My Maid Servant

I live with my parents and, since all of us work we needed a maid to take care of the house……etc. so we got down to hiring one from INDIA. Her name was Sheila, she was educated and could speak very good English, over all she was a very good cook. Let me get down to telling you how it all stared.

One day I had to work late in the office and was given a day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. Sheila was doing her house work and I asked her if she has already finished , she was about to and asked me if she should prepare my tea. I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up. Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, what the hell started to shag, what I didn’t know was that I had left the toilet door open. And over all that Sheila was just entering the room with my tea, she saw what I was doing and as I finished cumming in the tissue, and cleaning myself, she walked in with the tea. She acted as if nothing happened . but I could feel that she saw what I was doing.

I later came to the hall and was watching the television, and on the movies channel there was a softcore porno going on – interesting . Sheila came and sat down and started to watch. The stuff was getting a bit hot and I was now and then looking at her. She kept on looking at me. That’s it the signal GO was passed and in a matter of seconds I was near her rubbing her thighs and slowly going up her skirt. My one hand was on her full round breast. She at first didn’t do anything and after a while she started to rub my stuff which was already rock hard. I asked her to suck it she first said no then I explained that I was clean. She agreed and bent over and started to blow me. I asked to bite the tip and she did so which even made me harder. She then looked up at me and said “Hay your juice is coming out” don’t worry just come in my mouth. I stated to shake it out and in a matter of seconds I came in her mouth. She went and washed her mouth and came back while I was still getting over the first round. GEEEEEZ ! you should experience it to feel what I felt.

After that she told me to come to the bedroom and she started to strip her self like of professional OH! Boy that was the first time I got to see her really. She was great her breast were well shaped and round and she was correctly built. I could ‘nt wait any longer and I garbed her and threw her on the bed I spread open her thighs and started to lick her pussy which was soaking wet I kept pushing my tongue deeper and deeper and she kept letting out these soft morns of pleasure and she told me she was going to cum “Anand I’m cumming Oh! God It’s there I …….. she let out a slight scream and her body arched up and fell all of a sudden. I could see a liquid come from her. Then she asked me to FUCK her . I pulled her legs and stuffed my thick stick into her . She bit her lower lip in pain and I started to move in a rhythmic manner, slowly rocking her and then she asked me to get faster “Faster Faster you SOB, Bastard, faster, Cum,Cum you SOB, cum. I was screaming cause she had tightened her Pussy to the Max. I told her I’m cumming , she told me to abuse her so I did, You Bitch ,Whore Fucking Bitch, I’m cumming you Whore, she asked me to shootout on top of her so I pulled out my stick and started to shake it out but I didn’t waste my other hand it was way deep inside her pussy pumping , at first one finger the two and so on till all five were in , she screamed you Bastard you are tearing me open, stop but by the time I came all on her face, hair lips..etc. I fell back tired and saw her lying there with her eyes shut tired and we went to sleep.

The next day I took the afternoon off and went home early, she was there and I just spoke to her a little, I asked her if she was up to it again but she said no, but little that I knew that the stupid Whore was wanting me to kind off rape her. She kept giving these mixed signals that I could no longer take that shit , she was at the dining table I went behind her and pushed her face down on the glass and lifted her skirt and tore a hole in her panties and stuffed my fully erect Dick into her asshole, she said no please not from there, but it was to late I was ramming her with all my heart content. The bitch was still weeping in pain but at the same time in pleasure. I stuffed in figures into her cunt and kept pumping her at the same time, when I came I came all over her ass and on the floor on her dark thighs. She didn’t say a thing after that and just went and had a bath. My dick was throbbing after all that pumping, that I could imagine how her ass must be in pain, poor Bitch.

This use to go on for quite sometime for over a month I use to fuck her or when she was not up to it just make her blow me now and then, it became like a routine. Come home early before others came and got down to business right away.

Then one day came Sheila, called me at work and told me she requires some money, well that was it , the day that I was waiting for finally arrived. I told her well it the wrong time of the month and I ‘m almost broke, so it’s not possible. She began to plead and said I am willing to do anything you want, well Poor Bitch took the words right out of my mouth. So I told her that there are 4 of my friend and myself we just wanted to have group sex with a Bitch but never did get the chance, so if she was willing to we all would pay her and what more she would have some extra cash, after spending on her immediate need. She though for awhile and said YES. She really did know the meaning of Group Sex, she though that we guys will go one by one, sorry she was in for the surprise of her life.

The day came we asked her to dress up like a Whore. So did she. I made sure that she got the money first, before we started. She thanked us and we didn’t even ask her for what reason she need it so bad. She came back and asked us which one of you wants to do it first, ? I said well I though I told you that we wanted to have group sex, like I said the bitch misunderstood, whore, but it was too late now the five of us were hard and wanted a Fuck and what more we could no wait in turns , so I made the move I said ” You Whore just shut up and fuck and don’t argue. I slapped her and started to rip her cloths off my pals joined in and in a matter of seconds she was naked and on the floor we took of our cloths and carried her to the bedroom and tied her up to the bed her legs wide open and hand stretched out, then we started to lick her all over from head to toe, and today she was tasting even more good, she was morning & begging to stop but we didn’t care, then we started to rub her pussy and she came without a delay my friend pressed her mouth open and stuffed their two dick down her throat the bitch couldn’t breath but she kept sucking we all took turn in doing the same. Oh! I forgot to mention we were getting the whole stuff on the camera. Then we turned her over and my friend stuffed his prick into her ass, and another stuffed it into her pussy they were so tight that they thought they were fucking a virgin. I stuffed my dick into her mouth and my other two friends kept sucking her brown nipples., we all took turn this way and then made her lie down and kneeled down around her and started to “Wank” our rods, well all came yelling on her face , mouth, stomach all over and the bitch was covered in cum her hair her nose, neck everywhere, that was not it the bitch also came again her juice was all over the floor we made her taste her juice with ours, then we all pissed on the bitch giving her a bath, she was soaking wet from head to toe, then I told her “Pee you Whore we wanna see you do it” , She started to pee in front of us standing after which she went and had a bath and went into her room and slept, and so did we guys, our pricks were throbbing and one friend of mine passed a remark saying that the Bitch Loved it – yeah! Go on, that’s what we told him. The next day I remember the Bitch could not walk well and she sat around most of the time after a couple of days my folks were back and , Sheila told them that she wanted to leave the job due to problems back home.

Well who were we to stop her, everything was done for her departure and, from the Airport the Bitch did call me at work and I for minute thought the she was going to abuse me, or she would have told my parents. But she spoke very formal and at last before putting down the phone she said ” I FORGOT TO TELL YOU – THAT NIGHT YOU AND YOUR PALS, WELL I ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF IT . ” WHAT? ” YES THIS TIME IT WAS 5 OF YOU GUYS BUT THE LAST TIME IT HAPPENED IN INDIA THERE WERE 11 GUYS”. I was shocked and white, after all what my friend said was true the Bitch did enjoy it. Now she is in India married to a sorry fuck. I wonder what she must be doing when she wants a REAL GOOD FUCK.

Aunty Ki Araam Se Gaand Maari

Hi, ye kahani hai mere sanskrit teacher ki, jisko chodne ke baad maine apni virginity kho di… Ab jab ki mai uski chuut maar chuka hun, uski gaand ki baari ab gayi hai… mai bohot hi excited tha, uski gaand marne ke liye…jis din uski maine chuut maari thi, ussi din ghar jake maine kam se kam 4 baar muth maara hoga, uske boobs aur uski kamar mere sapnon mein ab aaye jaa rahe the…

Agle din mai ready hoke aunty ke ghar gaya class ke liye, uski beti ne khola, woh salwar kameez mein thi, aur bohot mast lag rahi thi… uske bubbe ubhar ke aa rahe the… usne andar bulaya aur drawing room mein bitha diya, usne bataya ki aunty kirtan mein gayi hai aur thodi der mein aa jayegi… aur phir woh chale gayi… mera lund already khada ho chuka tha uske beti ke bubbe dekh kar… woh paani layi aur jhuk kar glass table par rakh diya, jab woh 2 second ke liye jhuki

Toh uske ekdum safed boobs dikhayi diye…. mai apne aap ko sambhal nahi paa raha tha… phir woh apne kamre mein chale gayi…mai shaant ho gaya aur homework karne lag gaya, phir thodi der mein aunty aa gaya, aaj bhi aunty ne laal sari pehni thi,aur woh saari thodi si transparent thi… usmein woh ekdum maal lag rahi thi, phir unko namaste kiya maine aur kamre mein chale gayi… uski beti aayi aur mujhe boli ki andar kamre mein chale jao, mummy tumhe wahin padhayengi… mai khush hoke chala gaya, andar daya toh

Aunty baal theek kar rahi thi aur unke sari ka palloo gira hua tha… mai unke blouse ko dekh ke turn on ho gaya, woh ekdum raand ki tarah khadi thi, jaise chudwane ke liye ready ho… aunty mujhe dekh ke muskura rahi thi, lag raha tha ki aunty ko yaad tha pichle din ka sab kuch aur aaj ka naya plan bhi shayad aunty ne tayyar rakha tha… aunty ne puche “beta zyada dard toh nahi hua kal?” maine bola “nahi aunty, thoda sa hua tha, but bohot acha laga” aunty ne bola “paas aao” phir usne mujhe blouse utaarne ko kaha.

Maine jaise hi uske blouse ko chua, mera lund khada ho gaya, ab uske bubbe bhi mast dikhai de rahe the. Aunty ne phir petticoat utaar di mere samne, aur mere lund ko shorts ke upar se hi sehlane lagi. achanak se uski beti ne darwaze par mara aur “mummy mummy” kehne lagi… mai darr gaya aur ekdum se bed pe baith gaya aur books khol li, aunty ne jaldi se nighty pehna aur darwaza khol diya, aur pucha “kya hua beta?” uske beti ne bola “mummy mai bahar jaari hun dost ke sath, 1 ghante mein aa jaungi” aunty ne bola “theek hai, but jaldi aa jana, late mat hona”

Mai andar hi andar khush ho raha tha, phir jaise hi aunty ne main gate bandh kiya, woh kitchen mein chale gayi… mai aunty ka wait kar raha tha, ki kab game start ho, tabhi aunty andar aayi, aur woh smile de rahi thi mujhe dekh kar, aunty boli “beta teri kismat achi hai, preeti chale gayi, ab tera acha time aa gaya hai” maine sirf sir hilaya, fir aunty bhi bed par chad gayi aur mere samne aakar, smooch karne lagi, maine bhi unke gale par dono hath rakha aur bohot tez ki kiss karne laga, mai toh pehli baar aisi kiss kar raha tha,

Toh mast unke hoton ko choos raha tha, unki jeebh bhi touch ho rahi thi… mera lund bahar nikalne ko machal raha tha…phir aunty kaan mein dheere se boli “madarchod, aunty ko chodega, aaj tu meri gaand faad diyo” phir woh meri lund ko upar se pakarne lagi aur sehlane lagi…hum abhi bhi smooch le rahe the, maine aunty ke chuchiyon ko pakad liya aur dabane laga… maza aa raha tha, aunty “aaaaahhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhh uuuiiiiii maaaa aaahhhh” awaz kar rahi thi….

Fir aunty ne kaha “masal de chuchi meri” maine waise hi kiya, aur khoob tez ki unn soft chuchiyon ko nighty ke upar se hi masal diya, aunty chillai “uuuuuuiiiiiiii maaaaaaaa, aaaaahhhhh…” phir aunty ke nighty ko maine thoda upar kiya, aur panty ke upar se uski chuut ko sehlane laga, aunty ko bohot maza aa raha tha, aunty ne meri nikkar aur chaddi utaar di aur mere lund se muth maarne lagi… mere lund se halka halka paani nikal raha tha… aunty ne pucha “tere lund ko muh mein le lun?”

Maine bola “han ji aunty” aur woh neeche hokar mere lund ko muh mein lene lagi….. mai awaz nikalne laga “aaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh, aunty aaaahhhhh pleeaaaasssseeee thodaaa aur andar leee lloooo….” phir aunty thoda aur andar liya muh mein, toh unki gardan se bhi awaz ane lagi, mujhe aur aunty ko bohot maza aa raha tha… unka muh bohot garam garam tha, aisa lag raha tha, ki uski muh ki chudai ho rahi ho…

Phir aunty ne pucha “mere chuut ko chaatega?” maine bola “han aunty, mai bhi wohi karna chahta hun” phir aunty bed mein let gai aur mai unki chuut chaatne laga, aunty apne chuchiyon ko masal rahi thi… aur kamre mein uuuuuuiiiiii, aaaaaaahhhhhhh jaisi awaz aa rahi thi…. phir maine unki gaand ko bhi chaata, aur usmein ungli karne laga, aunty thoda chillai pehle, phir shaant ho gayi… ab maine do ungli daal di, fir teen, aur fir chaar, aur maine unki gaand ke ched ko thoda khol diya tha, shayad aunty ko dard ho raha tha,

Maine aunty se pucha “aunty bohot dard hora hai??” aunty boli “beta dard toh hota hai, but maza aur bhi zyada aata hai, tum oil ki bottle le aao” mai parachute coconut oil lekar aa gaya, phir unki gaand mein lagaya khoob sara aur apne haath mein bhi laga liya…. phir unki gaand mein maine apni saari ungliyan daal di… ab unko kaafi dard ho raha tha, maine dheere dheere mutthi bhi daalni shuru ki…. aunty bohot chillaaaiii “uuuuiiiiiiii maaaaaa, maaaddaaaarchod saalleee, pura ghusaaa diyyaaa, aaaaaaaaaa” phir tab tak meri muthi aur mera hath andar ja chuka tha, unki gaand unki chuut se bhi zyada khul gaya tha ba…. mai apna hath andar bahar kar raha tha ab…

Aunty ke aasun aa gaye the, but aunty ko tab bhi bohot maza aa raha tha, fir aunty ne bola ke apne lund ko andar daal de, maine apna khada lund gaand ke ched pe lagaya aur uspe khoob sara oil daal diya, aur apna lund pe maalish kar diya, phir dheere dheere andar dalne laga, gaand khul chuki thi toh zyada mushkil nahi ho rahi thi…. aur thodi der mein lund araam se andar chala gay…aunty bhi shaant ho chuki thi aur boli, ab chodte reh…

Mai maze se araam araam se chodta raha uski gaand… uske chuciyan bhi ab nighty ke bahar aa rahe the, maine dono chuchiyon ko nighty se bahar nikala aur masalne laga… aunty full maje le rahi thi chudai ka, aur kamre mein alag si khushboo ho gayi thi… fir kareeb 10 min baad, mai jhadne laga, aur aunty ko bola, aunty ne bola “beta pura andar hi daaal de” maine ab zor zor se dhakke mare aur aunty bhi chillane lagi…. maine 4 baar pump kiya aunty ke anadar aur sara muth nikal gaya… fir mai aunty ke chuchiyon par muh rakhe thodi der let gaya…

Abhi bhi mera lund thoda sa khada tha, aur unki gaand ke andar tha… aunty boli “harami ab bhi chodega!!! ab toh bahar nikal le” mai uski chuchiyan chossne lag gaya, aunty samajh gayi ki mai aur thoda maje lena chahte hun…aunty ne fir mujhe kiss dena shuru kiya, maine bhi return mein smooch ka maza liya, aur hum dono uski chuchiyon ko daba rahe the, mera lund dheere dheere fir uski gaand ke andar hi khada ho gaya, aur uski gaand fir se chodne laga…aunty “mm mmm…. karke smooching ke waqt awaz nikalne lagi”

Mai itna zyada muth nikaal chuka tha ki ab woh uski gaand se bahar aa raha tha, aur jhaag bhi ban raha tha, aur phach phach karke awazein aa rahi thi kamrein mein…aunty ne bola “beta meri chuut mein khujli ho rahi hai” mai samajh gaya, aur maine gaand mein thodi der zor se chodne ke baad, choot mein nishana lagaya, fir usko thook se gila karke andar dalne laga.. ab mera lund

Pura andar ja chuka tha, aur fir mai zor zor se chodne laga…aunty chillane lagi dobara “uuuiiiii mmaaa, aaaahhhh, maarr maaarrrr aaauuurrr zor se zorr see… aaaahhhh” fir mai jhad gaya, aur aunty ke upar let gaya thodi der….fir aunty ne kiss kiya aur apni nighty theek karke room se chale gayi….

