine kaha ji ?. Ji main ?..main who towel ke liyeh aaya tha, fir boli are main towel nahi muj meh kya dekh rahe ho, maine kha ji kuch nahi to who hus ke boli kuch nahin mutlab mujmain kuch nahi, main kuch nahin huoo.

Maine kaha nahi aunty aap sundar ho aapko is tara h dekh ke mujeh mandir rope silp kari se bani Rati Krida karti apsarao si lagi, or main mughdh ho gaya tha Aap ki mudti huekamar ki lachak or aapke upse huea vaksh or aapki nitambh pe bana kon or nitambh ki chodai or us pe se sarakta hua pani or yeh gila badan dekh main kho gaya tha.

Yeh subd sun ke who hus padi jor se or boli bolo ab kavi kon hai, tariff karna to koi tumse sikhe aise bhi tumari batein mujeh tum per jyada wishwas dila ti hai, maine kaha kya aunty aap bhi mujpeh vishwas karti ho bar bar kahe rahei ho, yeh kah kar maine apnei garden or nazar jukadi, tubhi who mere karib aaye or apne pas pada towel liya or mere sir pe rakh apne hatho se mere bal sukane lagi, tabhi ek dam se main bola nahin aunty main kar lunga lekin who nahi mani or boli ab sidhe khade raho warna thand lagjaye gi, maine darr or saram ke mare ankhe bandh karli joh unhone dekh liya or fir unhone thoda jor jor se saf karne lagi or mere itne karib aa gayi ke unke boobs mujeh mano meri chati ko sahela rahe ho, unki boobs kafi touch ho gayeh the muje or fir unhone mano hug ( gale Milte ) huea meri pith pe se towel gumana suru kiya or kaha are aankh kyu bandh kardi hai, aakhe khol ke dekho, kya kabhi kisi ladki ya orat ko is tarah nahin dekha kya jo sarma rahe ho, kyu koi Girl Friend ko nahin dekha kya.

Maine kahanahin aunty aaj tak nahi, to who boli ab bole tujeh majah aa raha haine, Main sarmaya or kaha ha aunty, abhi bata main kaheti thi ne sub adhure majeh le rahe hai, abhi bhi adhura hai kya kahete ho.. main soch main pad gaya or jawab nahin de paya tubhi firwho boli pedpe se girta pani mano pani ho ke bhi merei pyas bada raha tha us pe tumari nazar thandke mahol main bhi aag laga rahithi, or baris bhi chal rahi thin mano ek sath kai chizeh muj pe havi thi leking ek bhi cheez ka main pura aanad nahin pa rahi thi, or tum setan mere sine jo abhi kafi khule hain unhei dekh ke sarma rahe ho or road pe ghaheraise dekh ke unka adhura majah le rahe the, Itna bol kar aunty ne mera hath pakad liya or apne boobs pe rakh diya, or boli dekho kese tun ( tight ) ho gaye hai, ine dabado naram karo, phir to main bhi jos main aa gaya or unke boobs daba raha tha suru main to who kuduk lagrahe the fir kafi soft or muje dar lagne lage the lekin unki nipple n zane kyu or bhi tight hone lagi thi.

Main boobs dabata tha wahi aunty ne muje jor se jakad liya or ek lip to lip kiss karke mera mouth band kardiya tha, main 7 ve aasman pe tha or mera lund mano koi pahad sa lagraha tha unhone itna zor se kasa muje to mera tuna hua lund unki cunt ( chut ) ko ja takraya or woh to pagal ho gayee mera lund use itna zor se laga woh bol padi yeh kis chiezz se bana haire tera, mujeh gayal kardiya bina kuch kiyeh, fir who mujeh choom ti rahi or main bhi, fir maine unse apne aapko chudaya or bed pe ja betha, main confuse or nervous tha tabhi unhone apnesalwar nikal di or penty or bra me mere pass aa ke beth gayie unhone pink color ki penty pene hue thi, wooh mere pass bethi or muj se kaha kya hua, to maine kaha kuch nahin maine kabhi kiya nahin hai or or or tabhi unhone kaha are pagle subko ek na ek dinyeh karma hai, tumeh bhi to aaj kyu nahi, aisa kahe kar unhone apni bra nikali or apnei penty bhi tabhi main unhe dekh kar dungrahe gaya, yeh gore gore gol matol tigh boobs or jange ( thigh)

Ek dum gori or bal bina ki chikni mano kis banan ( kele ) tree ka thal ho, kya sundar lagrahi thi or woh model ki tarah mut-kayee or boli kaise hu main, ub muj se raha nahi ja raha tha maine turat unko baho main liya or jor se kis mari or fir unke boobs jor jor se dabata gaya fir unke nipples ko apne muh se chat tar aha or fir maine apne dato se nipple ko thoda dabaya to woh chikh padi boli arjun mut chod na mujeh please karo or jyada karo, please mere boobs ko chat chat or daba dabkar mujeh lo or mujeh bhi, tubhi mera dyan gaya ke aunty ka ek hat apne chut pe sahela rahi thi, to maine apna hath se unke hath ko hataya or apne hat unki chut pe laga diya, kasam se jindgi main paheli orrt or woh bhi clean shaved pussy ke sath main bhi pagal ho gaya tha fir to maine unke sir se leke jahango tuk chuma kareeban 15 minut chumachati chali woh mere lundko hila ti rahi or main unhe chumta raha, fir unse raha nahin gaya or or bed per so gayee or mujeh kaha ke daldo aub apne lundko ismain.

Yeh mera first time tha main lund ko chut ke pas legaya lekin undar dalne main asamartha ( frienkly friends I was confuse ) tub unhone apne hatho se mere lund ko undar dal diya or khud unhone he niche se upper thaka mara, fir mera lund unki chut main asanise chala gay chut fati hue thi thodi badi thi or puri tarah se gili ho chuki thi, fir to mera lund bhi tav main aagaya or 4 inch ka soya sap mano 7 inch ka azgar ban gaya or useh bhi maza ane laga or who n zane kyu apne mooh se awaz nikal rahi thi aah aahaah or gaheri sase lete kahe rahi thi kitne dinose is pal ka intzar kar rahi thi, or chodo mujeh arjun please or chodo jor se or jorse kahe kar mera utsa bada rahi thi maine regular position main karee ban 8 minut tak choda or main zad gaya unki chut bhi pani pani chod chuki thi unki chut ke pani se unki chadar bigad gayithi, mai pani chod chukka tha lekin pata nahin kaise lekin mera lund abhi bhi tight tha or main chod raha tha, or 2 mint ba mera lund normal hone laga aunty bhi normal hone lagi, aaj mujehbaroso bad chudai ka muja aaya hai, arjun tune merie barso ki pyas or is chut ko ek pahelwan diya hai, such tum ne to mere college ke din yad dilwadiyeh, main fir se apne aapko jyada jawan or teen ager mahsoos karahi hu, or maine bhi unko dekha chudai ke bad mano unke chahere pe ek radiation ( ek chamk sei ) ubhar aai thi, utne main main fir nervous ho gaya or pas main so gaya tubhi aunty mere ko jan liya or mere upper aake so gayie or boli jyada mut soch yeh ek aam bat hai, Janwar to road pe kisi bhi waqtkisi ke bhi samne yeh karte hai or kisike bhi sath hum to insane hai, society ko dyan main rakh apne ghar ya safe jagah kar te hai, or mujeh is bat ka wishwas tha ki tum is ke liyeh razi honge or is bat ko gupt rakho ge aub yeh tum pe hai, dubara chaho geya fir dono ki badnam.. kahe kar who uth gayi (mano mujeh emotional kar diya) or boli main Tea banake aati hu tum tyar ho jao.

Bus usdin ki chay ( Tea ) ka mazah kuch or tha mahenat, mahol , maousam sub ne mujeh or unko jivan ka pura anand or maja diya, or yeh sil sila chalta rah 2 sal tak kabhi week main to kabhi once in a month jub maouka mileh.

Mom ke Saath

I am Binay from Punjab, age 18 years old. Lets i first tell you about my family. My dad’s age is 45 and my mom age is 42. Lets start in Hindi. Ye kahani 28 jun 09 ki hai jaani ke apni bilkul nayi kahani aap sab se share karne jaa raha hu, us din mere ghar par ek choti si party thi, ye parti maine vaise hi rakhi thi sham ko 05:00pm baje thi or maine apne kuch dost invite kiye the ghar par sirf 3 doston ko. Us din sunday tha so sab kuch main time par kar raha tha. Mere dad ka kapdo ka business hai so vo delhi mein the. Us din ghar maein meri mom aur mere siwa koi nahi tha, main unka akela beta hu. Meri mom ki height 5’3” hai aur vo jyada tar ghar mein nighty hi pehane rehti hai aur mujhe t-shirt aur jeans pehnana pasand hai. Meri height 5’8” hai.