Sex Video with Mother in Law

Hi this is Vinay from Chennai age 30. I have been living in Chennai from birth. I had many casual encounters in life with many women’s. Few of them were my family relatives, which ill tell u people after this story. I got married at the age 23. I am from a well settled family. My in laws family were good with me. But my mother in law was a little diff. she use to check me whenever I went to their house.

She uses to ask all sort of questions to see whether I am taking care of her daughter well. Because I had a love marriage which was arranged after every bodies signal. It was when there was a marriage in my in law family. I had to go. My wife went earlier and I had to join her few days before the marriage. By this time all my in law family were well known to me. My in laws house was of a old type. But a big one. As I reached all programs were in progress. So I went to their house to get ready.

When I reached the house I saw my mother in law sitting on the sofa a little sad. The driver left me and told that he’ll come after 1 hr to pick me for function. I went inside and greeted my mother in law. She just smiled and told that your room is ready go get ready I am waiting for you. My mother in law was 46 aged white skin, nice boobs, little fat but a sexy waist to die for and a lusty look. Although her stats were like this, she was very good to all.

Never looked like I can have an affair with her, which I deadly wanted. Function was over all came home but I didn’t see my father in law. When I enquired about him my wife said don’t know and went to her sisters for other chores. Later at night I was just standing in the balcony when my mother in law came and talked few words with me. Casually I asked her about my F in law. She started to cry.

She told not to tell anyone. I said fine, she said that he is having an affair with another lady and stays there for alternative days. When I asked her for how many days he is having affair she told that since 10 yrs. I was shocked. I told her not to worry, and I’ll talk to him. She told not to talk about this because he’ll(F in law) feel guilty that even his son in law knows everything. I asked about his commitment for the family. She told at present they are fine.

But bad days are near. I just came near and told her that I am always there for the family and she is like my mother. If any help just ask me. She smiled and hugged me and went. As she hugged me my rod saluted her immediately. Things went into my mind. I planned to screw her. All I was to do was black mail her. Functions were over. We went back to our places. Few months later my wife had a delivery for which my mother in law also came.

In my family we r of 4 persons. Mother, father, me, and my wife. Father use to go to office daily. Alternative days one lady use to stay at hospital. Whenever my mother in law arrived at morning to get ready at house from hospital I use to plan to black mail her. But failed. One day I saw a adv in news paper about pen camera. i immediately purchased it. But the delivery for it was within 15 days. So I just calmed myself and waited for the golden changes.

Few months later my wife went for rest for 1 month. Later my wife called me for few days stay there. I went, but this time with the pen camera. I use to be there at the house all full day. And use to record all possible clips. But nothing was special. Next day my wife went to her uncle’s house nearby and told she will come only at evening, asked me to come, but I rejected saying that ill not be comfortable there for full day.

She went. In the house left were me and my mother in law. My mother in law didn’t know that I didn’t go. She went to her room to get ready for bath. Best part was that the bathroom was at the back side of my room and as the building was old type, just by climbing the wall we can see the person bathing. I did the same. And was very happy that I was able to record a good video. I use to hang the pen camera in some curtains and recorded her dressing too. Next 3 days I did the same thing.

Last day when I was to black mail her she came to me for a help. She said that she wanted to shift to our city, and was to leave this house. I asked her about my F in law. She told that now a day’s he never come for 1 month too. I asked her about the property she told that she will sell it. We did the remaining process fast and shifted to my city. I bought her a house near my house with all setting as I needed.

My wife thanked me for everything I was doing for her mother. One day I just casually went to my mother in laws house and gave all the property details and told her to keep it safe. Just talking to her I told her that I wanted to ask her something, she said anything for u. Because whatever I have done for her was more than enough. I told her that I was not satisfied with her daughter for sex, which was a lie.

She said sorry for that and said what help she can do. I said I want to have sex with a prostitute for once. She slapped on my face and said never cheat her daughter. I just sat on the sofa and was angry, was very ready to black mail her. Suddenly she came back to me and lifted my face and kissed my forehead. I was stunned. She asked whether she can satisfy me. I was speechless. She again asked me for it.

I said that what if her daughter sees. She again stunned me telling that her daughter knows everything because she has seen the videos in the lap top. I was speech less again. My mother in law called my wife and asked her to tell that she was fine with it and she will love me as she was. I feared to speak so my mother in law put the speaker on. My wife said the same and cut the phone.

Now I was in full mood, and was very happy. I said sorry for the videos. And said that ill delete when I go home. She said yes, and requested me to stay there for night, which I accepted. It was 11 we finished the food were to go to bed. My mother in law came next to me and said that she will be there for rest of life for everything I wanted. I went to her and hugged her tightly. She was in full mood. She was breathing heavily. I hold her face in my palm and planted a kiss on her lips. Immediately she started to suck my lips.

We were in the same position for nearly 20-30 minutes. Then I pulled her, made her sit on the bed. I said that I wanted everything what man can get from a woman. She smiled and said yes. I again went to her kiss her few more minutes. Slowly I started to remove her clothes. There was she naked standing before me “The naked bomb”. I was stunned that she was really hot and felt sorry for my F in law to leave a bomb for me to eat.

I made her sit on the edge and slowly started to lick her curves. As I was to reach her boobs she started to jerk more. I chewed her puppies for more than 20 minutes. She was caring me as a 1 yr baby. My excitement level was in full. I slowly lowered and started to lick her navel and belly button. Her skin was so clean, I was getting mad. After few minutes I bend more and reached to her pussy. She was clean shaven. I slowly started to lick the outer part of the pussy with my tongue.

Suddenly she held my head and pushed forcibly. Now I was in a position where my nose, tongue, lips and almost my face was inside her pussy. As time passed we were getting more mad. I started to bite her pussy, pushed my tongue as deep as possible. She was ready for her orgasm. She again stunned me by her orgasm, because her liquid was flowing like a water fall for her pussy. I was fully wet. I was getting more and more mad. Seeing the position we laughed and hugged each other again.

Then she came to me said that not to hesitate and make all my fantasy come true. For which she was ready to hide few things from my wife too. All she wanted was my love, care and in return she was ready to do all kind of kinky sex. I just hugged her and said that all will be well, for which she has to be only mine. She came to me and held my cock and said that let me prove it. We again went to the bed.

This time she made me sit in the centre of the bed and she started the suck my cock. I was just resting and was enjoying the pleasure of sex. She was easily taking my cock in her mouth in full. All of a sudden she lifted my legs and started to suck my ass hole. I was getting more and more lusty. She was sucking my cock and ass for around 10 minutes. She said that she want to have my cock inside her pussy. We changed the position slowly I started to enter her pussy. She was so wet that I didn’t have that much difficulty in entering her.

I pumped her for around 15 minutes. As I was to release the liquid she told me to stop. She immediately turned herself and was in 69 position. I told her that I will not be able to hold the liquid. But she just smiled took my cock again in her mouth. What she did was something special, she took my full cock in her mouth and told me to suck her ass and fuck her mouth together. I just did what she told. I was feeling like a slave which I liked very much.

I ejaculated with full force in her mouth. She drank what all I loaded in her mouth. It took 10 minute for me to regain my senses. Then I finger fucked her and made her too ejaculate. Since then we are having all enjoyment of life and still continuing…After that day we had all types of fun we can. I brought few call girls to have group sex with my mother in law on her request. These all things will tell you all in next story. Any girl or women like to chat about this or any special moment in your life mail me at I have yahoo id too.

My session with Aunt Meena

Dear friends, let me share with you the incident of my sessions of joy with my own aunt. This is the incident of December, 2009.I belongs to an upper middle class family, and I stay with my parents and siblings in Mumbai. My own uncle stays in Pune, and he is in the business of garments there.

He has two sons both studying abroad and my Meena is a housewife now after resigning from a teaching job in the university. Meena is quite voluptuous, even at the age of 46, she looks attractive and she a figure size of 38 30 36 damn hot . She is quite a good natured woman with a lot of understanding and linguistic skills. She enjoys good rapport with everyone in the extended family.

I normally go to Pune to stay with my uncle and aunty during holidays in June and December. Sometimes other family members like my brothers also accompany me. This time in last December, I had gone to Pune alone as my brothers decided to go to Goa during holidays. I work in Mumbai and my age is 28 .

Honestly speaking, several times in the past, I had wished to have sex with my Meena, but felt that thinking so was unethical. Last year, I had spent many valuable hours in watching pornography on internet and reading sex stories online. Out of the various categories of sex stories I enjoyed incest the most.

And during the time, when I read these stories I used to think of Meena and masturbated several times. This time when I left for Pune alone for fifteen days, I made my mind to give a trial of seducing my Meena. I reached Pune in the afternoon wearing fashionable garments, and was welcomed by my aunty at her residence.

She asked about family members my job and about Mumbai and so on. She also passed the remark that I was looking very smart and handsome in these garments and with stylish haircut. I dared to return the compliment with saying that she was far smarter and beautiful than me.

She had not expected this remark, so she was silent for some moments and then smilingly said that I had grown up now. I had a good lunch with her, and then I went to meet my uncle at his shop cum office. I returned in the evening with my uncle. Next day, when my uncle had left for his business work in the morning, I thought of making some good but safe attempts to get my aunty on bed with me.

I knew that uncle will be back only after 9pm.After the breakfast, I asked my aunty about her favorite TV serials and movies. Then I asked her whether she watches English movies. She said that she has just watched two-three movies. I proposed to watch a movie which I had brought with me from Mumbai in CD. She agreed to watch it with me in the afternoon.

So, my plan was working. In the afternoon, maid servant had already left and I was with aunty, only two of is in the three bedroom posh flat. We started watching the movie. After 20 minutes of the starting of movie there was a long and hot scene of love-making. I was sitting beside the aunty. Aunty was in her saree and well matching blouse in very attractive form.

When the hot scene was going on, I could see the change in the facial expression of aunty, there was some change in her breathing as well. I knew it was the time to strike when iron was hot. I just made a risky move of putting my right hand on aunt’s right shoulder gently. She was amazed but she did not say anything as hot scene had worked on her.

After a few minutes I pressed her shoulder with my hand gently. She did not utter any word, just kept her eyes on LCD TV. I took it as a green signal and just brought my face closer to her face. She looked at me with unresolved emotions and a bit of excitement. I lowered my right hand to her voluptuous big shaped breast. I touched the right breast gently over blouse.

She did not know what to do. She wanted to say both yes and no simultaneously, but could say nothing. I kissed her on cheeks and lips. She was neither supporting nor opposing. I brought my left hand down as well and started squeezing both her breasts with both the hands. Now she was very excited. She just told “Bed par chalein”.

I was in my seventh heaven I said “Yes my darling aunty..You are the most beautiful lady….I love you the most.” We came to the bed in her bedroom. She sat down on the bed, I started kissing her deeply, our lips and tongues were licking each other’s lips and tongues for many minutes passionately and intensely. At the same time, I was squeezing her breasts.

She just said-“Tum jawan ho gaye ho…Mujhe bhi jawan kar diya.” I said-“Bus aap saath do jawani ka mazaa hum dono lootenge”. She said-“Chalo jab dil aa hi gaya, jamkar khelte hain”. I replied-“Meri achchi aunty chalo ab kapden kholkar aapko dekhoon, aapne kya kya khazane chhupa rakhe hain”.

She said-“Toh utaro mere blouse, saree petticoat, phir main tumhara utaroongi”. I started with her saree by removing it from upper part of the body, then lower part, and kept it on in floor. Then unhooked her blouse and removed the bra. Her big boobs just came out. I was mesmerized by looking at milky white big breasts, I could not resist, I started sucking it one by one.

I was sucking one and squeezing another by hand in turn. Then she said-“Abhi to bus aadha hua hai, neeche petticoat or panty kab utaroge”. I followed the command like an obedient child, I unfolded the nara of her petticoat, and petticoat just fell on the ground. I did not waste time, I removed her black panty as well.

Aunty raised her legs and put these clothes near saree and blouse on the floor. My aunt’s vagina and pubic hairs were most memorable and mesmerizing scene I had ever seen. Small pubic hairs, probably after one week of the shaving, and raised walls of vagina, mixture of pink, black and white skin was irresistible. I started running my fingers over it and then kissed it gently.

I stared sucking it. My aunty kept her hand over my head, and was murmuring excitedly – “Chooso mere laal,ghusa do puri jeebh meri choot mein…oh…oh… aaj aunty ko khush kar do…aahaa….oh…oui maa.. oh”.I kept on doing it for uncountable minutes. There was liquid coming out from it, my aunty was at the apex of excitement saying – “Bade dinon baad aaj tune mazaa karwaa diya.”

Then she said-“Lao ab tumhare kapre utaroon.” I just kept standing like an obedient child. She removed my t-shirt, then banyan and kissed on my chest passionately saying-“Tumhari chhati ab mardon wali ho gayee, ab isi tarah aunty to khush kiya karo”. Then she unbelted my jeans and removed it from my legs. She could his bulge of erected penis in my lower undergarment.

She just touched the bulge gently with her hand, and started removing the undergarment. After removing the undergarment she just looked at my erected hard penis and cupped it with her hand—“Bada ho gaya, ab ise apni aunty ke choot mein ghuser do….chal ab is lund ka kaam 15 din bus meri chudai karna hai”.

She first kissed my penis and then looked into my eyes mischievously saying-“Kha jaaon ise….aunty ko chodne ki ichcha hai, chalo tum bhi kya yaad karoge, woh mazaa doongee, zindagi bhar yaad karoge.” She stared sucking my penis first slowly, then intensely with passion and excitement.

I was keeping my hands on aunt’s back and then slowly I lowered it to rub my aunt’s big buttocks which were very smooth and tempting. I was enjoying the suck of my beloved aunty uttering the words-“Mazaa aa gaya aunty… aaha tum kitni achchi ho.” Now I got further excited and brought my hands over aunt’s head saying-

“Oh aunty …Kitni mazedar ho, khaa jao mere lund ko… tum sabse achchi ho,ab iske bad tumhen chodne mein aur mazaa aayega”.I felt that I will ejaculate semen now, I said-“Aunty, mera girnewala hai,gira doon moohn mein…piyogi?”She was sucking it passionately and just said-“Hoon”.I came in mouth of aunty and my whole body was shivering.

Aunty gulped down all the ejaculation like a grand lady of understanding and as a passionate beloved. Now, both of us were completely naked passionately hugging. She asked-“Ab kya iraada hai mere chhote saiyan, tumne abhi tak mujhe choda to hai nahi, bus juice pilaya hai…tumhari pyari aunty abhi to pyasi hai”.

I was happy like never before, I just kissed her and looked into her eyes saying-“Aunty ye to taiyari thee, aapki chudai aapka chhota saiyan aur deewana premi ab karega…aap bus maze lo aapko khush kar doonga, abhi to bus moohn mein pilaya hai,ab choot ko chodunga, phir shaam ko aapki izazat ho to apni pyari aunty ke gore gore gaand maroonga,

bolo ho aap taiyaar.” My lovely meena aunty was also in superb mood. She took my penis in her hand pushing its skin up and down for new erection and said-“Mera pyara bhatiza poori plan banaa ke aaya hai aunty ko har taraf se pelne ka…chalo mere raja…tumne kah diya to main taiyaar hoon, gaadn bhi marna jitni bar chaho,jaise chaho,tel bhi laga ke maar lena,

abhi main freeze se flavoured milk laati hoon,use pi lo,phir mujhe jamkar sara dam lagakar chodna…doodh piyoge toom,aa jaayega meri choot mein,main abhi laati hoon,tum lund ko tight karo tab tak,bus shart hai meri chhoot phar dena,sari pyaas bujha do”.I said-“Yes my darling aunty,tum doodh lekar aao tumhein ye taiyaar milega tumhare andar jaane ko.”

Aunty left for kitchen after kissing me on cheeks and smiling mischievously. After five minutes, she came with a glass of flavored milk and a cup of ice-cream. I said –“What about you, only one glass?” She replied smilingly-“Ice-cream tumhare saath khaoongi, doodh tum peekar mere andar nikalo.”I said-“Meri aunty smart hai aur unki choot pyasi hai, chalo ab zaldi usmein dalte hain.”

I drank the entire milk instantly, while my beloved aunty was making my hard penis prepared for the game. I said-“Start karein aunty ab chudai agar aapki izazat ho to.” She lied down on the back with legs apart in air and rubbing her clitoris, she said-“Aao pelo, ab der mat karo, chodo zor se, pura dam laga ke…

jab ho hi gaya khel shooroo aunty aur bhatije mein to ab poore maze karo…chalo ghusao.”I followed my aunt’s command and inserted my penis in her hot hole slowly and smoothly. She looked at my face, put her hands on my head and lowered my face to make our lips meeting and then said-“Ab jor jor se chodo aur mere breast ko bhi khub dabao…aunty ke maze lo.”

I was in full swing fucking her intensely and pressing her breasts with the words-“Aunty aapki choot badi mazedar hai, aur gaadn bhi mast hai, aaj zindagi safal ho gayee, aap bhi maje karo.”She was making sexy sounds through her lips-“oh…oh…oh…oh….aur chodo jor se …chodte raho mere laal…ghuser do pura lund…tumahari aunty pyasi hai…chodo.”

I kept on fucking intensely and squeezing her breasts, fucking her mouth with my tongue sometimes. She was shivering with excitement-“Chodte raho, phad to meri chut, sari mardangi nikal do…..phir ek bar fruits khakar meri gaadn phi maar lena…ye pandarh din…teri aunty tumhari…khush kar do…aah…jor se…”

And it was the lifetime experience. After intense fucking, I said-“Aunty ab doodh nikalnewaala hai, nikaloon?’She was excitedly making sounds and uttering words-Aaah, kaleze tak dhakelo,bhar do choot ko lund ke paani se…oooh…ooh…kitna bada lund hai,choot phar dala…aur pharo.”

Then I came inside her and lowered my head, she like an experienced player of the game of sex kept on rubbing her hands on my head saying-“Abhi mat nikalo, rahne do, lund aur choot dono ko sikurne do, choot sikur sikur ke sab ras nikaal lega…mazaa aa gaya mere chhote saiyan, aunty khush ho gayee…chalo aur kya chahiye tumhein aunty se?”

Then both of us rested together for a couple of hours. My aunty was a woman of words. She made a call to the maid servant to come late that evening around seven pm and fixed the time with me for anal session at 4pm.She just went outside to meet some other lady for a few minutes after our rest of a few hours. She came back at quarter to four with fruits and ice-cream.

She looked at me smilingly and asked what I will like to have fruits or some other food. I said-“Aunty, just a few pieces of apples and banana, before I insert my banana between your hips.” She said laughingly-“Haan mere raja, ye lo fruits aur taiyar ho jao khade lund ke saath, mere gaadn ko uska intezaar hai, jaldi karo, shaam honewali hai.”

I again followed my beloved aunt’s words obediently and had fruits fast. We went on the bed, and this time aunty removed her clothes fast and told me to remove mine fast. She had already kept some oil near the bed. After removing the clothes, naked aunty looked at my naked body especially at my erect penis and asked smilingly-“Yeh bachcha tight to ho gaya?

Gaadn mein ghusane me mehnat lagega mere saiyan…ise samjha do.” I said-“Aunty aap hath laga ke khud hi dekh lo, ise itna tight kar lo ki aapki gaadn mein saraak ke ghus jaye.”She caught my penis with her hand and started rubbing oil on it with the words-“ab tum ghusane se pahle meri gaadn mein bhi tel laga dena, phir mazaa aa jaayega.”

Now we were ready for the next session. She kissed me and brought my hands over her breasts saying-“Ise daba do jam ke, phir gaadn marte hue ise dabate rahana.” Then she lied on the bed on her stomach, I put a few drops of oil on finger to rub it on the anal passage of my beloved aunty. After oiling the anal passage, I asked-“Aunty ghusa doon?”

She replied lovingly-“Haan, ab ghusao par ahiste se, gaadn dukhne lagati hai?” I asked her-“Aapne pahale marwaya hai.” She said-“Picchale pachchis saal se tumhare uncle se marwa hi to rahi hoon” and began laughing. I said –“Really, kya ab bhi regularly…”She said-“

Majak kar rahi thi,ab to chudai bhi dhang se nahi hoti,shaadi ke bad kuchh samay tak kabhie kabhie unhone gaadn maraa tha change ke liye.Aaj lagta hai bees saal bad gaadn marwa rahi hoon,ab meri gaadn bhi kitni badi ho gayee,main bhi mote ho gayee.”I said-“Aunty, gaadn badi nahi huyee, bus chootar aapke bade ho gaye.” She burst into laughter and said-“

Bada samajhdar laadla hai, ab aunty ki gaadn me apni lund pel do.” I inserted my penis softly, aunty felt some pain as evident on her face. She just murmured-“Oh…oh maar daala, gaadn phat jayegi mere raja dheere ghusao…oh…Oh.Now my entire penis was inside the aunt’s anal hole.

She was now relieved and enjoying-“Ab bahar bheetar karo, dheere dheere speed badhao…dono haath se chuchiyan dabao.” I fulfilled my aunt’s desire and put my hands blow her breasts and started squeezing it and simultaneously accelerating the speed of sodomy.

Aunty was enjoying now-“Aaah …aah…ooh…mazaa aa gaya,maro jor se dhakelo…aunty ki gaadn phar dalo. Now, she was also vibrating her buttocks up and down and muttering the words-“Aaah…aah pura ghusao, jor se karo mere chchote saiyan mere pyare saiyan.”

Thus, fifteen days spent in Pune with Meena aunty was the memorable experience of life. We just enjoyed hugging, kissing, sucking, fucking, anal sex and sexy talks. Aunty was on thdinesh malhotra e top of world enjoying it more than any lady can on her honeymoon with desired husband.

And Meena gives me a phone no. of her friend in Mumbai and told me to make her also happy like it will come in my next story if any women or aunty want to sex with full secret then mail me and give me comment make my story hot mail xxxxxxxxxxxxxx only for Mumbai aunty and sexy girls waiting and dying to fuck with you.

Barsaat ki Ek Raat

Yeh kahani us raat ki hai jise koi bhi Mumbaikar(Mumbai sheher main rehnewala) nahin bhula sakta. Ji haan 26 July 2005, ek aisi kali raat jis din Indradev(Lord Indra) ne naa ruknewali bheeshan baarish barsakar Mumbai sheher par vaar kiya tha, kayi zindagiyon ko pareshan kar diya tha. Lekin us din toh Kamdev(Cupid) ne bhi mujhpar vaar kiya tha, is bare mein aagey.

Ab mein kuch apne baare mein batata hoon. Mera naam Shashank Walia hai. Dekhne mein sadharan, lekin kadh(height) main lamba. Main Seepz main ek software MNC main kaam karta hoon. Mere maa-baap mere bade-bhai ke saath Delhi mein rehte hain, Mumbai unhe pasand nahin. Mein hamesha se introvert(kum bolnewala) raha hoon, isliye jab mein naukri karne Mumbai aaya, Girl friend toh door ki baat, 4 dost bhi nahin bane.Mumbai mein mere pehchaan ka agar koi tha toh sirf- meri unmarried cousin didi, Sanjana(Is Kahani ki heroine).

Sanjana didi mujhse umar mein 10 saal badi thi, unhone mere bachpan mein mujhe apni godh mein khilaya tha. Bahut hi khoobsurat. Rang- Gora, Face-Oval, Figure-Zabardast. Dekne mein woh ek TV actress ki tarah lagti hain, Nikki Aneja, jisne Zee TV ke serial Astitva-Ek Prem kahani mein kaam kiya tha. Kuch tasveerein neeche post kar deta hoon, jisse aap is kahani ka zyada mazaa le sakenge.

Padhaai mein woh hamesha tez rahi thi, MBA thi. Apne dam par Mumbai mein naukri kar rahi thi, sel-made-woman thi, independent, strong , achchi salary kama rahi thi, apne paise se car kharidi thi, Juhu main ek kaafi mehenge bade flat mein kiraye pe rehti thi. Aur inhi sab ke kaaran un mein zyada self-respect,EGO aa gaya tha. Jab bhi unke maa-baap unke rishte ki baat karte toh har ladke ko kisi na kisi baat par reject kar deti.Maa-baap pareshan hote toh unse kehti ki unhe kisi mard ki zaroorat nahin. Unke office mein bhi 2 ladkon ne unpar line maara tha.Par kuch din date karke unko bhi mana kar diya.

Sanjana didi meri personality se bilkul alag thi, mein introvert(shaant), toh woh extrovert(bindaas), main saavla, toh woh gori. Sirf ek baat mein hamari choice milti thi –Films. Hum dono ko filmein dekhna bahut pasand tha. Hum aksar Saturday’s ya Sunday’s ko multiplex mein movies dekhne jaate. July 2005 mein mere ghar Andheri ke paas(walking disatance) ek naya cinema hall khula tha.

Maine didi ko kaha ki agli film dekhne woh yahin aayein. Saturday 23 July ka plan maine banaya, par didi ki koi zaroori meeting ki vajah se plan cancel karna pada. Bahut bura laga, phone par unse jaghda bhi hua, gusse mein maine bhi film nahin dekhi. Un dino didi kuch frustated(chidchidi) ho gayi thi, frustated(sexually) toh mein bhi tha, 25 saal ki umar paar kar chuka tha aur ab tak koi ladki nahi pata paya tha.Didi bhi 35 saal ke upar thi, ab tak kunwaari (unmarried).

Ab mein kahani shuru karta hoon. 26 July ko subah se hi lagataar baarish ho rahi thi, mera office jaane ka man na hua, bukhar bata kar maine senior se leave maang li. Dopahar tak aaram kiya, newspaper padha, TV dekha. Phir achanak shaam ko 5 baje mujhe mobile par call aaya. Socha office se hi hoga, par caller ka naam dekh kar surprise ho gaya- Sanjana didi. Phone uthane par didi ne kaha ki woh Andheri mein hi kisi meeting ke liye apni gaadi se aayin thi, lekin tez baarish ki vajah se meeting cancel ho gayi (Woh kya jaanti thi ki us din woh meeting nahi mating/sex ke liye aayin thi).Toh unhone mere ghar ke paas khule cinema hall mein film dekhne ka plan banaya.

Film dekhne ke liye toh main hamesha taiyaar rehta tha, main bhi maan gaya. Mere society mein aakar unhone apni gaadi park ki aur hum dono chal kar cinema hall chale gaye. Us din Sanjana didi ne neele(blue) rang ka salwaar-kameez pahna tha, bahut hi Sexy lag rahi thi, khil rahi thi. Tickets mil gayi aur hum dono 6-9 film dekhne hall ke undar chale gaye. Bahar lagatar tez baarish ke vajah se sadkon mein paani bharne laga, mere society ke undar bhi paani bhar gaya tha.

Hum dono film dekhar baahar nikle toh kamar (waist) tak paani sadak par bhar gaya tha. Itne mein cell phone par State High Alert message aaya ki- Joh jahan bhi hai kisi safe jagah jakar ruk jaaye, tez baarish ke vajah se Mumbai mein Flood ho raha hai.

Didi ne kaha ki aisi halat mein woh gaadi chalakar Juhu nahi pahuch payingi. Unhe raat mere 1 Bhk flat mein guzaarni padegi. Maine bhi yehi theek samjha. Main kya jaanta tha ki Kudrat(Nature) mere zindagi ki kahani likh rahi hai. Hum dono meri society ki taraf chal pade. Baarish mein bheegne se didi ki salwaar-kameez unke jism par chipak gayi thi, unke breasts(stan), bra, buttock(gaand) saaf(clearly) dikh rahe the. Meri building ka watchman didi ko hawas bhari nazar se dekhne laga- didi super-sexy jo lag rahi thi. Hum dono mere flat pahunche, ghar ghuste hi didi ko cheenkh aane lagi.

Main: “Kyun didi aapko sardi lag gayi ?”
Didi: “Haan! Bheegne se aksar mujhe sardi ho jaati hai”
Main: “Aap apne gheele kapde utar kar badal lijiye”
Didi: “Haan par mere paas extra kapde kahan hai ? Yeh mera ghar thodi na hai.”

Main: “Arrre haan, bhool gaya. Par aise toh aap beemar pad jayengi. Rukiye main aapke aur apne liye chai ya coffee bana kar lata hoon”
Didi: “Chai-Coffee chodo , ghar mein whisky/beer/ brandy/rum ho toh le aayo.”
Ghar mein 6 mahine pehle meri bade bhai ne whisky ki bottles lakar rakhi thi. Maine bathroom mein apne kapde badle aur kitchen jaakar whisky ki bottle aur 2 glass lekar lauta toh didi hall mein nahin thi. Main unko dhoondne bed room gaya toh, dekha ki darwaza thoda khula hai. Darwaza thoda aur khola toh yeh maine kya dekh liya.

Didi apni gheeli kameez utar chuki thi aur apni bra khol rahi thi. Kisi aurat ko nangi(nude) toh maine sirf blue filmon mein hi dekha tha, par apne saamne kisi nangi ladki ko nahi dekha tha. Maine unko apni bra, salwaar, panty utarte hua dekha. Ab tak didi ki nazar mujhpar nahi padi thi. Unke bade-bade breasts, sexy gaand, gori chamdi dekhkar, uttejna (excitement) mein mera ling/lund(penis) khada(erect) ho gaya. Didi aaine(mirror) mein apni figure dekh rahi thi, baal set kar rahi thi. Achank unhone mudkar mujhe dekha. Woh chauk gayi aur turant unhone towel apne jism par lapet liya.