Mujhe dopahar ko ronit ka phone aya aur usne btaya ki vo, vineet aur viresh sab sham ko time par ek sath aayenge so sab tyari rakhna. Main 01:00pm baje bahar se kuch saman le aya sham ki party ke liye aur mom ne kaha ki jyada masti mat karna. Party mere ghar par hi thi. Ye ek tarah ka get to gather tha. Time dhere dhere beet raha tha, itne mein shaam ho gayi aur pure 05:00pm baje mere ghar ki ring baji, mom ne darwaja khola to mere dost bahar the. Unhone mom ko namaste kaha aur andar aa gaye. Meri mom ne tab tak bhi nighty hi pehan rakhi thi, unhone ne kaha tum sab masti karo aur main dusre karme mein hoon. Koi jarurat huyi to bata dena. Aur vo itna kehh kar dusre kamre mein chali gayi.

Hum charon dost baatein karne lage aur cold drink peene lage, maine pehle hi sara intzaam kiya hua tha. Phir dheere – dheere humne gandi batein shuru kar di aur vineet ne btaya ki usne kal apni girl friend ki 3 baar chudayi ki. Ab us ki aankh uski girl friend ki sister par hai aur vo use bhi chodna chahta hai. Hum sab hasne lage. Ronit ne kaha, “saale dyan se kahin teri girl friend ko pata chal gya to……” To vineet ne kaha “koi baat nahi main dono ko ikatha chod dunga”. To maine kaha saale ek ki hume bhi lene di, to usne hanste huye “haan” keh diya.

Humari baatein yu hi chal rahi thi phir main un ko lekar computer room mein aa gya aur vahan maine blue movie laga di. Hum sab josh se dekhne lage, ab tak 07:00pm bajne vale the. Itne mein darwaja khula, mom andar aayi aur maine movie band kar di, unhone poocha koi jarurat to nahi, sab ne kaha nahi aunty. Unke jaane ke baad viresh ne kaha yaar teri mom ne to sara maja hi kharab kar diya. Phir maine english songs laga diye aur sab nachne lage, hum paglon ki tarah nach rahe the. Mom 15 minute ke baad phir andar aayi aur hume nachte huye dekhne lagi ab tak 08:30 baj chuke the, mom ek chair par baith gayi.

Maine music change kiya aur clow dance song laga diya, tabhi vineet meri mom ke paas gya aur kaha ki aunty please aap bhi humare sath nachiye na. Aur phir vo mom ke sath slow dance karne laga. Vineet ka haath mom ki kamar par tha. Mom ne kyun ki nighty hi sirf pehni thi to vineet ka o unka badan saf nazar aa ratha. Dheere – dheere usne mom ki gand par hath phirana shuru kar diya aur mom ki nighty thodi si upar kar di. Mom ne kaha ye kya kar rahe ho, to usne kaha oh galti se ho gya sorry aunty.

Phir mom ke sath ronit nachne laga, aur usne bhi dheere dheere mom ki gand par hath phirana shuru kar diya, main sab kuch dekh raha tha. Tabhi ronit ne viresh ko ishara kiya aur usne light band kar di aur light band hone par mom ki awaj aayi “please aisa mat karo”, tabhi light on huyi aur maine dekha ki meri mom ki nighty uske sar se upar tak kisi ne utha ke rakh di thi aur vo sab ke samne bilkul nangi thi, mom ne usi halat mein kaha ye kisne kiya aur vo apni nighty niche karne lagi to ronit ne uski chut pe haath rakh ke ragadne laga aur ek ungli andar daal kar gol gol gumane lagga. Maine kaha saale ye kya kar rha hai tabhi mom ne mujhse kaha ki beta rehne de, karne de use.

Phir mere baki dono dost bhi mom se chipak gaye, maine ye dekha to maine bhi mom ke boobs pakad liye. Ab ronit mom ki chut mein ungli, vineet gaand mein, viresh aur main boobs ko daba rahe the. Mom ab mast ho chuki thi. Maine mom ki nighty utar di aur vineet ne kaha saali badi hi sexy hai aaj khoob chodenge. Phir hum mom ko bed par le gaye aur ronit mom ki chut chusne laga. Maine kaha hum sab pehle mom ki chut ko sirf chusenge aur finger karenge. Sab vaisa hi karne lage. Mom ke muh se awaje nikalne lagi. Hum mom ki chut ke chus hi jaa rahe rahe ab tak10:00pm baje chuke, humne mom ki chut koi lagbag 1 gante tak chusi aur mom 10-12 baar apna paani chod chuki thi.

Mom baar keh ne lagi ab please mujhe chodo to vineet ne kaha pehle main to usne apna lund ek hi baar mein mom ki chut mein daal diya aur tez tez strok lagane laga mom ki awaje aur tej ho gayi, mom ne phir se apna paani chod diya aur vineet abhi teji se chod raha tha tabhi maine mom ko upar uthaya aur unki gand mein apna lund daal diya aur ronit mom ke muh ko chod rha tha aur viresh unke boobs se khel rha tha. Humne saari raat position change karke mom ki alag alag tareeke se chudayi ki. Humne raat ke 4:00pm baje tak chudayi ki mom ki aur iss beech mom 30-35 baar jad chuki thi, mom ki to halat buri ho chuki. Phir hum sab aise hi soo gaye.

Subah 12:00pm baje sab ki aankh khuli. Sab nange mom ke sath chipke pade the. Mom ne kaha beta raat ko tum sab ne acha maza diya hai aur ye kehte hi maine mom ki chut mein apna lund gusa diya aur phir se chudayi shuru ho gayi. To dosto ye kahani umeed karta hu aap sab ko achi aur pasand bhi aayi hogi so mujhe jaroor reply karega. Koi bhi ladki, aunty, mujhse chudana chahti ho to jaroor btaye main use pure maje dunga. Main app sab ke questions ka reply jaroor karunga so mujhe apne comments jaroor batayega taki main apni agli kahani likh sako.

Maami ki Gaand Maari

Jab main mami ko chod raha tha aur suman ki chut aur gaand mein ungali kar raha tha. Ab main aage ki story batata din ke baad hum teeno bahut free ho gaye the, hum teeno ek sath nahate aur ek dusre ke sharir par sabun lagate. Main mami aur suman ke mummo par, chut par aur gaand par khub sabun lagata aur ungali karta,dhara aur mami bhi mere lund par sabun laga kar khub muth marti.

Hum ab din ke samay bhi tutty karne sath hi jate the, mujhe dhara aur mami ki chut se nikalta mut aur unki gaand se nikalti tutty dekhna bahut achha lagta tha. Maine mastram ki kai books bhighar le aaya tha jise hum teeno milkar padte the. Main mami ko daily chodta par abhi dhara ko nahi choda tha. Tabhi mami ki badi bahan hamare yahan aai do-teen din rukne ke liye, wo bahut sakht thi isliye hamara chudai ka progrrame kuchh time ke liye ruk gaya.

Par wo 3 ki jagah 6 din tak ruki aur mujhse control nahi hota tha. To ek din maine mami se kaha ki farm par kaam hai main wahi ja raha hu sham tak aa paunga, aap mera lunch wahi le aayiga. Mami ne haa kah di aur main farm par aa gaya. Jyada kaam nahitha, main usko pura karke mami ki raah dekhne laga, such usdin ka intazar bahut lamba tha, 2ghante ke baad mami lunch lekar aa gai. Maine mami se puchha ki suman aur mosi (mami ki badi behan) kya kar rahi hai, to wo boli wo kha kar so gai.

Main mami ko bola pahle main peshab kar lu fir khana khate haai aur aap bhi kar le. Main ye kah kar ganne ke khet me chala gaya pichhe-pichhe mami bhi aa gai. Maine mami ko jhat se pakad liya aur unhe buri tarah chumne laga aur hath se unke mumme aur gaand dabane laga.mami bhi mere honth buri tarah chus rahi thi, koi 5minute tak maine mami ke honth chuse fir maine unki saree upar uthai aur unki chut par hath firane laga.mami lagatar ccccccccc kar rahi thi, maine apna lund pant se bahar nikal wo puri tarah akad ke khada tha, mami turnt niche baithi aur usko chusne lagi.