Didi: “TTTummmmm……. Tumne darwaze par knock kyon nahi kiya ?”
Main: “Main toh aapko bulane aaya tha”
Didi: “Jaao main aati hoon”

Main hall mein gaya aur maine thodi-thodi whisky dono glass mein bhar di aur center table par rakh diya.

Itne mein Sanjana didi aayin aur sofa par baeth gayin, main bhi unke saamnewale sofa par baeth gaya. Woh mujhe kuch ajeeb nazar se dekh rahi thi, humne apni-apni whisky khatam ki. Didi uthi aur unhone apni aur meri glass whisky se poori bhar di. Main chauk gaya.

Main: “ Didi main ek glass se zyaada nahin pee sakta”
Didi: “Mera saath dene ke liye tumhe peena padega”
Main: “Lekin zyaada sharaab peene se main bekabu ho jaata hoon”. Didi muskurayin aur kaha
Didi: “ Yahi toh main chahti hoon”
Phir hum dono ne whisky ki bottle peekar khatam kar di. Unhone mujhse kitchen se ek bottle aur mangwayi, who bottle bhi humne aadhi khatam kar di.

Ab main aur didi dono nashe main aa gaye the. Didi nashe main bahut kuch bolne lagi.
Didi: “Toh tumne aaj tak kisi ladki ko nangi (nude) nahin dekha hai ?”
Main: “Mujhe maaf kar dijiye, maine jaan-boojh kar aisa nahi kiya”
Didi: “Tum jis tarah mujhe dekh rahe the, lagta hai tum bhi meri tarah sexually frustated ho”
Woh bolti hi jaa rahi thi.

Didi: “Main sochti thi ki mujhe apni zindagi mein kisi mard ki zaroorat nahin hai.Par mein galat thi.35 saal ki umar par kar chuki hoon aur ab mera jism hawas ki aag mein jal raha hai. Jab mein apni saheliyon ko unke patiyon ke saath dekhti hoon toh mujhe unse jalan hoti hai. Main tadap rahi hoon.”

Yeh kehkar woh rone lagi. Main turant uthkar unke aansu pochne gaya. Maine kaha
Main: “Didi, please mat roiye, main aapko rote hue nain dekh sakta” . Didi meri taraf dekhte hue boli
Didi: “Is musibat se mujhe sirf Tum nikal sakte ho”
Main: “Bataiye main aapki kya madat kar sakta hoon”

Woh meri taraf jhukin aur unhone mere kaan mein kaha
Didi: “Aaj ki raat tum mujhe poori aurat bana do, apni wife bana lo”
Hum dono ka haal toh aap sab jaante hi hain, nashe mein dhut hum apne hosh kho baethe the. Yeh sharaab buri cheez hai. Usi waqt mujhpar Kamdev ne vaar kiya aur main apni towel se lipti didi ko apni bahon mein uthakar apne bedroom le gaya.

Maine unki towel khol di aur unhone bhi mera night-suit utar diya aur mere kadak lund ko pakad kar mehsoos kiya. Main kuch der tak unke nange jism ko dekhta raha, bahut khoobsurat, chikni gori chamdi, bade-bade breasts , naabhi(navel), baal saaf ki hui choot(vagina). Main unke poore jism ko chumne laga, unke thighs, unki choot, unki naabhi , unke breasts. Woh bhi mujhe choomne lagi.

Phir humne lip-to-lip kiss kiya, unhone mere haath apne breasts par rakh diye. Mera ling/lund(penis) poora khada ho gaya aur bahut kadak ho gaya tha,itna kadak pehle kabhi nahi hua tha, bahut dard bhi kar raha tha. Hum dono pagalon ki tarah ek doosre ko kiss aur smooch kar rahe the. Kuch der aur kiss karne ke baad unhone mujhse kaha, Bas ab mujhe bistar par le chalo aur meri choot ki pyaas bhuja do” Nashe mein kisi bhi tarah ke protection/condom ke baare mein humne socha hi nahin aur aagey jaakar(2 mahine baad) iska mujhe bahut pachtava/afsoos hua.

Maine unko utha kar bistar par lita diya, unke pair(legs) phehlaye aur apna land unki choot ke lips par rakh diya, unki choot se pehle se hi ras nikal raha tha (lubricated ho gaya tha), mera land bas thoda zor lagane se hi thoda undar chala gaya. Unke muhse halki si cheekh nikal gayi “Aaah!”

Unhone mujhe lund aur undar daalne ko kaha, maine ek aur dhaka diya aur poora land unki choot ke undar ghus gaya, woh mere gaalon ko choomne lagin aur unhone mujhe kaskar pakad liya. Phir hum dono lip-to-lip kiss aur smooch karne lage, mere haath unke breasts sehlate rahe, saath-saath main land se zor ke dhakke bhi marta raha, naa jaane kitni der tak maine unko dhakke maare honge.

Bahar ab bhi zor-zor se baarish ho rahi thi, aur mere lund se veerya(semen/sperm) ki baarish bhi hone wali thi. Sharaab ke nashe ki halat mein, maine unki choot mein hi apna veerya chod diya. Itna veerya nikla, jitna kabhi mooth marne(masturbate) par bhi nahi nikla karta tha, kuch toh mere lund ke niche se sarakta hua mehsoos hua. Kayi baar mein mera sperm nikalta hi raha, kisi bhi fertile ladki ya aurat ko itna veerya(sperm) garbh-vati(pregnant) banane ke liye kaafi raha hoga. Saara veerya nikalne ke baad hum dono lipat kar so gaye.

Agli din jab neend khuli toh bahar baarish ab tak ho rahi thi. Mere sir mein kal ki sharaab se bahut dard ho raha tha. Kuch der ke liye laga ki kal raat mere aur didi ke beech jo bhi hua sab ek sapna tha, kamre mein didi bhi nahin thi. Par jab meri aankhen poori tarah khuli toh maine bed room ke ek kone mein didi ke utaari hui gheeli salwaar, kameez, dupatta, bra aur panty dekhi.

Aur doosri taraf towel aur mera night-suit floor par ghira pada tha aur main bhi nanga(naked) tha. Bed sheet ki jo halat thi use dekh kar koi bhi keh sakta tha ki is bed par suhaag-raat manayi gayi hai. Itne mein Didi nangi(nude) halat mein, haathon mein tray (jisme 2 cup,Chai ki Ketli aur biscuits) thi kamre mein ghusi aur muskurate huye boli, “Good Morning! Chaai taiyaar hai ” Maine kaha, “Oh noooooo!!!!!! Yeh maine kya kar diya”…….. To be continued

Doston, likhne ki yeh meri pehli koshish hai. Aap logon ko yeh kahani kaisi lagi-acchi, buri ya jasi bhi please comments dekar mujhe batayein. Thank you.

Hema Malini ki chudai ki dastan

hello frnds this is my first attempt in erotic story writing. So there is every

possibility of narration may not be that good. Although i have lots and lots of

imagination and fantasies.One of the most stronger one is about our indian actresses. I

am obsessed about lot of bollywood and south actresses; some new and some even older. My

this story will be about my fantasy the one and only dream girl of every indian HEMA

MALINI. Since i feel much comfortable in desi i.e. hindi language hence i will be

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Queen Hema malini

Aap sab log hema malini ke baare mein to jaante hi hain. 15 se leke 50 saal tak ke

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Bhabhi oh sweet Bhabhi

I am 24 years old, very fair and handsome. Due to my regular visits to gym I have built up my biceps and chest muscles. I have so far remained very brilliant in my study. I did my MCA and got appointed as software engineer with an MNC. I started earning 50000 per month. This was too much for a middle class family of ours. In my family, I had lost my parents soon after my brother’s marriage. I have an elder brother, Naresh who is 28 years old. He did his matriculation after 3 attempts. He is doing his business. For the business, he mostly remains out of station. His business is also not that good. Hardly he would make some 5000 to 6000 a month. Further, he has become a drunkard. Whenever he is at home, he is drunk.

Some 3 months before Naresh got married to a very beautiful girl. Her name is Reshma. She was of my age. I used to call her Reshmabhabhi. Right from the first day of her entry in our family, I felt very much attracted to her. She was very fair. She has long brown black hairs touching almost to her butts. She used to tie them in loose bun. Looking at her bun I always felt like go to her and untie her bun so that her hairs fall freely on her back. She is 5’.6” tall and her figure looked like 34/30/36. Due to her height, she did not look fatty but very sexy. She was big where it matters. Soon after her arrival in our home, I started masturbating keeping her in my mind imaging fucking her in all sort of conceivable ways. After some couple of weeks of the marriage, I noticed, bhabhi was looking sad. My brother had gone out of station. On his arrival too, there was no change in her mood. I noticed there was hardly and exchange of talks between them. Inside This made me happy as this could be used to attract her to me. My status as major bread earner made me unquestioned boss of the family. My wishes were command for everyone in the family including my brother. I found him almost dejected and withdrawn from the family affair because of his incapacity to earn enough to command the respect I was getting. I also sensed the distance between the him and his wife. I decided to take an advantage of the situation.

Daily, when I came back from office, I started bringing flowers for her. I started insisting that she should put these flowers in her hairs. I also started bringing in expensive gifts for her. Gradually, she started appreciating my attention towards her. We became closer and closer. Now we stared cracking jocks. I started taking liberty by touching her hands, shoulders and sometimes even brushed her butts. She did not object to my advances. Once I was in my room and was surfing pornographic sites. At that that time she entered with a cup of tea for me. I was not aware of her presence. I continued to watch the erotic images of couples in various stages of sex. She stood behind me. I heard the shuffle of her saari. I turned my head and saw her. Her eyes were transfixed on the images. She did not notice that I was starring at her. I continued the surfing as if I am alone in the room. Suddenly she put the cup of tea on the table and ran off.

I got up and went behind her. She was in kitchen. She stood by a wall, panting heavily. I reached her. Took her hands in my hands and looked straight into her eyes. She did not blink her eyes. I bent a little and put my lips over her red lips and gave a very passionate kiss. I darted my tongue into her mouth and tasted her saliva, entwined my tongue with hers. Her breathing was now become faster. She just succumbed to the lust and wrapped her hands around my neck and started responding my kiss. I whispered in her ears “I love u” and went back to my room. I hoped she would follow me. But it did not happen. We all had dinner. She was eating keeping her head down. After dinner, I got up and went back to my room. Around 11, she came into my room. She stood by my bed. I pulled her to me. She fell on me. I took her in my arms and started kissing her. After a while, she got up and I did what I was always thinking. I untied her hair bun and her hairs fell over her shoulders.

I said, “Reshma, I was waiting for this moment. I have always loved you from the day you came to our house. I know you are not happy with my brother. Still I want you to be with us as I want you to be mine. I assure you, you will find all sort of happiness with me. I don’t know how you feel about me. But I am sure; you will find in me a better man to rely upon for all your needs.” She said, “Nitin, my heart was broken within a week of the marriage. Your brother is good for nothing. I can understand if he is not as smart as you are. But you know, he is a dead fish in bed. It was you who rekindled hope in me to live life happily. I noticed, you had a crush for me. I also developed feelings for you. I realized your authority in the family. I liked that and decided to do everything as you wish. Now onwards, your wish will be my command. I shall live like your wife. I know what you want. I am all yours.” Her admission for feelings for me made me very happy. I again pulled her to me and told her, “yes, you have correctly judged me. I want you to serve me in such a way that I should never feel to bring any other woman in my life and this house. Now onwards, for all the practical purpose you are my wife. Even when brother is here, you need not bother about him. He is aware of his limitations. For rest of the world, you remain his wife, but for me, you are my wife. Is it clear?” She kissed me and smiled. She said, “yes my lord.”

I said, “Reshma, you will have to keep in mind about my needs and whims. I will tell you what I like and how I want you to love me.” She asked, “tell me, and you will not have any complaint against me.” I told her, “to day, let me devour you. You will come to know from tonight it self about how and by what I get more pleasure. Now get up and be nude. I want to see you without any clothe.” She obediently, got up and removed one by one her clothe and became stark naked. Off, she was like a statue of Venus, a sex goddess, carved out of white marble. She was very fair. Her nipples looked pink. Her boobs were looking hard and protruding upwards in cone shape. Long neck, and red full lips were inviting me to her. Her belly was small with a deep belly button. Further down, her abdomen was very flat from where her golden triangle starts. Her pussy lips were pink. She had trimmed her pussy. Her thighs looked like the trunks of banana tree. On my asking she turned around. I saw her round firm butts and a brownish hole between the slit of her butts.

I pulled her towards me and started exploring her body. I also got up. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. Then her hands moved to my lungi and with only one pull she untied it. I was not having any underwear. We both were naked facing one another. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Her boobs pressed against my hairy chest. I started smooching her. She responded eagerly. I led her one hand to my lund. Shri grabbed it and moaned. I asked, “liked it?”
In reply, she knelt and took my lund in both of her hand, guided it into her mouth and started sucking it. I told her not to suck in this position. She raised her head and looked at me. I told she better keep her head towards my lund and legs at my head and lay on our sides. That way we both would face one another – she at my lund and me at her chut. Besides, her boobs would be at my chest which I can fondle and knead. She followed my idea. I started sucking her chut and was also tonguing her clit too. She started moaning a loud while sucking my lund. I was kneading her boobs and squeezing her nipples too.

After a while, I turn on my back. I pulled her over me. I asked to sit over me facing me and told her to insert my lund into her chut. She did it. But I observed, she was finding it little painful to insert it. I thought the pain was because she being still virgin. I pushed her down and mounted her. Spreading her legs, I pushed my lund into her. After couple of forceful thrusts I succeeded to enter her. Her heman broke. She cried out a loud. Her pussy was too tight. I slowly started fucking her. Shortly, she forgot her pain and wrapped her legs behind me. She started pushing my back with her legs with every thrusts. She was enjoying. The pleasure of fucking was writ all over her face. I started gyrating my lund into her and increased the speed. Our ooh and ahh continued to fill the room. Suddenly I felt, her pussy walls were contracting around my lund. It gave me immense pleasure. I continued and I also felt that the pressure was mounting to release my juice into her. I asked, if she would like me to fill her chut with my juice. She said, “yes, yes, yes, don’t worry. I had anticipated this encounter and started pills to avoid pregnancy”. I was pleased with her foresightedness. I gave one more thrust and started spraying my juice into her. Ohhhhhh and murmured “thanks”. I rolled down. We slept in one another’s arms for at least couple of hours. I opened my eyes. I could feel the soft hand of Reshma on my lund. She was fondling it. I turn on my back. Inserted my hand under her neck and pulled her to me. Her boobs got crushed against my side. I told her that I felt really happy to have her. Since this was the starter, now we both will enjoy one another whenever, wherever and howsoever without any inhibitions. She kissed my nipples and ran her hand on my lund She said, “Nitin, I enjoyed for the first time. I had heard about this night and other acts of sex and was longing to have the experience. You made me a whole woman tonight. I m very much indebted to you. I would have committed suicide because of your dumb brother. But now you gave me a reason to live. I shall be all yours throughout my life. You can have me, whenever and wherever and in any manner too. Just give me an opportunity to please you.”

I kissed her on her lips and said, “listen, few things you must do and remember. Always keep your pussy hairs trimmed and armpits shaved Every night, around 10 you should be in my room. Never ever bother about my brother’s absence or presence in house. As far as we are concerned, he does not exist. Once in my room, you must undress and be nude and then undress me. Play with my lund, help it to gain its erection at its fullest. Use your boobs to fondle it. I would love if you will press your boobs around it and brush your nipples under the head of my lund. You have beautiful pair of large boobs. I love tit fucking. So see that your tits are well placed around my lund. You must have noticed that I enjoy getting my lund sucked. My pleasure will be higher if you swallow my juice without wasting a single drop of my juice. You do it as frequently as possible. In the morning, when you bring bed tea for me, wake me up by sucking my lund. Also, when I come from office, you should be at door to receive me. You should be in a transparent low cut gown. When I go to my room, you will follow me and undress me. Help me wrapping a towel around me and lead me to bathroom. You will bath me and rinse me. While doing so, give maximum attention to my lund. Whenever we are doing nothing and are together always, lead my hands to your boobs and press them by putting your hands over mine. In nutshell, you must make me feel that you want me in any conceivable ways. Understood?” She smiled, kissed me and said that she understood everything and shall leave up to my expectations. I further said, “Reshma, I love your boobs very much. I will be enjoying them fondling, pressing and kneading them while they are swinging from left to right when you ride me.” I also told her that I would enjoy her sitting on my lap, inserting my lund in her pussy and keeping her boobs at my face. She nodded. That night, we fucked at least four times. Twice she was riding me, twice I fucked her in missionary position. We both got so tired, when we got up it was 8 in the morning. She got up first. She put on her gown and went out. I saw her leaving, walking swaying her butts and there was some sort of carelessness in her movement. I can understand her new found confidence, about her entity in the house. She has got a protector and a lover.

I was enjoying the sweet memories of the night and she came in with tea. She closed the door. Put the tea tray on the side table and moved to my legs. Wrapped her fingers around my lund and pushed it in her mouth. She started sucking. I opened my eyes. I made her head moving towards me while my lund in her mouth. I smiled. I asked, “you remember your lesson correctly.” She nodded. Took out my lund from her mouth and asked if I want her to go full way and make her drink my juice. Pulled her towards me and told her, “not now, honey. I have to go to office. Let me have my bath” She said, she would bath me. I told her it is better in the evening when I come back from office. She kissed me on my lips. She got up and pulled me out of bed. She made me put on my lungi. She then led my arm wrapping her waist and put my palm on her left boob. She kept her left palm over mine and pressed it gently. With other hand, she wrapped it around my waist and led me to bathroom. Once inside, before she left, she untied my lungi and grabbed my lund. She shook it as if she is shaking a hand. She knelt and kissed its head and then left. After my morning rituals, I got ready for my office. I sat on the dining table. She served me with hot breakfast. I asked her to sit besides me. She said better we finish our breakfast first. I did not insist, but indicated to her that after the breakfast she should come to my room. She nodded. She followed me no sooner I entered my room. I closed the door and took her in my arms and kissed her. She ran her palm on my fly. I told her nothing more now. I just wanted to kiss her and say bye. She smiled but opened her gown top button and exposed her bare breast. She took my hand and placed it over it. I could feel her erect and now hardened nipple. I bent and sucked her nipple for a while and told her, the rest when I come back. Again kissed her and left for my office.

Before I left office in the evening, I gave a ring at home and informed Reshma that I m on my way for home. I rang the bell and immediately the door was opened.

My darling was there to receive me in her arms. I asked her where about of my mom. She indicated that she is resting in her room. When she was taking a my brief case from my hand, I took her in my arms and pressed her tightly. I kissed her on her lips. She struggled out of my arms and led me to my bed room. She led me to bed and made me sit. She opened the fly of my pant and brought out my lund from the inner wear. She started fondling it and started licking it. My lund did not require any further encouragement. It grew to its fullest strength. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it hungrily. I played with her hair bun and untied it in one jerk. The hairs fell on her shoulder and covered her face too. I gently removed hairs from her face. Her eyes were closed and she was very much engrossed in sucking. I ruffled her hair and made her to open her eyes. She starred at me. I told her, let me have bath first and after dinner, we shall be resting in drawing room. At that time, we shall be having our time for pleasure in the drawing room. She withdrew my lund from her mouth and got up.

We both went in the bathroom. She had kept the tub filled with hot and cold water. I entered. She also removed her gown and sat on the rim of the tub. She took bath gel and started bathing me all over body. For better convenience, she sat on my thighs, spreading her legs. Her boobs were inviting me to crush them. I could not control and started playing with them. Meanwhile she finished the upper part of my body and now went to lower half of my body. She moved little back. She sat on my knees and started bathing my waste to my thighs. After finishing that, she got up and turned her back to me, shifting back to my thighs to bath my legs and toes. In this position my lund was pressed against her butts and giving me immense pleasure. This gave me enough room to press and knead her boobs from behind. This was sheer bliss. She finished with my legs and again turned to face me. She sat at the end of my thighs and started paying attention to my lund. Very gently she was pampering and fondling it. As I had circumcision in my childhood there is no foreskin at head of my lind. She liked that. She told me that she finds my lund more hygienic, unlike my brother. With both the hands she was pressing and fondling it. I told her, let us get out. We both got up and stepped out of the tub. Though she did not take bath but because of me she also was wet She now started drying me with a towel. After me she used the same towel for herself to get dried. Before I go for my lungi, she knelt a little and placed my lund between her boobs and pressed it. Ohhhhhhhh, I never thought that Reshma would be so innovative and to go to such an extent that she uses every single opportunity to make me feel happy. I grabbed her shoulders and got her up. Wrapping my arms around her I pressed her against me and kissed her very passionately on her lips and we both came out of the bathroom nude. She again got into her gown and I in my lungi. I told her, at 8.30 we shall be at dining table. She said, she would call me once food is ready to serve.

Around 8.00 p.m. she called me for food. We set to eat from a single dish. She was told me that she would feed me. I just set there. She was feeding me. I also reciprocated by feeding her. Suddenly she took one piece of sweet and kept it between her lips. She offered me to take it from her lips. I extended my neck to her and grabbed the piece of the sweet between my teeth. She did not release it. We both continued to chew it as much as possible within our reach and soon we found ourselves chewing our lips together. We both laughed. Just after the dinner, I helped her to clean the table and we both retired to our drawing room. I set on a sofa and she sat on my lap. I was watching some TV programmed. Her interest was somewhere else. We both were naked. She sat on my left thigh and was between my legs. Her right boob was at my shoulders, flattened by her pressure. My lund was resting on the side of her right thigh. She was fondling my lund. It was half erect but was growing. My left hand enwrapped her waist and cupped her left boob and was pressing her nipple between my thumb and a finger. Suddenly she got up and sat on her knees between my legs. She brought her boobs around my lund.

She grabbed my lund and placed between her boobs. She pressed her boobs from either sides and nestled my lund between the velvety cleavage. My lund was now fully erect and its head was glowing at the top her cleavage. She started pressing my lund between her boobs and made me feel the pleasure of pressure of her boobs on my lund. She seemed to be having very sexy ideas. She would intermittently kiss the head of lund and occasionally would take the head in her mouth and give a big suck. After a while, she grabbed it in her mouth and started sucking. While she was sucking I was enjoying the luxurious velvety pressure of her boobs on my thighs. She got so engrossed in sucking she did not bother that her such treatment would make me explode my cum in her mouth any time. I held her face and told her about it and tried to withdraw my lund from her mouth. But she ignored me and continued to suck. The inevitable happened. I exploded in her mouth like volcano. My cum sprayed in her mouth. She swallowed whole lot of cum. My lund went limp in her mouth. She looked at me and smiled. She said, she knew that I was about to erupt, but she wanted my cum so she ignored me. Her such attitude pleased me. I got up and pulled her to me and took her in my arms. She rested her head over my shoulder. I pressed and kneaded her left boob. She closed her eyes and appeared to be enjoying the feeling.

I guided her to my bed room and laid on the bed. I joined here inserte4d my left hand under her waist and pulled her to me. We both were on our sides – I was on my left and she on her right side. I pressed her to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on my lips. She raised her left thigh and rested it on my right thigh. My left hand was feeling her supple butts. With my right hand I was feeling her nipple between my thumb and a forefinger. She moved her left hand from my neck to my lund. My limp lund steered to life. I pulled her over me. I wanted to feel her whole body over me. I made her lying over me. Her loose hairs were all over me. Her boobs pressed against my chest. Her belly was against mine and her thighs over my thighs. My hands were roaming all over her back and pampering her ass. Squeezing her ass globes hard, I pressed them towards me. She moaned. She raised herself on the support of her elbow. Her boobs also now raised and rested on my chest. Her hairs all over my face and I smelled their fragrance. Her soft thighs were resting over my thighs. She spread them and slid on her right side, keeping her left thigh on my left thigh. She pulled me towards her and turned me facing her. She adjusted my face against her boobs and pushed her left nip in my mouth. She said, “suck hard”. I raised my had and cupped her one boob. Her boobs were very firm and spongy and I derive pleasure while pressing and kneading them. She also enjoyed it. She squeezed my lund and started rubbing it against her thighs.

I told her, “Reshma, let me feel your back and butt against me. You lie on your belly and let me mount you.” She detached herself form me and tuned on her belly. I mounted her. My face was now in her hairs. The fragrance of her hairs was very intoxicating. I spread my palms over her shoulders and back. I sat over her butts. My testicles were resting at the base of her ass. My lund felt the smoothness and softness of her buts and was now reclining between the crack of her ass globes. I was feeling her warm, smooth, and silky body from my head to toe. I inserted my palms from either of her sides of her boobs and kept there feeling her firm boobs and erect nips on my palms. I was trying to fondling and kneading her boobs in this position. She raised herself with the help of her hands to accommodate my hands on her boobs. She was enjoying the situation. I was trying to adjust my lund right at the entrance of her ass hole. She sensed it and raised her head looked at me. She smiled and asked if I want take her ass. Before I reply, she raised her hand and moved it on her back between us. She reached at my dick and grabbed it. She tried to push the tip of my lund in her ass hole, though not seriously, but just to have a feel of my lund at her ass hole. I also liked it. I did not pressed my lund hard into her ass. Just reclining and relaxing. I told her this is fine. I appreciated her willingness to accommodate me in any way I want. This is the spirit of her which has made me wanting her more and more. I was enjoying her closeness. I got up and sat over her thighs just below her butts and moving my hands over her back and butts. I now slid on her side and said, “Reshma, let me feel you over my back. I shall now lie on my belly and you mount me.” She got up. I laid on my belly. She mounted me and started pressing her boobs from my sole to my calf and was moving upwards. I was feeling her firm boobs over my legs. She went on now reached my thighs.

To my surprise, she moved to my butts and pressed her boobs against them. Suddenly I felt a tender but hard object was brushing my ass hole. I soon realized, it was her nip. She was kissing me all over my butts and back. She moved further and reached just below my neck. Now she stretched wholly over me. She was ruffling my hairs, bit my earlobes. She now got up and sat over my butts. She tried to insert her hands from either side of my thighs towards my lund. I raised my butts to accommodate her hands. She grabbed my lund and pressed in her palm. Suddenly she slid down and turned me on my back. She went to my toes and started giving her boobs massage. She reached to my dick and started pressing her boobs over my lund. She slowly took my lund between her boobs and started massaging the lund with her boobs. She also was licking the lund head and suddenly she took it in her mouth. She started sucking it. After a while she took my lund out and asked, if I was feeling happy by her actions. I smiled at her and said, “Reshma, u tell me, do also enjoy doing all these or are just doing it to please me?” She : I very much enjoy your lund. I am made for it. Though my primary aim is to please you, I found that I am getting as much pleasure as you are getting. Nitin, I want you to be more explicit about your needs and expectations. You know, I also enjoy if you use all sorts of dirty words. You need not be modest. I am now totally yours. I shall do my best to anticipate your needs. I have come to know now, what actions please you most.”

I : “Oh, in that case, tell me in plain dirty words what actions I prefer most.”

She: “If I tell u, what will give me?”

I : “You ask anything, I shall give you”

She: “Ok, I know, you want me to be around you and that too in very minimum but revealing clothes. You are mad after my boobs. You also want me to suck your lund when ever we are alone. You want me to take all the initiatives for fucking. Whenever we are alone, you want your lund either in my mouth or chut or between my boobs. You always want me to be nude with you in the bedroom. You want me to be doing all sort of moves for fucking. You like me to ride you. Am I right, Nitin?” I told her that she was right. I asked her, “Do you feel happy by just making me happy?” She smiled and nodded affirmatively. She told me that she had suppressed all her desires due to my brother. But now, she has tasted the enjoyment of fucking. She wants me to be with her all the time, so that she gets compensated by having me as her paramour for the early miserable life she had to endeavor, and she wants to do anything which would keep me amused with her only. She said, she is mad after my lund. All the while she was fondling and squeezing my lund. I told her, “whenever, we two are together, we shall remain in one another’s arms. Reshma,, now better you mount me and start our session.”

She ignored my suggestion instead she pressed her boobs together and asked me to fuck between them. I could not have asked for more. I mounted her and sat over her belly. She grabbed my lund and placed it between her boobs. She pressed her boobs from the sides and covered my lund with her boobs. I started fucking her boobs. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, this was wonderful feeling! Whenever, my lund was popping out above her boobs, she would try to lick it by drawing her tongue forward. I continued to fuck her boobs for some quarter an hour. Suddenly I started feeling pressure mounting in my lund. Signals were clear that I was about to erupt. I told her about my condition. She said, better you push the lund in her pussy. I moved backward and reached her thighs. I spread her thighs and put the tip of lund over her pussy and gave a gentle push. She was quite wet and it did not take longer to push my whole lund into her.

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Mein apne room mein bhag kar gaya or apna Digital Camera le aya.. Mein bola darling Manju you are my dearest wife.. Ab ek kaam karo Jis bed per Akash leta hai wo bhaut bada hai.. or wo itna tired hai ke subah se pehle uthne wala nahin hai.. Tum sirf 10 seconds ke liye uske pass is halat mein let jao muje kuch pics shot karney hain.. Sun kar phele to Manju ne mana kiya phir usko halat se samjota karna hia pada..

Wo dheere dheere bed ke tarf chali gaye.. Mein janta tha ke agar Akash uth gaya or usne Manju ko is halat mein paya to uske life safal ho gayege. Manju bhaut dhere se bed per bhait gaye or phir usse bhi dhere dhere mere friend ke side mein let gaye.. Akash ka face or Manju ke face mein ab sirf 2 foot ka difference tha. meine jaldi se kuch pics liye or phir Manju ko ishara kiya ke wo apna face Akash ke face ke Samney le gaye.. Majboor hokar usne aisa bhi kiya or meine kuch or snaps liye.. Meine Manju ko ishara kiya or wo dhere dhere utha kar jaldi se apne bed room mein bhag gaye..

Manju ko dar tha ke agar wo or guest room mein ruki to mein kuch or na karne ko keh doon..Phir mein bhi apne bedroom mein aa gaya or dekha to Manju sex mein hot ho kar apni choot ko masal rahi hai apne haton Meine apna room ko lock kiye bina hi apne saare kapde utar diye or apna lund apni biwi ke choot mein daal Diya.. Ohmy god Manju Itni wet choot to meine tumhari kabhi nain dekhi. Phir hum dono ne raat bhar mein 2 bar sex kiya.. Manju 5 baar Jhad gaye or mein janta tha ke wo Akash ko lekar kafi exited hai..