Maine mami ko kaha abhi chhod do mujhe sachmuch peshab aaya hai to mami boli uske muh me hi kar do, to maine kaha aapki saree aur blouse kharab ho jayenge to unhone jaldi se apni saree aur blouse khol diya aur boli ab karo, tabhi mujhse ruka nahi gaya aur mere lund se mut ka fowarra nikal pada jo unke khule muh par laga aur wo pine lagi par dhar itani tez thi ki sara nahi pi payi kafi unke hothon se nikal kar boobs aur chut tak ja pahucha. Fir wo boli unhe bhi mut aai hai to maine kaha aap mere upar karo.

Maine jhat se apni pant aur kameez khol di aur unki chut ke samne baith gaya, unhone apna petikot uthaya aur maine unki chut ke hontho ko do ungaliyo se khol diya aur chut ke ander tak dekhane laga tabhi unki chut se bhi mut ki dhar nikali aur mere chehre par giri. Maine apna muh khol diya aur unki dhar mere gale mein lagane lagi, mujhe unka mut bahut tasty laga wo bilkul ladko ki tarah mut rahi thi. Iske baad main unke boobs chusne laga jo mere mut se bhige hue the aur ek ungali unkichut mein daal di.

Wo boli chalo tube-well wale room mein chalte hai to maine kaha mami waha koi bhi aa sakta hai jabki ganne ke khet me koi nahi aayega aur kisi ko shaq bhi nahi hoga, to wo boli thik hai. Fir wo boli pls meri chut chuso to main unki chut chusne laga, maine pahli baar unki chut chusi thi, unki chut mut aur chut ke rus se bhigi thi jiska taste mujhe bahut achha laga aur main puri jibhdalkar chusne laga mami baar baar aaaaaa uuuuu cccccc kar rahi thi ab unse khada na raha gaya aur wo baith gai balki let hi gaiab main aur wo 69 mein aagaye aur khet ki mitti me ek dusre ko khub chusa fir mami boli pls ab jaldi chodo mujhse raha nahi ja raha to maine mami ki tange apne.

Kandho par rakhi aur lund chut par rakh kar ek tez shot mara mera 3/4 lund chut me sama gaya aur mami aaaahhh mar gai chillai, fir maine lund thoda khicha aur jor se fir shot mara ab pura lund mami ki chut nigal chuki thi aur mami uuiiii ahh dhireeemm chilayi. Maine fir dhire dhire dhakke shuru kiye aur mami ki chuchiyo ko bhi dabane laga. Kuchh der baad mami boli aah ab dhakke tezmaro aur meri gand fad do.

Maine apni speed bada di aur khub jor se shot marne laga. Mami lagatar aaaaa uuu mmmm or jor se m ccccccc uuuiiiiiimaaa kah kar sisiya rahi thi aur lund-chut ki takkar se fuchh fuchh fuchha fuchh ki sunder awaj nikal rahi thi, maine fir mami ki chut se lund nikala aur unko kutiya ki tarah khada kiya aur pichhe aakar jabdast shot lagaya mere jot ke jhatke se mami ka muh aage mitti me ja laga or wo uuuuu maine turant lund unke muh mein pel diya aur wo chusakad randi ki tarah chusne lagi, thodi der baad wo fir garam ho gai aur boli ab mujhe chod hi dalo to maine unko lita kar wahi jhat se lund chut mein dala aur chodne laga takreeban 35min tak chudai karke mera lund jhada tab tak mami 3baar jhad chuki thi. Fir wo bina chut ko saaf kiye ghar jane ko taiyar ho gai.

Aur main lambi chudai ki thakan ke karan wahi so gaya.iske 2din baad mosi chali gai aur raat ko maine mami ko lund se aur dhara ko ungali se khub choda aur subah ke 4 baje tak hum chodte rahe. Kyoki next din se hi hamari garmi ki chuttiya shuru ho rahi thi aur usi din mami ki chhoti bahan (aarti) jisko hum mosi kahte the wo apni beti malti ke sath aane wali thi. Isliye ki pata nahi hume kab mokka mile puri raat chudai ki. Agale din 2baje ke kareeb mosi aur malti aa gai. Isse aage kya hua main aap sab ko next part mein bataunga.

Kahani Rashmi Ki

Hi IWS readers. I am Abhinav from chandigarh. Yeh story meri elder sister Rashmi ki hai. Ek din maine use ek hotel se ek ladke ke saath nikalte dkh liya jo hotel sirf chudai ke kaam ane ke liye badnaam tha. Wahan par to main kuch nahi bola par ghar par maine usko pakad liya aur usse poocha to usne jo story sunai wo ap sabke liye pesh kar raha hoon. Rashmi ki aap beeti uski zaban se

Baat tab ki hai jab papa ka transfer delhi ho gaya tha aur mammi bhi unke saath hi chali gayi thi aur mere graduation 2nd year ki wajah se mujhe mausi (mother’s sisiter) ke ghar rakh diya gaya tha ke graduation main chandigarh se hi complete kar loon. Tab humare cousin Monu ne mujhse kafi flirt kiya aur mujhe apne pyar ke jaal main fansa liya aur main bhi usko pasand karne lagi thi. Tab Monu ne mujhe chodne ki kafi koshishe ki kuch mahine to nikal gaye par baad mein main use rok nahi pai aur usne mujhe kafi din tak choda lekin ghar pe koi na koi rehne ki wajah se hum log ek mahine se chod nahi pa rahe the us ne ek din kaha ki

Monu :yaha hum log khul ke pyar nahi kar sakte hain kyon ki hum log ko kisi na kisi ke aane ka darr rehta hai maine ek jagah ka intizam kar ke rakha hain jahan koi nahi aayega tum kal doopeher main tayar hoke bus stop pe milna main tum ko wahan pe le jaonga.

Rashmi :lekin kahan baaher koi dekh lega do achcha nahi hai jo bhi hai jaisa bhi hai yahan thik hai

Monu : aree ek baar tu khuli hawa main mohabbat kar ke to dekho, bahut maza aayga

next day main tayar hoke bus stop us ke batay hue time pe pahoonch gayee wahan se Monu mujhe le ke car se shahar se bahar ek farm house main gaya.

Rashmi : lekin Monu tum le ke kahan ja raha hai

Monu : Tum yahan nahi aayi. yeh mere dost ka farm house hai. Chabi mere friend ke paas thi.

Rashmi: Magar us dost se tumne kuch kaha to nahi. Agar kahin koi aa gaya to.

Monu : Are yaha koi ata nahi hai. Aur waise bhi abhi to sab office main honge. Raat ko wapas ayenge, maine bahana bana kar dost se chabhi le li hai. Yaha par hum har tarike se pyar karenge. Yeh bol kar Monu ne mujhe kiss karna shuru kiya aur mere saaare kapde nikal diye aur khood bhi nanga ho ke apne lund ko mere mooh mein de diya main uske lund ko choos choos ke khada ki to woh mujhe god main le ke bed room main le gaya aur abhi usne mujhe chodna bhi shooroo nahi kiya tha ki us gahr ka darwaza khulne ki awaz aaye

Rashmi : Monu, darwaza band to kiya hai na

Monu : Darwaza band hai lekin doosri chabi mere dost ke paas bhi hai

Darwaza khula aur Rishu, raja aur do ladke jinka naam main nahi janti par wo Monu ke dost the, ghar main aaye aur un logo ke aate hi main kapde to nahi pehen payee par haan sharam se maine us palang ka chaader hi jaldi se lappet liya. woh sab ander ane lage to maine Monu se kaha.

Rashmi: woh sab ander na aa jaye unhe bahar roko. Main tab tak kapde pehan leti hoon.

Monu : Are yaar woh kamre ke andar ane ke liye nahi aye, tumhare andar dalne ke liye aye hain.

Woh sab ander aaye aur Rishu ne Monu se kaha ki tune to bahut hi achcha plan banaya is ko chudane ke liye aur phir wo raja se bolne laga jab Monu ke ghar jata aur is ko dekhta is ko udhar hi chodne ka dil karta lekin dar tha saali kahin awaz na kar de is liye main ne Monu ke saath mil kar is ko chodne ka plan banaya aur do mahine baad kahee jaa ke saali haath aayee dekh to is ki chicknee gaand to dekh. yeh bol ke usne mera lepta hua chadder peeche se uthane laga main

Rashmi: Monu, yeh kya ho raha hai aur yeh kya bol raha hai. tumhe sharam nahi aati istarah apni behen ko doosre log ke beech main baizaat kar rahe ho.