Next day at the breakfast table Manju sharam se Akash se nazar nahin mila rahi thi. Akash or mein ek saath hi apne apne work ke liye nikal gaye.. Akash bola mein raat ko late ho sakta hoon isliye tum dono khana kha kar so jana, or mein raat ka khana kha kar hi aaonga. Mein raat ko 8 bajey ghar phauncha to dekha Manju kitchen mein kahan bana rahi hai.. Phir hum dono ne dinner kiya or apne room mein akar let gaye.. Mere dil mein ek shararat suji. Kyonki Akash abhi tak aya nahin tha islye uska room kahli tha.

Meine guest room ke key Akash ke bistar ke neeche chupa di or aakar apne room mein let gaya. Thori der baad meine taxi ke awaz suni or dekha ke Akash wapas aa gaya hai , Kyonki uske pass main door ke doosri key thi islye usne uska use karke door khola or wapas lock kar ke wo apne room mein chala gaya. Phir muje shower ke awaz aye , mein samaj gaya ke wo kafi thak chuka hai or sardi kafi hone ke waja se hot bath le raha hai. Mein or Manju phir appas mein batein karney lagey. Around 11Pm meine bola.. Manju darling kyon na aaj phir game khelein.

Manju : Nahin Akash jag jayega.. Kal wo kafi tired tha , magar aaj nahin..

Me : Nahin yaar aaj bhi wo kafi tired lag raha hai tum please maan bhi jao..

Mere kafi insist karney pre wo phir tayyar ho gaye.. But is bar mere dil mein kuch or hi planning chal rahi thi. Hum dono guest room ke door per pahunchey or meine phir se uske nighty utar de or baal khol diye. She looks so sexy and fuckable item in red panty and bra. This time I removed her panties and bra also on door. Akash was feeling cold today isleye usne apna poora badan rajai se dhak rahakha tha.

Meine apni sexy wife ka nanga badan guest room mein dhakel diya. Wo chup chaap dheere dheere nude halat mein bathroom mein chali gaye or shower chalu karke nahane lagi. Meine bhi dheere dheere bathoom mein gaya or ek kagaz ke note per likha (guest room ki key akash ke bed per meine rakhi hai.. agar tumne find kar le to room khul jayega warna poori raat ise room mein reho) Phir meine wo note bathroom ke door handle per rakh diya. Mein janta tha ke shower ke baad Manju usko pad legi.

Meine bahar aa kar doosri key se guest room ko lock kar diya or Key whole mein apni aankh laga di.. Ander ka sara nazara muje saaf dekh raha tha. Thori der baad shower band honey ke awaz aye or Manju poori nagi halat mein bhar aye..Wow kya lag raha tha uska bheega badan. Ubhrey huai 36 boobs, Patli kamar and wide apple shape hips 38. Mein samaj gaya tha ke usne note pad liya hai kyonki uska face kafi pareshan dekha raha tha usne dheere se door kholney ke koshish ke magar wo to lock tha..

Manju samaj gaye yeh meri shararat hai.. Akash to mano jaise godey bech kar so raha tha . Ab Manju ka khoobsoorat nanga badan Akash ke bed ke taraf bada, kyonki wo janti thi ke agar key usko mil gaye to wo bach jayege.. manju ne apna sexy badan cover karney ke liye kuch search karney ke pehle koshish ke magar poorey room mein kuch tha bhi nahin or agar wo bed se kuch lene ke koshish karti to Akash Uth sakta tha..

Manju dheere dheere apna pura nanga badan liye bed per beth gaye.. Mein janta tha ke usko cold bhi feel ho raha hai. Marti kya na karti Usne dheere dheere bed ke talashi leni shur kar de. Kabhi chadar ke neechey dekhti, kabhi takiye ke to kabhi bed ke neeche.. Lekin key to Akash ke theek neechey wali matteress ke neechey thi. Kafi der tak talash karne ke baad jab Manju ke haath kuch na aya to usne

Akash ke saath bed per let kar hi key find karney ke koshish karna accha samja. Kyonki Manju totally nude halat mein thi or mein janta tha ke sardi ke waja se uska haal bura hai. Manju dhere se Akash ki side mein let gaye or usne doorsir rajai apne upar dal le. Now what a scene My totally nude wife mere dost ke saath bed per leti hui the . Agar mere dost ki ankh khul gaye to is khoobsoorat bala ki chudai pakki hi samjo. Phir meine dekha ke Manju ka ek Haat Akash ke takiye ke neeche jaa raha hai.

Wo samaj rahi thi ke shayad key takiye ke neeche hai. Lekin jaise hi usne takiye ke neechey haat dala Akash ko kuch movement feel hui or usne karwat badal de. Akash ka back ab Manju ke taraf tha. Manju ne dheere se dono rajai ko milya or Akash ke rajai mein ghus gaye. Mein janta tha ke meri wife ko kafi sardi lag rahi hai or ab wo Akash ke rajai se kuch garmi lena chahti hai. Couple ab ek hi rajai mein nazar aa raha tha. Akash ko solid badan meri wife ke milky white soft badan se touch honey laga tha.

Phir Achanka Akash ne karwant badli or Manju ka soft badan uske badan ke neechey aa gaya. Akash ki aankh khul gaye.. Oh my god. My wife cried. Akash to Manju ka face dekh kar hairan reh gaya. Phir usko realize hua ke Manju ka poora badan nanga hai or dono ek rajai mein hain.

Akash : hai Manju what are you doing here in my quilt.

Manju : Sorry Akash, Magar hua aisa ke mere room ka shower kharab hai or mein tumharey room mein shower lene ke liye aye thi.. Or yeh guestroom ka door lock ho gaya apne aap. Muje sardi lag rahi thi ro mene socha ke kuch der rajai mein garam ho jaoon.

Akash was totally shocked. Wo bharosa nahin kar paa raha tha ke ek sexy buxom lady puri nangi halat mein uske saath rajai mein leti hai. Akash ne rajai ko hatane ke koshish ke magar Manju ne mana kar diya.. Akash aisa mat karo yeh meri majboori hai uska fayeda mat uthao please. To kya tum poori raat mere saath ise bistar per hi rahogi. Akash replied… Manju boli Akash Please try to find out key of guest room Muje apne room mein jana hai.. Akash bola Kahan hai key.. Yahin is bistar per hi rakhti hoon meine magar mil nahin rahi hai..

Manju boli. Dono ek hi rajai mein lete huai baat kar rahey they. Akash rajai se bahar aa gaya or Ek perfect gentlemen ke tarah wo bed ke charon taraf key search karney laga. Akash ne sirf night pant hi pehne thi or wo upar se pura nanga tha. Uska badan dekh kar Manju impress nazar aa rahi thi.. Manju ne sari rajai apne badan se chipka le wo Akash ko apne badan ke ek Jhalak bhi dikhana nahin chahti thi shayad. Kafi der search karne ke baad jab key nahi mile to Akash bola Manju there is no key here. Ab mein wapas apne room mein kaise jaongi Manju boli. Where is Amar wo bola. Wo to so rahey hongey Manju replied.

Akash : Tum ek kaam karo aaj yahin per mere room mein hi so jao. Kal subha jab Amar uth jayega to phir yahan se niklaney ka plan karengey. Kyonki agar humne abhi kuch shor kiya to padosi bhi uth jayenge.

Manju : Magar mein bilkul nude hoon or is halat mein mein agar tumharey saat so gaye to pata nahi kya hoga..

Akash : Dont worry Manju I am not that type of guy. Mein tumko touch bhi nahin karoonga mera tumse wada hai.. Lekin tumko mere saat ek hi rajai mein sona padega kyonki bahar kafi sardi hai or agar tum alag se rajai mein so gaye to tumko neend nahin ayege.

Manju : Ok Agree Magar Please dont touch my body okey..

Akash ko rajai ke andar laney ke liye Manju ne rajai ko utha diya. Oh My god your body looks like a marble Manju Akash bola. Mein samaj gaya ke Akash ne rajai ke andar Manju ke sexy nude body ka view le liya hai. Akash ne apni pant utar de or pura nude ho gaya. Manju boli this is not fair Akash. Akash Bola both will be in equal condition or rajai ke andar ghus gaya. Dono ka face ab ek doosrey ke samney tha magar badan bilkul alag or Manju sardi se kaanp rhai thi.

Akash bola Manju Please mere badan se chipak jao warna sardi lag jayege or fever bhi ho sakta hai. Sardi nikal jaye to hat jana okey.. Or koi rasta na dekha to Manju ne apna sexy milky white bandan mere dost Akash ke haaton mein de diya or kaha okey as you wish. Akash ne immediately apna haat uske back mein daal kar kheencha or meri wife ko apne badan se chipka diya.. Wow your body is so hot Manju replied. Muje saaf dekh raha tha ke rajai ke andar couple ka badan ek doosrey se is tarah se chipka hua hai jaise iron se magnet.

Akash ke chest se meri wife ke dono boobs chipak chukey they or phir muje dekhai diya ke Manju ne apne ek leg Akash ke dono legs ke upar rakh diya hai. Dono ke sansey tej honey lagi Or Manju boli no Akash that not right… phir muje feehua ke donon nangey halat mein hain jaroor Akash ka 9? ka lund fully erect hokey Manju ke choot ke darwajey per dastak de raha hoga.

Leking Akash bhi fully gentleman tha or dono ek doosrey ko chipak kar so gaye. Mein janta tha ke Akash bina Manju ke permission ke kuch nahin karne wala hai..Mein kafi der tak key whole se dekhta raha magar rajai mein koi halchal nahin thi.. Meine chupke se guest room ka door khol diya or apne room mein akar so aya.. Subha 5 bajey Manju wapas bedroom mein aye mujse ladne lagi.

Manju : Amar aaj ke baad mein kabhi tumko maaf nahin karongi.. Tumko pata hai kya hua.

Me : Darling I know all thi episode. Lekin aisa tumhari galti se hua hai, kyonki key to Akash ke matteress ke neche thi or tum usko easily nikal sakti thein. Then why you go inside his quilt.

Manju : Accha agar mein uski rajai mein nahin jati to sardi se mar jati SAMJEY.

Me : So kya hua choro.. Tumhara experiece kaisa raha..Dono tum chipak kar so rahey they,,, phir subah kya hua..

Manju : Kuch nahi hua puri raat aram se so kar bitayi hai and u know Akash is a nice gentleman or wo chahta to muje chod bhi sakta tha magar usne muje kuch bhi force nahin kiya or balki poori raat muje apne body se garmi de taki mein aram se so sakoon.

Me : Anything special during sleep ?

Manju : Haan ! Akash bhaut he heated hai .. poori raat uska lund meri choot mein takkar marta raha or mere breast to dekho uske chest se chipke chipke or badey ho gaye he he he. Wo to so raha tha maga puri raat uska lund meri choot ke upar pada jagta raha. Subah jab meri ankh khuli to meine dekha ke uske lund ka kafi saara pani meri choot ke hairs, lips and thighs per laga tha. Mein uth gaye or bhag kar apne room mein aa gaye. Akash abhi tak so raha hai.

Meine manju ko bed per lita diya or uske legs ko khol diya. Uski dono thunder thighs per Akash ke lund se nilkey pani ke nishan saaf dekh rahey they. Choot ke lips bhi open dekh rahey they.. Lagta hai Akash ke lund ka face Puri raat in lips per takkar marta hai Mein bola. Choot ke upar ke balon mein bhi Akash ke lund ke cream ki chipkan saaf dekh rahi thi..

Meine Manju ke choot mein ungli dal di.. Great you so wet I replied. Chod do muje kuch mat poocho ab Manju boli.. I immeditealy remove all my clothes or apna lund Manju ke choot per rakh kar bola.. raat bhar dastak kise ne de or ab darwaje mein jayega koi or. I pushed or lund ek dam se pura andar ghus gaya. Hum dono se koi 1/2 hour tak jam kar chudai ke or phir dono so gaye..

Subah 10 bajey Manju uthi or bathroom mein nahane chali gaye..Shower ke awaj se meri ankh khul gaye.. Mein utha or Akash ke room mein chala gaya or dekha ke wo tayyar ho raha hai apne kaam se bahar janey ke liye. Mere dil mein phir ek shararat jag uthi.. Mein bola Yaar Akash can you come in my room for some Tum chalo mein ata hoon Akash bola. Mein apne room mein akar bed per beth gaya, phir thori der mein Akash bhi room mein aagaya. Hum dono idhar udhar ke batein karne lage.

Muje pata thi ke Manju shower lene ke baad bilkul nangi hi bahar ayege kyonki wo bilkul nude halat mein hi nahaney gaye thi. Akash or mein dono bed per beth kar batein kar rahey they ke tabi bathroom ka door khula or Manju bilkul anjaan halat mein bilkul nangi bahar aa gaye. Akash or meri ankhen uska poora nude banda dekh kar mast ho gayein. 36? boobs bilkul tane huai or thunder thighs dekh kar

Akash ka lund uske pant mein hi khada ho gaya. Manju ne socha ke shayad mein hi bed per bhetha hoon. Magar jab usko pata laga ke Akash bhi uske khoobsoorti ko nihar raha hai to wo Cheeck Uthi ohhhhhhh Akash tum bhi yahan ho ..Apne choot ko left hand se or dono boobs ko right hand se cover kar ke wo jaldi se bathroom mein dobara bhag gaye.. Bhagtey huai Akash or meine uska mast nude ass ka mast nazara liya… ha ha ha ha Akash or mein khil khila kar hansne lagey..

Manju : Amar mere kapde panties or bra please bed per rakhi hai de do na..

Akash : Kya mein de doon bhabhi ji..

Hum dono phir hansne lagey… Uska face darwaje se bahar aya or boli Please muje or mat satao I am very tired today.. Akash ne Manju ke panties or bra utha liye or bathroom ke darwaje per knock karne laga. Manju ka sirft hath hi bahar aya or Akash ne panties or bra uske haath per rakh diya.

Manju : or baki ke kapde..

Akash : wo bahar aakar hi pehen lo.. waise bhi panties and bra is enough for you and you know I had already saw you totally naked..

Akash jaan chuka tha ke mein uska or Manju ka raat wala incident jaan chuka hoon , kyonki meine koi objection nahin kiya to wo or khul kar baar kar raha tha. Manju ne panties bra pehe le thi or thori der baad wo bahar aa gaye.. Wow you looks so beautiful Manju… Akash bola..

Me : Yes Akash you are absolutely right.. Manju bhaut hi khoobsoorat hai.. Or eska badan jo is time tumharey samne khada hai bhaut hi mast or sexy hai..

Yeh sun kar Manju sharma gaye or bed per kapde uthaney ke liye aa gaye.

Me : No Manju please abhi kapde mat pehno.. Tum sharma kisse rahi ho. Akash or mein to tumko pura nanga dekh hi chukey hain. Or ab to tum panties bra mein ho. Let us enjoy your body during breakfast or phir baad mein kapde pehne lena..

Yeh keh kar mein dono ko akela chor kar bathroom mein nanhaney chala gaya. Nahatey huai mere mind mein tarah tarah ke khayal aa rahey they… Manju only in panties and bra with my friend in my bedroom .. Wo dono kya kar rahey hongey.. Manju ke choot to gele ho chuki hogi Akash ka lund pant mein khada dekh kar.. Kya Akash Manju ko Kiss to nahin kar raha hoga. Ya phir Manju uske badan se raat ke tarah chipak to nahin gaye hogi…

Bath lekar around 20 min baad aya to dekha ke bedroom mein koi nahin hai.. Neeche kitchen mein se kuch awaz aa rahi thi.. Meine apne kapde pehne or neeche jakar kitchen mein dekha. Manju sirf panties or bra pehne kitchen mein breakfast bana rahi thi or Akash usse chipak kar khada batey kar raha tha.