Monu : kya baizaati aree yaar too ladki hai teri choot main ek land jaaye ya dus kya pharak padta hai waise hum sab dost log mil baat ke khaate hain yeh keh kar usne zabardastee meri chadar kheench lee aur mujhe sab ke beech main nanga kar diya aur raja ki taraf ishara karke kehne laga ki tu to meri cousin hai hum log ne to is ke saamne is ke saath main is ki saggi behen ko isi kamre main poore poore din choda hai aur to aur Rishu ne to teri choot ke liye poore ek hafte Kamini ko chudwaya hai mujhse.

yeh sun ke muje ek dum shock ho gaya ki koi bhai apni saggi behen ko khud bhi choda aur dostaon se bhi choodaya aur doosri baat sun kar to main behosh si ho gayi ki rishu ne apni sagi maa Kamini ko hi chudwa dala.abhi main sooch hi rahi thi ki

Rishu: Are apni bhi to bata ki teri sagi behen ko bhi to yahan par hi choda hai hum sabne aur sun Rashmi, apni sagi behen ki seal bhi Monu ne hi todi thi aur aaj bhi jab uski shadi ho gayi jab bhi ghar ati hai hum sab se ek baar jaroor chudti hai.

Monu: Tujhe hum log har tarah se maza denge aur tujhe bhi kisi tarah se choodana ho to bol hum log waise bhi karenge.

yeh keh ke usne mujhe palag pe dhakel diya aur apne doston se kaha ki jise jo karna hai karo phir kya tha uske sab dost log mujh pe aise toot pade jaise koi dus barah kutte kutttee ke peeche padte hai koi mere boobs pakad ke kheench raha tha koi meri gaand daba raha tha koi us main ungli dal raha tha ek aage se baith ke meri choot soongh raha.

Rashmi: Monu, mujhe bachao.
Monu:Main bhi chodoonga magar sab ke baad. Tujhe choot chatwane main aur choodane main bahut maza ata hain na aaj tujhe har tarha se maza denge agar tum hamara saath do gee to tum ko bhi mazaa milega nahi to kutiya ki tarah rahogi aur jis ko jaisa chahiye waisa chodenge.

Tab tak Raja ne apna lund mere mooh ke saamne karke chatne ko kaha. Maine kaha ki maine kabhi kisi ka lund munh main nahi liya to sab hasne lage aur bole ki muh main le raand saali main ne thoda sa na kiya to Raja ko itna gussa aya ki usne ek zor se laat meri gaand pe mari aur main jaise hi giri us ne Rishu se kaha salika mooh pakad ke rakh main saali ko garam garam peshab peelata. Rishu aur uske Do dost jaldee se aage aaye. ek ne mere dono haath pakde aur doosre ne meri dono tang aur Rishu ne mere baal pakad ke mera moohn khola jaise mera moohn khula Raja mere muh pe mootne laga main jitna hilne ki koshish kartee sab log utna haste. peshaab mere hilne se aankh kaan aur naak main bhi gayee mera poora gala peshab ke wajah se jalne laga abhi uski peshab khatam huee thi ke Monu ne bhi apna lund nikal ke mere saamne khada ho gaya.

Rishu: Abe agreement ke hisab se jab tak hum log na chod le tu kuch nahi kar sakta.

Monu: Main kuchch nahi kar raha, sirf is ko mera peshaab peela raha hoon.

Us waqt mujh ko meri galti ka ahsas hua ki main phans gayee hoon.Monu mere uppar khub lund hila hila ke peeshab kiye us ke peeshab karne ke baad ek ladka bolne laga ki yeh maaderchod saali to ek dum gandee ho gayee hai is ko nelha ke ittar laga ke ek raand ki tarah tayar karo phir mazaa aaayega. phir Rishu ne mujhe god main uthaya aur zabardstee mujhko bathroom main le gaya aur mujhe mootne ke liye kaha. pehli baar main ladke log ke saamne moot rahi thi aur sab log ghoor rahe the.

Sabse jyada maza to raja le raha tha. main moot ke jaise khadi hone gayee Rishu kahin se ek pipe le aaya. ek ladke ne pipe nul main laga ke mujh pe paani marne laga. 3 se 4 minute paani marne ke baad Rishu ne pipe zabardasti meri gaand main daal ke paani chaloo kar diya meri gaand main paani jaane ki wajah se gudgudee bhi ho ra hi thi aur dard bhi ho ra ha tha.

Rishu: yeh chinal to under se bhi gandi ho gayee hogi is liye is ko under se bhi saaf kar dete hain.

Main samajh nahi saki who kya bol raha hai uske jo dost ne mujhe pakda tha zabardasti janwar ki tarah se chaar haat paon pe mujhe beetha diya main uthne lagi to aur doosre sab ladke zabardastee mujhe pakad ke ek kuttiya ki tarah kardiye. Rishu ne ab peeche se pipe mere choot main daal ke null ek dum zor se chaloo kar diya nul chaloo hote hi mujhe ekdum zor se pain hone laga main sab se haat chooda ke bhagne koshish karne lagee lekin who 6 ladke aur main akeli main nahi chooda saki pani mere choot main bharne laga jis mera pait phoolne laga main zor zor se chillane lagee mujhe jane do mujhe maaf kar do mujhe jaane do please sab ladke hasne lage aur sab se zayada Monu has raha tha

Rishu: Itne muskil se haath ayee hai aur tujhee jaane de. aaaj to tujhe hum sab se ji bhar ke choodana hai isisliye to tujhe itne achchi tarah se saaf kar rahe hain.

Rashmi: Tumlog jab kaho ge jaisa kaho ge main karoongee par abhi yeh pipe nikal lo.

Tab raja ne pipe nikal liya aur jab tak to mera pait main paani jaane ki wajah se phool gaya tha to ek ladka kehne laga ki dekh Monu abhi to teri behen ko koi choda bhi nahi yeh to abhi se pait se ho gayee hai. jab mujhe sab ne pakad ke khada kiya to mere pait ka paani meri choot se aise nikalne laga jaise main khadi ho ke moot rahi hoon. sab yeh dekh dekh ke mazaa le rahe the jab mere pait kaa poora paani nikal gaya to who sab utha kar mujhe bedroob main le gaye aur mere badan ko towel se saf karne ke baad mere boobs ke beech main mere choot ke baal per aur meri gaand pe itar lagaya aur bistter main bhi itar lagaya us ke baad Monu vasline ki bottle laya. sab ne apne apne lund pe vasline lagaye aur meri choot aur gaand main bhi un log ne vasline lagayi. vasline lagane ke baad sab log ne ek saath mere upar chodne ke liye aagaye.

Rishu bister pe lait gaya aur raja ko kaha ki isko mere lund pe bitha bahut der se saali ko nangi dekh kar ek dum bechain ho gaya hai. Sab ladko ne mujhe pakad ke uthaya aur mujhe uske land pe bitha diya. uska lund meri gaand main jaane laga main ne us din tak kabhi gaand nahi marayee thi.

Rashmi: meri phat gayee. nikkalo is ko meri choot main daaldo meri gaand maat maro. aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaah hooooooo hooooooo aaaaaaaah

yeh sun ke raja ko bhi josh ayaa usne mujhe rishu ke upper hi lita ke meri choot main apna lund dal ke hilane laga main dard se chilla rahi thi aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaah hooooooo hooooooo aaaaaaaah yeh dekh ke ek ladka ne kaha ki saali ko nipple deta hoon. usne apna land mere mooh main daal ke hilane laga jaise ki meri choot main daal raha ho. mere saab hole lund se bhare hue the bakee do no mere badan ko masal rahe the, mere boobs ko khinch rahe the, uspe nail se pinch kar rahe the. achchanak ek ne meri naak apne haath se pakad ke band kardee mere mooh main land hone ki wajah se main sans nahi le paa rahee thi 2 minute ko to laga ki main mar jaongi lekin mujhe tadapte hue dekh ke usne hanste hue meri naak chod diya aur uske baad jis ko jis tarah se samajh main aaya sab ne 2 ,2 ya 3, 3 baar mujh ko shaam 6 baje tak choda. Phir rishu ek lauki le aya aur who meri choot main dal di. Main dard se pagal ho gayi.

Rashmi: Nahi nikal lo ise. Itna to chod chuke ab yeh kyaaaaaa nahi mat karo main mar aaaaaah mar jaoongi. Nahiiiiiiiiii.
Rishu: Are teri choot ko bhur to Monu ne hi bana diya tha ab hum isko bhosda banayenge taki tujhe ek saath 25 lund lene main bhi taklif na ho.

Monu: Are sari training aaj mat do. Aur baigan dalo pehle tum to seeedhe lauki pel rahe ho. Ab sabki beheno main ek yehi to abhi tak tite hai thodi to rehne do. Bhosde ka maza lena hai to raja ki behan to hain hi.

Rishu: Tum kehte ho to jane deta hoon.tum to mere baap saman ho kyonki meri maa ko tumne sabse jyada choda hai. Ha ha ha. Chalo 8 baj gaye hai. Isko ghar pahunchana hai.

Phir mujhe un ladke log ne Monu ke saath us ki tata sumo main le ke aaye mujhe kuch hosh nahi tha ki kya ho raha main ekdum se itni choodayee se thak gayee thi. gaadi main bhi mujhe tata sumo main peeche dono seat ke beech main bethaye the mere samne wale ne apna lund mere mooh mehi daal ke rakha tha aur peeche ke ek lakde ne meri chaddi ko aur shalwar ko khol ke meri gaand maarne laga poore raaste main bhi mujhe kisi na kisi ka lund muh main ya gaand main tha. jab ghar aaya to us se pehle hi un logo gaadi rok ke mujhe kaha ki tu aaj se hamari rakhail hai tujhe jab chahenge aur jahan chahenge tujhe choodane ke liye aana hoga. aur mujhe un logo ne wahin utar diya aur Monu ko ghar utarne le gaye.

main badi mushkil se chaal pa ra hi thi, jaab main ghar pahoonchi to who log ghar ke bahar gaadi main baithe mujhe thoda langda ke chaalte dekh ke muskoorane lage. Us din ke baad jab ji main aata un main se koi bhi ladka aake mujhe kabhi kahan le jaake choodta kabhii kahan.Sabse jyada mujhe Rishu ne choda kyonki uske ghar dopahar main sirf uski mammi aur rishu hote the tab Monu mujhe le jata tha aur Monu rishu ki maa chodta tha aur rishu meri gand marta tha. Usko gand marne ka jyada shauk tha.

Aur jab rishu ghar par nahi hota tab Monu mujhe aur Kamini aunty ko ek hi bed par ek hi sath chodta tha. Kamini aunty ka gadraya badan to who kutto ki tarah nochta hi tha aur mujhe to khud Kamini aunty hi nanga karti thi aur kehti thi yehi to din hai chodne khane ke. tumhare abhi jitna maza kar sakti hai kar le. Kabhi kabhi to Kamini aunty meri choot main baigan aur laauki bhi dal deti thi aur mujhe jitna dard hota utna hi who maza leti thi. Kehti thi tujhe aisa taiyyar kar doongi ki tere pati ka land agar gadhe ki tarah mota ho to bhi tu ek jhatke main hi poora anadar lele.

Ek din un main se ek laadka mujhe apne saath le gaaya aur kaha ki uska koi cousin delhi se aaya hai usko uski behen ko chodna hai isliye kaha ki main uske cousin ke saath ji bhar maza doon aur who ghar pe uski cousin sister ko choodega. main us ladke ke saath jab chooda ke rickshaw main aa rahi thi to mujhe Monu ke bade bhai Vikram ne dekh liya aur ghar pe usne mujhe maara. jab usne maara to main ne sab bata diya ki kis tarah se uske bhai Monu ne mujhe choda aur uske dosto se bhi choooda ke un ki rakhel banaya, to usne kaha maderchod teri choot main mera lund. etne din se too yahan haram ka hammare yahan kha rahe hain who kuch nahi zara usne chod diya tu us ko badnaam karne lagee.

Aur ek hafte ke baad Vikram ne kaha ki mujhe uski promotion ke liye us ke boss se chudwana hoga jab main uske boss ke paas jaa rahi to main ne soocha ki meri choot ko yeh sab log muft ka chandan ghis mere nanadan ki tarah istemaal kar ra he hain kyon na main apni choot ki kimat saab se loo yeh sooch kar main ne Vikram ke boss se choodate main kaha ki agar usko uski kisi party ko bhi khoosh karna hoga to main karoongee bus mujh ko us chodayee ki kimat deni hogee.

Uska boss mujh jaisi khubsoorat ladki dekh kar khoosh hua aur uski kisi party ke liye usne mujhe hi chudayee ka contract dene laga aur peechle 19 month maine usne itna paisa kamaya ki Gurgaon main ek flat le lia hai. Tumne mujhe jis aadmi ke saath dekha tha who bhi mera client hai.

Yeh sun ek dum ajeeb laga ki usne apni choot ki wajah se ek flat bhi khareed liya hai. Uskee story sunne ke baad mera lund khada hogaya aur main uske saamne hi nikal ke mooth marne laga to wo uthe ke chalee gayee. main usko chona chahata hoon lekin mujhe samajh main nahi aata ki usko kaise pata ke chodo aur kis tarah se chodoon kyonki who kehti hai ki main teri behen hoon is liye nahi chodne doongee. Kya aap log meri maddad karenge ki main Itnee chickni choot aur gore badan wali Rashmi ko chodna chahiye ki nahi? Agar haan to kaise aur kis angel main aur kis sex style main zeyada maza hai?

Pados wali Ladki

Hi mera naam babu hai 23 age ha me jamsedpur ka londa hu ek ladki hai Es larki ka ghar hamare ghar k bilkul samne hai . Hamare ghar ki second Floor (kothe) wale room ki khidki se unke ghar ka sarre drish (najara) saff dikhai deta hain. Main us khidki se Neeru ke badde baddde boobs ko dekh dekh kar 120 ki speed se muth marta tha.Wo 10th Class ki student thi. Uski mummy ka meri mother k pass b aana jaan kafi tha . Uski mother ne meri mother se neeru ki tution k barre main meri mummy se bat ki k kha es ki tution rakhi jaye. To meri mummy ne mere se baat ki to maine kha kyo na anjali ko main tution de du.

Us ki mummy b es baat ko maan gai .Main jo chata tha wo ho gya. Main us din to so he nahi paya sari raat muje anjali dikahi deti rahi or uske mumme yaad aate rahe .ab to main uske mumme bilkul pass se beth kar dekha karuga next day he usne mere pass aana tha. Us raat to maine sarre bistar or takia (sarhana) par ghasse laga laga kar apna virj suta diya or gila Kar diya. Next day wo mere pass aai .ek dam mera ujjar pra room mehak gya . Salli us din jeen or uper shota sa top dal kar kya mast lag rahi thi mera 9 inch ka pappu (lun) to ose dekh kar he 90 digri ke kon par khada hogya vo pent ko he pad kar bahar aane wala tha tabi maine us par book rakh kar control kiya or neeru ko welcome kiya ab wo mere samne kursi par beth gai phele phele 2 din to main us se study ke barre main baat karta raha bas chori chori uske mummo par najar mar leta.

Mera mann karta ke ese nangi kar ke aabhi chod du or eske mummo ko chusta rahoon lakin bebas tha .uske jaane k baad aakhen band kar neeru ko yaad kar muth marta.tisre din wo aai to mere jubaan se uufff nikli etni sunder or sexy lag rahi thi ke main aap ko kya bataaau.mere se bi raha na gya maine b uske muh pe tariff kardi aaj to tum boht jyada sunder lag rahi ho.

Wo shrma gai or dhire se thx keh diya . Oske thx kehne ka trika etna madhos kar dene wala tha k ek baar to mann aaya k abhi pakd kar jor se lip kiss karu or jor se jaffi paa lu lakin abhi thoda time or chahiye tha. Us din maine ose kaha k aaj study nahi kuj mind ko fresh karne k liye kuj or baat karte hai. Wo to jaise chati he yahi thi. Os ne fat se keh diya hanji ye theek hai. Maine kha ke kuj apne barre main batao ke kya pasand hai tume.jab sarri passand usne bta di main bola ke ladke kaise passand hai to wo pehle shrma gai maine kha k muje tum apna friend maan kar baat karo mere jyada jor daalne pe osne shrma k keh diya k muje simple, acshi sehat wale, educated larke pasand hain.