Mein kitchen mein gaya or bola Darling Manju Aaj to nude waitress ko dekh kar maja aa raha hai.. Kyon yaar Akash.. Akash or mein phir hansne lagey per Manju chup chaap breakfast tayyar karti rahi. Akash or mein dining table per akar beth gaye.. Meine notice kiya ke Akash ka lund ek dam pant phar kar bahar ane lag raha tha..

Me : Akash What is this .. Uske lund ki taraf ishara karte huai mein bola

Akash : Yaar Amar .. Tu janta hai ke meine kise aurat ko 1 saal se sahi se dekha nahin… Or aaj tune Manju se aise dress mein breakfast banwa kar to meri tabiyat hi khush kar de. Dont mind Amar.. Magar Yaar teri wife to kamaal hai.. Agar ek baar mil jaye to kasam se maja aa jaye..

Me : Yaar Akash mein janta hoon ke teri halat bhaut kharab hai magar ABHI APNE HAATH SE HI KAAM CHALA. ha ha haha

Itney mein Manju breakfast lekar aagay or hum teeno beth kar breakfast karney lagey. Breakfast karte huai Akash ke ankehn manju ke boobs per hi lagi hui thi, Wo aisa dekh raha tha jaise ke meri wife ke bra ko utar kar abhi boobs choosney lagega.

Me : Manju please come and sit on my lap.. Meri god mein aakar beth jao.

Manju chup chaap meri thighs per aakar beth gaye or hum dono saath mein breakfast karney lagey.. Akash lagataar Manju ke badan ko dekh ratha tha..

Tabhi meine manju ke dono galon (chicks) per butter laga diya or uske badan ko apni bahaon mein lekar butter ko uske galon per se chatney laga. Manju sharma gaye or boli .. Kya kar rahey ho darling.. its not right.. Mein bola its okey darling let me eat the real butter. Phir meine uske galon per se pura butter chaat chaat kar saaf kar diya..

Akash yeh sab dekh kar mast ho raha tha or apna lund pant mine hi ragar raha tha.. Manju bhi sharma sharma ker kabhi kabhi uske taraf dekh rahi thi..Meine again uske galon per butter laga diya.. Yeh dekh kar Manju ne apni ankhen band kar le or apne gaal mere face ke liye aagey kar diye…

Me : Mera stomach to full ho gaya hai darling.. Yeh ab Akash ke liye hai..

Yeh Sun kar Manju mere goad mein se uchal gaye.. What are you talking about I dont think its right Manju boli.

Me : Kyon kya Akash ko bhook nahin lagti hogi..

Meri baat sun kar Akash ke ankhon mein chamak aa gaye , Akash bhaut exited dikh raha tha, soch raha tha ke ab kya hoga ? Meine apni wife ko apne goad se uttar diya or ishara kiya.. Manju chup chap Akash ke goad mein jakar beth gaye.. Akash shuru mein to ek dam hakka bakka reh gaya magar phir usne bina koi sharam kiye Manju ko apni dono bahon mein jakad liya.. Or mere or dekh kar bola Buddy thanks a lot for this butter… Akash ne apne tounge se dhere dheere meri wife ke chicks ko choosna or chatna shuru kar diya..

Apni nangi wife ko apne dost ke bhaon mein dekh kar mera lund Salute de raha tha.. Mein janta tha ke Akash ka lund mere wife ke ass mein pinch pinch kar raha hoga.. Akash regular Manju ke lips or chicks ko chat choos raha rha.. Manju ke ander se sexy sexy awazey nikalne lagi.. Mein samaj gaya Manju abh garam ho rahi hai.. Akash ne apne haton se Manju ke shoulder or breast ke upar ke hissey ko masalna shuru kar diya tha..Manju ke dono ankhen band thi or wo sexy sound nikaal rahi thi.. Pura ka Pura butter Manju ke face se saaf ho chuka tha magar Akash to Manju ko chorney ka naam hi nahin le raha tha.

Me : Bas Bas Bas.. Please Akash dekho butter kab ka saaf ho cukha hai..

Akash : ha ha ha ha Thanks a lot Amar again for sexy breakfast.

Humne apna breakfast pura kiya. Meine Manju ko apne goad mein utha liya or bola Yaar Akash I m very sorry for you but Muje apni wife se raat ka hisaab usool karna hai.. Or mein apni wife ko lekar bedroom ke taraf janey laga.. Akash bola okey you two do your work I am also leaving for my work.. Raat mein miltey hain. Mein Manju ko lekar apne bedroom mein agaya or khoob chudai ke.. Manju day by day exited hoti jaa rahi thi.. Har baar uski choot jayada se jayada wet hone lagi thi.. Mein bhi thori der baad office chala gaya.

Raat ko jab mein wapas aya tho dekha ke Akash or Manju kitchen mein batein kar rahey hain.. Manju ne blue top or jeans pehne hui thi or wo baton ke saath saath khana bhi bana rahi hai.. Mein samaj gaya Manju ab Akash ke saath frank honey lagi hai .. Uski problems Akash ko lekar solve hone ke stage per hi hain or ab kabhi bhi Akash ka lund Manju ke choot mein ghus sakta hai.. Dono hans hans ke batein kar rahey they ke mano wo husband wife hon or mein koi doosra mard.. Meine dono ko hello kiya or bedroom mein fresh honey chala gaya. Phir dinner ke baad hum teeno drawing room mein beth gaye or baatein karney lagey .. Meine baaton ka topic sex ke tarfa kar diya..

Me : Akash tum ko to bhaut hi pareshani hoti hogi without wife..

Akash : Haan yaar magar kya karoon koi solution bhi to nahin hai.

Me : Solution hai na .. Tum koi prostitue kyon nahin le atey .. Muje or Manju ko objection nahin hai..

Manju : nahin .. ! yeh koi problem ka solution nahin hai.. Akash tum doosri shaadi kar lo.

Me : Magar darling Manju shaadi ek din mein nahin ho jati or jab tak iska kya hoga..

Akash : Koi bhi meri help karne ko tayyar nahin hai..

Me : Manju kya tum Akash ke help karogi..

Manju : No its not my job.. Mein kyon karoon

Me : Yaar bas hasthmathun he kar do .. yeh kush ho jayega

Manju : Amar Are you mad.. Meine aaj tak kise doosrey mard ka haat mein nahi liya hai,, Yeh mere bas ka kaam nahin hai..

Akash : My dear friend Amar don’t force her.. Shayad mein aise hi mar jaoonga.. Choro yaar ..

Itna keh kar Akash utha or guest room mein chala gaya. Mein bola : Manju darling its not fair .. tumko kuch to uska khayal hona chaiye.. he is my best friends.. Hum dono apne bedroom mein dress change karke bed per let gaye.. Manju ne Black nighty or uske ander white color ke bra or panties pehne thi. Mein apni wife se chipak gaya or usko choosne laga. Meine jaise hi uske nighty utarney ke koshish ke to usne mera haath hata diya.

Manju : Aaj mein uske haath se hi yeh nighty utrawanogi or us mard ko hi satisfy karoongi jiska lund lumba hoga..

Me: Kya matlab ?

Manju : Chalo mere saath ..

Manju ne mera haath pakda or muje lekar guestroom mein aa gaye.. Akash bed per beth TV dekh raha tha. Humdono ko dekh kar uske ankhon mein chamak aa gaye.

Manju : Akash meine bhaut socha magar mera dil tumharey liye maan hi gaya.. but now its depend on your luck.. Dono mard mere saamne khade ho jaao.

Mein or Akash Manju ke samne khade ho gaye.. Manju pehle mere taraf badi or mere lips ko choosne lagi .. uske haath mere chest per rubbing karney lagey mera lund khada ho gaya.. .. Phir wo Akash ke taraf gaye or uske lips ko choosney lage or apna haath uske lund per masalne lagi.. Akash ka lund bhi pant mein hi khada ho gaya..

Manju hum dono ke samney khadi ho gaye or boli.. Tum dono mein se jiska lund lumba hoga ukso hi mere se satifaction milega.. Agar Amar ka lund lumba hua to ofcourse wo mera hubby hai meri puri body uske liye hi hai, Amar jaise chahey muje use kar sakta hai……Magar Akash ka lund agar lumba hua to mein usko handjob present karoongi or Akash mere teeno (bra panties or nighty) mein se jo ek chez chahye uttar sakta hai..

Hum dono ne turant apni pant utar de or underwear mein khade ho gaye.. Dono ke underwear mein tent saaf dekh raha tha.. Manju agey badi or sabse pehle usne mera under wear utar diya.. Mera 6? lumba lund ekdum erect khada tha.. Manju ne apne soft soft haton se usko rub kiya or phir wo Akash ke taraf chali gaye. Manju pehle apni knees ke upar beth gaye or dheere dheere uske underwear ko utrane lagi .

Akash ka underwear utartey hi uska lund spring ke tarah Manju ke face ke theek samne khada ho gaya.. Uske lund 9?lumba or coke ke bottle jitna mota saaf deekh raha tha. Lund ke head per pani ke kuch boondey latki hui thi.. Manju uska lund dekh kar boli Wow Akash its very impressive. Phir Manju ne dono ka lund apne dono hathon mein liya or size ka comparision kiya.

Manju : I am very sorry Amar … but Akash is the winner today.. or tumko aaj bina muje touch kiye hi sona hoga..

Manju : Akash ab tum bato .. Mera koon sa vastr utarna chahte ho..

Akash : Manju please come here .. Mein khood hi utranonga..

Manju Akash ke samne ja kar kahdi ho gaye .. ok its your choice. Manju boli.. Akash ne Manju ke nighty mein haat daal diya or bra ke hook khol diye.. Manju samaj gaye or dheere dheere bra ko nighty ke ander se hi utar diya.. Manju ke bade bade boobs ab clear view mein nighty ke ander se dekhe ja sakte they. Manju ne Akash ko bed per betha diya or uske lund ko apne soft soft hathon se upar se neeche rubbing karne lagi..

Akash to mano satwe aasman per tha.. Aaah oouuu uiii wah maja aa gaya.. Akash siskiya le raha tha.. Dhere dhere mere wife apna face bhi mere dost ke lund ke kafi kareeb le gaye … Manju rubbing ke doran regular Akash ke ankhaon mein ankhhen dal kar dekh rahi thi.. Manju or Akash dono ke breathing kafi fast ho gaye thi.. Phir mere wife ne thoda oil apne hath per liya or Akash ke lund per rubbing shuru kar de..

Akash bed per pura let gaya or Manju uske dono legs ke beech beth kar uska lund rubbing karti rahi.. Kareeb 10 minute ke rubbing ke baad Akash ke haat Manju ke boobs ko nighty ke bahar se masalne lagey. Manju janti thi ke aisa karne se wo jaldi hi jhad jayega or islye usne koi objectin nahin kiyaa.. Kafi der tak Manju Akash ka lund oil laga laga kar rub karti rahi or uske haath mere wife ke boobs ko masalte rahey..

Akash : Manju darling please fast fast karo mein jhadne wala hoon..

Manju ne rubbing ke speed bada de or phir theek 1 minute baad Akash ke moo se janwaron jaise awazey aney lagi. Manju samaj jaye wo jhadney wala hao.. Achanak sprem ke pichkariyan nikalney lagi or Akash ka lund Jhad gaya.. Akash to mano pagal sa hi ho gaya tha.. Aaah oooou Aaah God you are so genious Manju Aah.. Aah Maja aa gaya meri jaan… Akash ka sara paani meri wife ke haathon me aa gaya tha…Manju bed se uth gaye or apne haath doney ke liye bathroom mein chalie gaye.

Akash : Amar what a wife you have yaar. She will be real tigress in bed.

Me : Yes Akash she is naturally hot. Dekha kitne mast hain Manju ke soft haath… Tumko 10 minute mein hi jhaad diya. Or kahin choot hoti to tum 2 min bhi nahin ruk sakte they… 1 minute mein hi tumhara lund paani chor deta… ha ha ha

Akash : Wow agar Manju ke choot is lund ko mil jaye to sawarg ka nazara ho jayega yaar. (Akash ne apna lund hath mein lekar kaha)

Itney mein Manju bathroom se wapa aa gaye or boli..

Manju : Akash tumne to 1/2 kilo sprem mere haton mein bhar diya tha.. Lagtha hai kafi time se store kar rakha tha..

Akash : Haan koi 1 month se to haath se bhi nahi nikala tha

Mein janta tha ke ab dono kafi open ho chukey hain or lund choot sperm jaise batein dono ke liya koi special baat nahin hai.

Me : Chalo darling ab chal kar sotey hain..

Manju : Ai Mister ! dont take me wrong. Tumko ab kuch nahin milega .. jisko jo milna tha mil gaya ( uska ishara Akash ke taraf tha)

Me : Theek hai phir ek kaam kartey hain. Kyonki hum dono ke beech sex to honey wala nahin hai isleye. Kyon na aaj Akash bhi humarey saath humarey bed per so jaye.. Kal National holiday hai raat ko gappey ladayenge..

Akash : Yes you are right Amar..

Manju : Okey theek hai, magar dono mein se koi bhi kisi tarah ke shaitani nahin karna okey…

Akash and me : Ok samaj gaye..

Hum teeno bedroom mein aa gaye or Manju bath lene ke liye chali gaye.. Meine bed ka ek corner or Akash ne doosra corner pakad liya .. Kyonki rajai do hi thein islye ek rajai meine or ek rajai Akash ne le le.. Hum dono let kar aapas mein batein karne lage to dekha Manju naha kar bahar aa chuki thi.. Manju ne sirf ek long tshirt pehne hui thi jo uske knees se kuch upar hi thi..

Pehele mein soch ke shayad bra or panties tshirt ke neeche nahin hain lekin jab wo kareeb aye to bra straps or panties ke straps dekh rahey they.. Manju aakar hum dono ke beech let gaye or meri rajai mein ghus gaye. Ab mein or Manju ek doosrey se chipak kar lete huai they.. Hum teeno kafi der tak idhar udhar ke batey kartey rahey…

Thori der baad muje neend ane lagi or meine light off kar de.. koi 2 pm meri neend khul gaye to dekha ke Manju mere badan se lipat ke so rahi hai.. night bulb mein usk face saaf dekh raha tha .. Akash bhi apni rajai le kar bed ke edge per so raha tha, magar uska face humari taraf tha.. Meine Manju ke thunder thighs per haath pherna shuru kar diya.. Magar Manju kafi gehri neend mein thi .. Dhere Dhere meine Manju ke panties ko utarna shuru kar diya..

Manju ab bhi kuch respond nahin ka rahi thi.. Panties compeltely remove karne ke baad meine Manju ke Tshirt or bra ko bhi utar diya.. Manju ke complete glory mere saath razai mein nangi padi thi.. Ab mere dil mein phir ek sharart suji. Mein utha or apni rajai le kar sofa per aakar let gaya.. Udhar Manju bilkul nangi khuli padi thi.. Sardi jayada honey ke waja se uske aankh khul gaye or neend mein wo rajai doondne lagi.