Maine vase he hassi se keh diya ye kyo nahi kehti ke mere jese.wo hass paddi or boli jaisa marji maan lijye. Ye baat sun kar muje uski taraff badne ka or khuli baat karne ka moka mila .main ye moka khona nahi chata tha.or wo boli aap ko kesi ladkiya passsand hai main bin soche he fatafat bolo bilkul tere jesi wo hass padi maine bol diya Neeru I Love you. Wo ek baar to sun kar heraan hui main b darr gya kahi maine galt to nahi kaha lakin phir vo b bol padi i love u to. Bas phir kya tha maine osse jor se osse jaffi pa li or lipp kiss karte karte oske mummo ko palosne laga wo to jaise mast c hone lagi thi.

Maine dhire se apna hath oski salwar ko dhila karte huye oski phoodi pe le gya oye meri tooba oski phuudi garam garam tight tight leek ho rahi thi kaffi gili ho chukki thi. Maine apne aap ko sabhalte hua apne aap pe control kiya or hos main aakar ose bas karne ke liye kaha lakin vo to fevi quick ki tarh mere se chipt gai thi shod he nahi rahi thi .ose maine samja kar samne kursi par betha diya kyo meri mother ghar he thi ho sakta tha vo mere room main aa jati. Mera 9 inch Ka Pappu esse lag raha tha jaise pent k bich main tent daal kar khada ho.Os din to jaise main swarg main juta le aaya tha aasa lag raha tha. Pappu(lun) ke naa Chate huye b maine ose khali janne diya lakin maine mummy k aa jaane k darr se osse shod diya tha lakin yeh baat b sach thi k ab mashli mere jaal main fass chukki thi abb to jabb marji use karo.main b os din ki wait kar raha tha k mummy kabb kahi bahar jaye vo time b aa gya .

Ek din mummy ko mere nana ji ke bimmar hone ka phone aaya so mummy nana ji ka pta lene 5 din k liye mere nanke chali gai. Papa ji office challe jate the main ghar main akela. Ab mere andar ki aag b or jalne lagi thi aaj aag ko bujane ka mokka aa gya tha. Vo sham ko mere pass aai main to pehle he uski wait main khada tha. Vo aai to maine darwaja band karke osee jor se jaffi pa li vo samaj gai ghar koi nahi.
RE: Pados wali Ladki
Ose to jaise mere se b jyada aag thi wo muje or jor se jaffi main le kar muje kiss pe kiss karne laggi.Main os ko bedroom le gya wha jate he maine ki kameej utaar di ,hye mere rabba oske boobs oski red bra k andar se bahar niklne ko ho raye the boht sexy lag rahe the maine onko chatna suru kiya or dhire se piche se oski bra ka batan khol diya badde badde mumme jitne bahar se dikhne main sundar the os se b kahin jyaada wo ab dikhai de rahe the .ye wahi mumme the jinhe main supno main dekhta tha muje jakken nahi ho raha tha. Osski nipple b boht sexy thi maine mummo (boobs) par kiss karni suru ki or ek hath se oske doosre mumme ko plosna suru kiya. Wo apne hath se bed pe leti leti mere ser pe balo main hath mar rahi thi or sexy sexy awaaj nikal rahi thi.

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Oske body k har part ko main kiss kar chuuka tha . Ab muje ehssas hua k mera ab shutne(leek) wala hai .anjali to apni unglio se apni phudi k aaspaas shuu rahi thi. Maine leek hone k darr se lun anjali k naa chathe hue b nikala or os lun k muh oski gand ki tarf kar diya or kafi jor k badd gand main guso diya neeru ke boht dard hua.

End last maine uski gand main shuta diya , or lun ko bhar nikala liya. Phir bed pe let kar body pe kiss karna suru kiya. 5-10 mint baad to lun phir ready hone lagga thaa.lakin neeru ka tution time khatam ho gya thaa.wo b os din naa chahte huye kal ka vaada kar chali gai. Wo kafi khush lag rahi thi mere jese.

Bhabhi ko Zannat mein le Gaya

Main sam Mera man tha ki kisi Mast, Jawan Aurat ki Gand aor chut mari jaye aur uski ghand me zaban dal kar uska ras chakha jaye.Aurat ki bhari-bhari kasi-kasi uthan liye blouse me quaid doodh sebhari Chuchiyan (boobs) hamesha hilte huey mujhe apni ore akarshitkarti aur mai unko dabane ke sapno me kho jata ki kab blouse ke buttonkhol un Chuchiyon ko azad karunga, blouse ke hook khol kar, bra kohata kar.

Dono Chuchiyan (Boobs) apne hathon me le dabaunga.Kab Aurat ke Boobs, Stan mere hatho me ayenge? Kab mai bhi un Nipples ko muh me lekar pee paunga? Mohalle ki har Jawan, gori mail me garmi ke karan neend nahi aa rahi thi. Humaise hi bahar angan me nikal aa gaye. Samne bedroom ki khidki se halki. Tube light ki roshni bahar a rahi thi kyonki khidki ke kanch par kapdapada tha. Parantu khidki ka ek darwaza halka tedha khula tha taki safhava kamre me a- ja sake.

Maine socha yeh Bhaiya kya padh rahen hain? Maine bas halke se dabe pav pas jakar khidki ke neeche se andar dekha to meri sans jaise ruk gaye. Bhabhi puri Nangi ho pet ke bal leti thi aur unki mast, masal Gand upar ki ore thi. Bhaiya unki peeth parsarson ke tel se massage kar rahe the sath-sath wo unke chutad ki bimassage kar rahe they. Bhabhi halke-halke muh se Ahhhhhhh…ssssss.ahhhhh.. Kar rahin thi.Hhmm..m…oooo.

Aur jab bhaiya tel laga kar apni ungli Bhabhi ke chutad ko phaila kar Gand me andar ghusa dalte to Bhabhi keh uthti, “dheere- dheere dalo baba dard hota hai.” Bhaiya lungi pehne apne dono haatho se unke upar jangho pe baith kar dono chutado ki massage kar rahe the. Gand ki malish se bhabhi bahut khush nazar aa rahi thi.Bhabhi ke ulta ho letne se maine dekha, ki bhaiya halke se let karpeeche se unki Gand me apni zaban bhi laga rahe they, jis se bhabhiaaaahhh… Oo.. Karti jati phir peeche se hi bhaiya ne Bhabhi kejanghon ko pahilaya jis se unki Choot bhi do phanko me bat gaye aurchut ke Gulabi ched me ungli dal wo andar-bahar karne lage.Bhabhi ko ajeeb sa nasha chadhne laga. Wo madhosh hone lagi. Bhaiyadheere se Bhabhi ke chut ke neeche a gaye aur apni zaban se bhabhiki Choot ko lap-lap kar chatna shuru kiya is se Bhabhi ki siskiyan aursanse aur garam aur tez ho gayen thi.

Phir Bhabhi apni peeth ke bal let gayen aur bhaiya ne age wale hisseki malish shuru ki. Bhabhi ke dono tango ko phaila kar unki gori,masal jhangho ko ragad kar malish kiya aur apne anguthon se Choot kedono singharon ka massage kiya. Phir khub sari thook dal kar unki chutpe lep laga diya phir apni zaban se chut ko ragad ragad lal kar uskegulabi ched me zaban andar-bahar karke, ungli se tezi se andar-baharkar chut ko geela kar Chodne ka programme banaya.Bhaiya bar-bar Bhabhi ki chut ke theek beech upar ugi hui halki kali,ghungrali Jhanto ko bhi apne muh se honto me daba kar nochte jis sebhabhi ko bahut nasha cha jata. Jhanto ke neeche chut ki sundartadekhte hi banti thi.

Bada hi suhavna scene tha jise dekh mera Lund tan. Kar kutub minar sa tight khada ho gaya tha aur chadi me Lund ne panibhi chod diya tha.Mera Lauda bhi khada ho man me Bhabhi ko chodne ka ho gaya. Mainedekha bhaiya Bhabhi ke sar ki taraf tango ko kar let gaye hain aurbhabhi ki chut me zaban se khel rahen hain aur Bhabhi bhaiya ka 6inches lamba aur teen ungal mota Lauda pakad kar apni zaban se Bhaiya ke Lund ka gulabi supara chat rahin thi. Thodi der me Bhabhi ne bhaiya ka Lauda muh me liye aur shanty ke sath andar-bahar ka maza kar hmmm ooo yeah keh hath se mazbuti se Lund pakad kar Lund ko pura kahda kar diya.Ab bhaiya ne Lund ko bhabhi ki chut phaila kar andar dala aur Lundkhap ki awaz ke sath naram resham si chikani chut ki makhmali gehraime sama gaya. Andar-bahar Lund chala bhaiya ne Bhabhi ko Jannat kisair karvani shuru ki. Phir Bhabhi boli ab Gand bhi to maro. Itnasunne par bhaiya ne bhabhi ki chut se Lund ko nikal kar Gand ke chedpe laga dhakka dala. Gand ki dhunai kar bhaiya 3-4 minute me jhadgaye.

Unke Lund se garam Virya ka phuwarra dekh mera bhi Lauda bheeg aya. Par kya karta dabe pav vapas akar sona pada. Badi mushkil se raat kati. Ab maine bhi Bhabhi ki Gand marne ki sochi. Kutch din bad mauka milgaya. Ek din mai achanak Bhabhi ke bedroom me ja ghusa. Bhabhi nahakar towel lapet kar nikli thi. Wo mujhko dekh kar samajh to gaye ki Isladke ko meri ghand chahiye par muskara kar boli-”Aj ghar me koi nahinhai, sab shadi me gayen hai, kal tak hum dono akele hain is ghar me.”Maine kaha -”janta hun, Bhabhi aap bahut sundar ho.””Aj itni tariff kyon?”- Bhabhi ne muskara kar kaha. “Wo Bhabhi aj meredil ki tammana puri kar do.” “Kya hai tumhari tammana?”- Bhabhi kechehre par ek katil haseena wali muskurahat thi. “Apki Gand marni hai,sach bhabhi itni khubsurat jawan, madmast, bhari- phuli hui sanche medhali Gand, maine aj tak nahin dekhi.

Itni masal hai tumhari Gand,gori gori Gand ke darshan karva do Bhabhi, tumhari khubsurati ki kasam zindagi bhar tumhara gulam rahunga,” yeh keh mai unke towel se lipat gaya, aur unko apni bahon me utha liya. Bhabhi ko bahon me bhar, god me uthane se unka towel nikal kar zameen par a gira. Aur wo Bra aur Panty me a tah gayi thi. Halki gulabi Bra aur panty me wo bahut hi madak lag rahi thi. Wo muskara uthi maine bhi jaldi se unke honto ko apne honto me kaid kiya aur 3-4 minute tak hont apne honto me dabaye rakha. Zaban se zaban lad rahi thi aur thook ka adan-pradan ho raha tha. Mai unke hont choosta wo mere. Bahut meethe they unke hont. Gulabi, mulayam aur gulab ki pankhudi ki tarah. Mai unko god me upar uthaye tha unki dono gori janghe mere kamar keidhar-udhar thi. Ab maine unko bistar par la kar lita diya aur unkomassage karne laga.

Bhabhi ki bra khol unki dono badi-badi Chuchiyanpeene laga. Nipples to bahut hi meethe they. Apne anguthe ki kibanakar Nipples ki malish ki aur phir suck karta raha. Dono boobs kiachi tarah mardan kiya jis se unki Chuchiyan tight ho phul kar badi hogayen aur phir unki tondi ko zaban se chata. Gol gehri nabhi mehk karbata rahi thi ki kastoori hiran ke saman thi bhabhi.Bhabhi boli jaldi se panty utaro aur chut ko chat kar chut ki khujlimitao. Maine bhi unki agya ka palan ek honhar dewar ki tarah kiya aurbina time gavaye unki chut main apni zaban se sewa shuru kar di.Hayyyyy…yar kitna maza dete ho.. Yyyyeeee aaahhhhhhoo. Unko apni chut ki khujli aur jalan shant karvane me bada maza mil raha tha. Meri zaban Bhabhi ki Bur me andar-bahar sap ki tarah a ja rahi thi. Lap lap kar mai unki chut ko geela kar puri raftar se chut chatne laga. Thodi der bad maine unke chutad ko upar kiye aur Gand ke neeche ek takiya rakh diya jisse maine unke Gand ke upar bhi apne pyar ka lep lagaya.

Mai chut ko apne honto me dabata phir zaban bahar kar Gand ke kale ched par bhi thuk laga kar halke se zaban se Gand sehla deta jis se unki jawani ko ek current lagta.Ab mai Lund ko taiyar kar chuka tha. Maine Bhabhi ko kaha tange phaila lo taki gand me Lund dalne me asani ho. Zor laga kar dhakka diya jis se Lund Gand ke andar admit ho gaya. Bade maza lekar Gand mari. Phir mai neeche seedha let gaya aur bhabhi samne ki ore muh kar mere Lund par apni Gand tika baith gayen. Maine unki gand ko phir cheerna shuru kiya aur peeche se haath badha dono Chuchiyan dabane laga. Neeche Gand ki dhunai karta jata aur peeche se dono boobs ki malish jisse unko aram milta.

Gand ke andar bahar karne se Lund ko ek alag hi sukh mil raha tha.Sath hi maine apni dono ungliyon ko samne chut ke gulabi ched me andar dal chut ki chudayi bhi ki jisse Bhabhi ko dugna maza mil sake aur wo Jannat ki sair ka bharpur anand le saken. Thodi der bad maine Lund ko Gand se kheench liya aur Bhabhi ki Boobs par sara sadka (virya) gira diya. Bhabhi ki Gand ki sair kar mai unka Gulam ban gaya, aj bhi unki Gand marne jata hun.

Sexy Chachi

Dear Desi friend’s, I have read many stories on this section so I decided to share my true incident with you all. First i tell about me. My name is Vishal from Bulandshahr am 30 years old with average built body and 5’6 feet of height. Dear friends I would have written this story in English but i think there are people who really enjoy this stories when they read this in Urdu, anyhow while mailing me back you are free to use any language.

To piarey dosto aj sey do saal pehley key bat hey key merey jhotey chaha key betey key birthday the jo key us waqat 1 saal ka tha.merey chacha lever brothers mey inspection wagera kertey heen jis key waja sey wo akser sheher sey baher jatey rehtey heen. Hum sub bhey invite the function koi raat key 12.30 bajey khatam hoa tha merey baqi sub gher waley to wapis gher chaley gay per mugh ko chacha ney rok lia key thora sa kam ker dena coz lan mey maez or kursiaan bekhri pareen the or kuch kaetering ka saman bhei tha.kher mey ruk gia chacha key sath kam kerwatey hoey 2.30 bej gaey pher chacha ney mugh ko soney key ley kumra bata dia chacha kay gher mey 3 kamrey nechey or 4 kamrey oper heen necey wala ek kamra chacha ka bedroom hey or us key belkul sath hey ek or kamra hey jes ka derwaza chacha key bedroom mey khulta hey basecly ye ek hey karma.

Hey jis mey dewar ker key dermian mey derwaza bana dia gia hey chacha ney wo kamra mugh ko soney key ley dia .uper waley kamrey mey chacha key chacha key do choti salian or ek barey sali with apnei sexy beaty key sath mojood the jo key pendi mey rehti heen. 2.30 bajey mey so gia taqreeban 3 bajey mugh ko pias mehsoos hoi tu mey oth ker kichan mey pani peney key liay gia paney pee ker wapis atey hoy mey ney apney chacha ko choroon key terha upe waley portion mey jatey hoey dekha pehley tu mey ney socha key pechey jaoon pher mey ney socha choroo un ka gher hey jo merzi karen per usi waqat mey ney apney chai ko bhei chacha key pechey jatey ho dekha ab tu mey samajh gia key dall mey kuch kala hey.pehley mey app ko apni chachi jani key barey mey bata hoon so friend’s first of all let me tell u something about my chachi.

Her name is amita. She was recently married and was just 30 yrs old and was very sexy and an attractive lady. She had dark brown hairs, 5’7? tall and had an attractive face. She was having good body shape, and medium complexion. Her biggest assets were her large boobs of 36d size and equally big ass of 37 inches. She had a very attractive smile and many times i just look at her face and get lost in her. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially i love her boobs.

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Kiss ker key mey apney kamery mey chala gia or chahci uper ka derwaza kholney.acha dosto baqi ainda key mey aney apny chachi ko dobara choda or pher apni chahci key madad sey us key 3 bhenoo ko or us key bhanji ko kesey choda.

Chodne ka mauka mila

Hi friends. Mera nam raj hai. Aur me 28 saal ka hu. Aaj aapne aur meri uncal ki ladki ke bareme kuch batane ja raha hu,yanni ki meri bahen gudiya. Vo muzse 3 saal choti he, par kamal ka figure tha uska, me jab 12 sci me padta tha tab me sex ke bareme thoda thoda janta tha, un dino mera land bahut utt ta tha. Uski lambai karib 7.5′ inch tak bad jati thi, aur aas pas me ek meri bahen hi thi jo use thodi rahat de sakti thi.

Vo bahut sexy thi. Uske boobs bahut hi mast the aur bahut hi soft the. Kai bar me use anjaane me chu leta tha. Par vo to in sab ke bareme kuch janti hi nahi thi. Isliye koi prob. Nahi tha. Me aaksar use pakad kar utha leta aur isi bahane muze uski gand aur boobs dabane ka mauka milta. Uski chut ko me dekhna chahta tha aur use chuna chahta tha par me smaj nahi pa raha tha ki me kya karu iske liye. Mene ek tarkib ki.. Mene hamare bath room me darvaje me ek hole kiya ki jisase me use nangi dekh saku.

Aur ek din muze mauka mil gaya. Sam ka vakt tha aur ghar me me akela tha aur meri bahen aai mene use se mazak suru ki, ki tum kyu nahaae bina ki lag rahi ho. To usne bola ki me to subah nahi thi. To mene kaha ki tum mese badbu aa rahi he. Aesa bol kar me smile karne laga.. Tum abhi nahalo. Usne kaha aachaa.. Phir vo thodi der bad nahane chali gai, use sak ma ho iss liye me bade aavaj se tv dekhne laga. Jese hi vo bathroom me gai ki mene aapni aakhe uss hole pe chipka di jo darvade par tha. Badme mene dekha ki vo aapne kapde utar rahi he. Usne sabse pahele aapna frok nikala, badme usne bra bhi nikali, kya boobs the uske. Ditte ekdam chote the aur boobs gore gore the.

Mera to land tight ho gaya. Badme usne aapni panty nikali, me to aapne aapko control nahi kar pa raha tha. Uski chut pe ekdum chote chote baal the aur chut ekdam fuli hui aur masal thi. Vo shower ke niche khdi ho gai aur usne shower on kiya, pani uske sir se hokar uske boobs pe ja kar niche uski mast gand par aa raha tha. Vo apne hatho se aapne boobs ko daba rahi thi. Bad me usne saboon liya aur aur uase aapne aure badan pe malna suru kiya. Vo dhire dhire aapne aure badan par aapna hath phira rahi thi. Me ye sab davaje je hole me se dekh raha tha. Meri to halat khrab ho rahi thi vo sirf muzse 2 feet ki duri par thi par me use chu bhi nahi sakta tha. Me koi bhi aesa vesa step nahi utha sakta tha kyuki mere mummy aur papa ko te bat pata chale to meri kher nahi samjo.

Badme thodi der ke bad usne phir shower chalu kiya aur sabun nikalne lagi. Badme jo hua use dekhke me dang rah gaya. Vo shower ke niche khade khade aapni do ungli se aapni chut masal rahi thi, me to chok gaya, muze laga ye ek sapna he, par nahi ye sach tha. Vo masterbate kar rahi thi yani ki ‘hastmaithun’. Mene dekhaki use bahut maza aa raha tha issme aur uske chahere ke expression ko dekh kar me to dang rah gaya. Vo siskiya bhar rahi thi. Kariban 10 min tak vo aapni chut masalti rahi aur badme vo ekdam se exite hui aur saant ho gai. Me samj gaya ki me chiti aur bholi bahen gudiya aab choti nahi rahi. Uki chut me bhi aab khujli ho rahi he. Me to khush tha. Bad me me aapna kam karne laga. Par dosto ye baat to he ki ladki ke boobs bade ho jate he na to unhe hamesa koi na koi dabane vala chahiye hi. Aur jab ghar me hi suvidha ho to koi bahar kyu jay.

Koi farak nahi padta ki vo tumhari bahen he ki koi aur aakhir vo bhi to ek ladki. Uski bhi sab wish hoti he aur aagar te auri karne vo bahar kisi ko find karti he to aapni hi credit down hoti he. To ye to aachi bat he. Ki dono sex ke liye ek dusre ki help kare. Ok to badme me uske khyalo me, aapna land hilata hilata so gaya. Khayalo me kabhi vo mere upar hoti thi aur Kabhi me uske upar hota tha .. Vo bar bar bol rahi thi meet bhaiya aap ke sath bahut maza aata hey, aur iinhi khyalo me subah ho gai. Aaj to mene deside kiya tha ki kuch na kuch aesa kiya jaay ki jisse me usaki madad kar saku. Vo jo bath room me kar rahi thi na us kam me.

Hamare ghar pe 2nd floor pe uska room tha aur usske pas me mera room tha. Mene socha ki jo choti ladki bath room me ye sab karti hey vo aakele me to kya karti hogi. Mene uske room me dekhne ke liye ek chair li aur uske room ke darvaje ke paas ki khidki ke niche rkha, jisse pura room dikhta tha. Me dhire se upar hua aur me dekha ki vo so rahi hey, to me niche utarne laga, par usi vakt usne aapna hath aapne skirt me dala me samaj gaya ki kuch live dekhne ko milne vala he. Ekha ki vo masterbate kar rahi hey. Usi vakt mene uska darvaje ka bell bajaya. To usne aavaj lagai ‘kon hey’ to mene jor se kaha ‘darvaja kholo’. Badme usne darvaja khola. Mene gussese pucha ‘kya kar rahi thi tum, mene sab dekha’, vo ek dam se dar gai, mene kaha me papa ko bolne vala hu ki tum room me, ye ab karti ho..

Vo chup khadi rahi aur phir ekdam se boli bhaiya pls kisiko mat batana. Mene kaha ki me uski koi bat nahi sun ne vala. Vo rone jesi ho gai ki bhaiyaa pls mat batana, mene kaha chlo man lo ki me na batau, par muze kya milega usme. Gudiya boli aap jo bologe vo me karungi. Bas yahi to sun na chahta tha, phir mene use bed pe bithaya aur use mere pas bethne ko bola. Mene use aapni god me bitha ya aur uski soft gand mere hard land ko touch kar rahi thi. Mene kaha mene sab dekha jo tum kar rahi thi, par kya tum muze nahi bataugi tum kya kar rahi thi? Vo sarmane lagi, to mene kaha tum batati ho ki me papa ko aavaj doo.
RE: Chodne ka mauka mila
Vo boli me batati hu, me henaa khuja rahi thi. Bas. Mene kaha aacha me bhi to dekhu kaha khuja rahi thi. Vo boli yaha, vo apni chut ki taraf issara kar ke boli. Mene kaha aabhi to ek hi shart he ki me papa se baat na kahu, to vo boli kya? Mene kaha ek bar me bhi vaha khujana chahta hu, vo boli nahi.. Mene kaha to phir thik he papa javab dena, ok me ja raha hu. Vo boli aacha thik he, par upar se. Mene kaha ha ok. Badme mene use aachi tarah se use god me bithaya aur aapna ek haath uski chut pe rakha aur use masalna suru kiya, vo bahut sarma rahi thi,usne aapna muhh chupa liya. To mene aur jor se uske panty ke upar se hi masalna suru rakha, thodi hi der me vo bhut excite ho gai, vo siskiya lene lagi to mene ek hath usske boobs par rakha to vo mere samne dekhne lagi, aur boli bhaiya aap ye kya kar rahe ho, mene kaha kuch nahi tumhe maza aa raha he na. Vo boli bahut aacha lag raha hey.

Me usske soft boobs masal raha tha, aur aapna land uski gand par rub kar raha tha vo boli bhaiya aapka belt muze lag raha he, mene kaha kaha he belt to vo bethe bethe hi niche hath dala aur mera land belt samaj kar pakad liya. Aur boli ye kya he, mene kaha ye me penis he. To vo boli ye itna hard kyo hey, vese to ye soft hota he. Mene kaha ye jab excite hota he na tab ye aesa ho jata hey. Phir bato batome mene uski panty me hath dala aur chut masal ne laga. Aur aapni ek ungli uski chut me thodi dalli to vo tadap uthi aur boli bhaiya muze kuch ho raha hey,mene pucha kya to vo boli pata nahi, mene kaha tumko mera penis dekhna hey, vo kuch nahi boli, par pir bhi mene mera penis nikal diya vo bina piche mude hi use hath se pakad ne lagi aur masal ne lagi.

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