Neend mein hi uske haath Akash ke rajai aa gaye or wo Akash ke badan se apna badan laga kar lipat kar so gaye.. Akash bhi neend mein hi tha or dono ko kuch pata hi nahin chala ke kya ho raha hai.. Mein apni rajai lekar bed per akar let gaya . Couple ek doosrey se chipak ke dobara se mast so raha tha.. Mein janta tha ke Akash ko kuch feelings to hui ke kuch ho raha hai.. magar uske neend us per jayad effetive thi..

Mein bhi thori der bad dono ko dekhta dekhta so gaya.. koi subha 5 bajey meri neend khuli to mein dekha ke dono apas mein kuch batein kar rahey hain or hans rahey hain.. Mein neend mein honey ka natak karney laga. Manju or Akash ek doosrey se liptey huai batein kar rahey they.. beech beech mein Akash apne lips uske lips per chipka deta or dono phir hasne lagtey… Dono halkey halkey batein kar rahey thi.. meine sunney ke koshish ke..

Akash : Manju darling tum bhaut mast ho .. ek baar apne pura nanga badan dekha dona..

Manju : Shutup .. jitney maze lene they tumne le liye.. ab chup chaap nahaney nikal jao.. Apne lund ko peeche rakho puri raat meri choot ke upar ja kar pada reha.. Ab bhi takkar mar raha hai..esko mere choot se door rakho..

Akash : Ek baat kahoon bura to nahin manogi..

Manju : bolo

Akash : Tumhara hubby so raha hai .. kyon na hum kuch masti karein..

Manju : Masti se matlab

Akash : Ek saath nahatey hain hum dono aaj..

Manju : No and never

Akash : Kya problem hai .. Jab hum dono nange let sakte hain to nange nahaney mein kya jata hai

Manju : Nange lete jaroor hain.. magar abhi tak tumne mere badan ke real parts nahin dekhen hai .

Akash : To kya hua .. Ab Dekh loonga

Manju : No is not fair.. Mein tumko apne boobs or choot ke jhalak nahin dekha sakti..

Akash : Acha teek hai .. Tum panties and bra pehen lo phir dono nahate hain..

Manju : its okey tum jao mein aati hoon

Akash ke bathroom mein jane ke baad Manju ne panties or bra phelne. Phir dhere se uth kar bathroom mein chali gaye.. Dono ne ander se lock band kar liya.. Men uth kar darwaje ke pass gaya magar sirf shower chalney ke awaz hi aa rahi thi. Meine key whole mein se dekhne ke koshish ke magar kuch saaf nahin dekh raha tha.. Ouuuuch Manju ke cheeck sunai de.. Please Akash aise mat kar yahan soap use mat karo.. Mein samaj gaya Akash mere wife ke mast sexy badan per sabun laga raha hai..

Thori de baad phir Manju ke siskiyan sunai dene lagin.. Aisa lag raha tha mano wo mere wife ke badan se lipat ka uske lips ko choos raha ho.. Kyunki Manju ke siskiyan tabhi nikalti hai jab wo garma hoti hai.. Kuch na samaj aney ke waja se mein bed per hi aakar let gaya or sone ka natak karne laga ..

Mein ab kuch kuch jealous bhi feel kar raha tha.. around 1/2 hour baad darwaza khula or Akash bilkul nude halat mein apne nange badan ko towel se ponchta hua aya or bistar mein let gaya. Uska lund khada hua saaf dekh raha tha.. Phir Manju bathroom se bahar aaye usne panties or bra pehne huai thi or uska badan soap ke smell se mehak raha tha..

Manju : Akash please apna face doosri taraf kar lo Muje apni panties or bra ko change karna hai yeh geeli ho gayen hian..

Akash : Okey but come in my quilt after change.

Manju : theek hai..

Manju ne almirah se new black color ke panty or bra nikal le or jaldi se change kar liya.. Mein sab kuch dekh raha tha or mera lund mano bed mein ched karney ko tayyar betha tha.. Dono soch rahey they ke mein so raha hoon. Manju phir wapas aakar Akash ke hi rajai mein let gaye.. Dono phir se chipak gaye. Akash ne manju ke galono or lips per kissing karna shuru kar diya tha.. Tabhi Akash ke haath rajai mein harkat karney lagey..

Manju : Don’t do this..

Akash : Kya problem hai.

Manju : Muje accha nain lagta.. Yeh sirf mere hubby ke liye hi hain..

Akash ne shayad Manju ke panties or bra mein haat dal diya tha..

Akash : Accha kam se kam hips ko to hathon mein lene do..

Manju : Okey

Akash ne Manju ke sexy hips ko apne dono hathon mein bhar liya or keech kar Manju ko apne badan ke upar leta diya. Phir couple ne kissing shuru ho gaye. Akash ke haath regular mere wife ke sexy hips ko masal rahey they. Waise dono ke upar rajai thi magar phir bhi uske haath Manju ke hips or ragartey huai saaf dekh rahey they. Kafi der tak dono kissing or ek doosrey ke body rub kartey rahey.. Akash to Manju ke hips se apne haath hataney ka naam hi nahi le raha tha..

Akash : Darling please mera lund jhad do..

Manju : Theek hai mein oil le kar ati hoon..

Manju bed se uthi or room mein oil search karne lagi. Kafi der oil search karne ke baad pata chal ke oil to neeche guest room mein hi reh gaya tha.

Manju : Choro Akash mein tumko ek surprise deti hoon.

Akash : What

Maju bed per chad gaye or usne mere friend ke par se puri rajai hata de..Manju ab Akash ke tangon ke beech ja kar beth gaye Akash ka 9? lumba lund erect ho rakah tha.. Manju ne usko apne haton mein le kar rub karna shuru kar diya..Tabhi ek boond lund ke top per chamakney lagi.. Manju ne Akash ke ankhon mein dekha or dheere se apni tounge se wo boond saaf kar de..

Akash ke to siskiyan nikal gaye.. Ouuuuuuuuuu aaaaah oh my god darling suck me please suck me.. Manju ne Akash ka lund apne moonh mein liya or sucking shur kar di.. Akash bistar per tarapney laga jaise ke kise bicchu ne usko kaat khaya ho.. Aaaah Aaaah… Maja aa gaya.. Chooso or Chooso… Saath Saath Manju ne apne hantho se bhi lund ke rubbing start kar de. Manju bhi ab kafi garam ho chuki thi. Kafi speed se sucking karne ke baad Akash Jhad Gaya.. I m coming I m coming keh kar Akash ke lund ne apna fooara Manju ke moonh mein dal diya..

Manju : Besharam bata to dete.. sara ka sara maal mere moonh mein hi daal diya.

Akash : Oh darling Manju aaj to maza aa gaya kasam se.. Aaj ka din meri life ka sabse accha din tha..

Manju phir uth kar fresh honey chali gaye. Thori der baad wo meri rajai mein ghus gayi.. Manju ne muje uthaney ke liye mere shoulder per kissing shuru kar de.. Mein janta tha ke wo ab garam ho chuki hai or uski choot ko lund ke jaroorat hai.. Akash leta hua yeh sab dekh raha tha.. Meine bhi uthne ka natak kiya or bola What happened darling.

Manju : I am feeling hot Please fuck me.

Me : Akash ke samney hi

Manju : haan magar please rajai mat hatana..

Meine Akash ko aankh mari. Manju apni panties or bra utar chuki thi.. Mein uske upar aa gaya or apna lund uske choot ke door per rakh kar bola.. Please look into thr eyes of Akash.. Akash or Manju dono ek doosrey ko tak taki laga kar dekh rahey they ke mein ek hi jhatkey mein apna pura lund Manju ke choot mein ghusa dia.. Aaahhhh Manju chilla padi..

Akash : Wow kya tareeka hai chudai start karne ka Amar.. Phele he shot mein cheeck nikal de.

Me : Oh my god.. Akash tum imagine nahin kar sakte ke kitne wet hai Manju ke choot is time.

Akash : Muje bhi ek dip do to pata chaley..

Manju : You both shut up .. Please fuck me darling.

Me : Ooooooooh Akash swarg ka najara mil raha hai yahan to.. (Meine Akash ke taraf dekh kar bola)

Akash : Amar you are a lucky son of bitch.. Tumhary pass bhaut mast maal hai har raat bistar garam karney ke liye.. Dost

Me : Darling muje rajai mein garmi lag rahi hai.. Please thode se rajai hatane do ..

Meine apne half waist ke uper se rajai hata di.. Mera purpose yahi tha ke fucking karte time Akash ko Manju ke hilte hooye boobs ka nazara mil jaye.. Manju phele jo apne nange boobs Akash ke samne dekh kar kuch hichkichali magar phir shaant ho gaye.. Mein apne dost ke ankhon ke saamne apni wife ko khoob jam kar chod raha tha. Akash ke eyes to mere wife ke boobs or face expression per se hatney ka naam nahin le rahi thi.. Mein Jhadney ke kafi kareeb tha. I am coming I am coming keh kar meine apna lund apni wife ke choot mein khali kar diya.. Mein Manju ke upar hi dher ho gaya..

Me : Maja aa gaya aaj to darling. Kya slippery choot ho rahi thi tumhari..

Akash : Manju kya mein tumhara badan dekh sakta hoon .. Muje chudi hui ladies ka badan dekhne mein bada maja ata hai .. Kyonki chudne ke baad aurat ka badan ekdam mast ho jata hai..

Manju : Nahin .. Bilkul nahin ( manju moonh chera kar Akash se boli)

Manju ne apne panties or bra rajai ke ander hi pehel leye or bath lene chali gaye. Akash or mein ek doosrey se batein karney mein mast ho gaye.. Thori der baad mere wife towel mein lipti hui bahar aakar tayyar hone lagi.. Akash bhi guest room mein wapas chala gaya. Breakfast ke baad hum teno TV per kuch channels dekhne lagey.. Akash bola Kyon na aaj movie dekhne chalein.. hum teeno theater per movie dekhne chaley gaye… Movie ke baad humne dinner bhi bahar hi kiya. Raat ko atey ate kareenb 8 baj gaye.. Fresh honey ke baad teeno drawing room mein beth kar batein kar rahey they ke topic sex per meine phir se change kar diya..

Me : Akash tumne kabhi sexy indian movie dekhi hai..

Akash : Haan ! Magar quality acchi nahin hoti..

Me : Quality se matalb.

Akash : Yaar un films mein kaam karne wali ladkiyan bilkul bekar hoti hain.. Chud Chud kar bura haal ho chuka hota hai unka.. Islye maja nahin ata.

Me : Kaise ladi ko film mein dekhna chahte ho..

Akash : Manju jaise..

Me : What nice idea yaar.

Manju : Shut up Akash..

Me : Yaar ek idea hai. Kyon na hum dono mil kar ek film banayein .. Mere pass sony ka movie camera bhi hai.. Mein or Manju sex karengey or tum movie shoot.

Akash : Why not .. thats a great Idea..

Manju : No and Never Mein Akash ke samne nude nahin honey wali..

Me : Kyon yaar Manju what is your problem Akash tumharey saath nude halat me so chuka hai.. Ek jahak dekh bhi chuka hai.,. or tum janthi ho ke wo kitna faithfull child ke tarah se behave karta hai.. Wo tumhe koi problem nahin dene wala hai..

Manju : Magar

Me : Magar wagar kuch nahin .. be ready with in half and hour time

Meine almirah mein se movie camera nikal kar setting shuru kar de.. Manju ke liye blue nighty and red panties and bra select kiye gaye.. Manju bathroom ja kar unko change kar rahi thi .. Yaar Manju why are you changing it in bathroom.. Abhi sab kuch yahin bedroom mein utarney wala hai.. Mein bola..

Meri baat sun kar Akash ke chehrey par hansi aa gaye.. Manju blue nighty mein ekdam khoobsoorat lag rahi thi.. Uske boobs bra mein jakde huai or thunder thighs ke beech mein red panties kayamat dha rahi thi.. Nighty ke flismy honey ke waja se panties or bra saaf dekh rahi thi..Manju aakar bed per beth gaye.

Me : Listen movie ke story yeh hai ke.. Akash Manju ka pati hai. Mein Amar Akash ka dost.. Shuru mein mein camera shoot karoonga or hubby(Akash) apni wife ke purey kapde utarega.. Kapde utraney ke baad wo apni wife ko garam karega or phir Amar (friend) ko invite karga usko chodne ke liye.. Phir tum camera operate karna or mein chudai karoonga okey..

Manju : But Akash Please dont try to touch my body so deeply okey.

Akash : Don’t worry Manju.

Mene Action kaha or movie camera shoot karna start dar diya. Akash Manju ke pass bed per jakar beth gaya.. Dono mein kuch der baat karney ke baad kissing shur ho gaye.. Akash ke haath Manju ke back or hips per puri tarah se cha gaye they.. Wo dono haton se mere wife ke hips ko kabhi ragarta to kabhi dabata.. Kabhi back ko masalta to kabhi bra hooks ko cherta..

Me : Akash Please remove her nighty.

Akash ne kissing karte karte Manju ke nighty ke button kholney shuru kar diye.. Manju bhi ab siskiyan le rahi thi.. Mein janta tha ke wo bhaut jaldi garam ho jait. hai.. Sare button khulney ke baad nighty jameen per padi thi.. dono regular kissing mein liptey huai they..

Me : Akash Please take it easy yaar. Manju bhaut shy hai. Sabase jayada sharam isko jab ati hai jab yeh realize karti hai ke koi mard iske choot or boobs or dekh raha hai. Please now remove her bra

Akash ne bra ka hook khol diya. Manju ke bade bade boobs ka wajan na sambhal pane ke waja se bra bhi nighty ke saath jameen per thi. Akash ne kissing band kar de or peeche ke taraf ho kar Manju ke boobs ko tak taki laga kar dekhe laga.. Manju sharma ke or peeche ho gaye..

Me : Now its turn for her sexy panties.

Akash apne keens ke bal beth gaya or apni dono unglion ko Manju ke panties ke elastic mein phansa kar Manju ke ankhon mein ankhen dal kar dekhne laga.
Akash ke tammana aaj puri hone ja rahi thi .. Puree ek saal baad usko choot ke darshan honey ja rahey they.. Meine camera Manju ke panties ke or close kar diya.. Please remove it Akash mein bola. Akash ne dheere dheere panties ko Manju ke sexy thighs se utar diya.

Wow what a sexy pussy you have Manju .. Akash shouted.

Look at the pussy lips, its made in heaven.. Akash again shouted.

Yeh sun kar Manju aur sharma gayi.. Meine Akash ko ishara kiya. Akash ne Manju ke nange badan ko apne bahaon mein utha liya.. Manju ne apni ankhen band kar rakhi thi,,, Mein janta tha ke kise doosey mard ke haton mein nanga honey ke waja se wo bhaut hi sharma rahi hai.. Akash ne meri wife ko bed per leta diya..

Me : Please open her legs Akash..

Akash ne Manju ke toes ko pakad ke uske thunder thighs ko khol diya.. Ab Manju ke choot saaf camera mein dekh rahi thi.. Clean shaven only a line of strips of hair over there. Wow Amar.. Manju ke choot dekh kar to mera lund pant paad raha hai Akash bola..

Me : Now Please take this camera its my turn..

Akash ne camera le liya or shoot shuru kar diya.. Meine apne saare kapde uttar diye. Mein bed per chad gaya..Manju ankhen band kiye bed per leti hui thi..

Akash : Wait a minute Amar.. Muje is khoobsoorat bala ko jara nude halat mein camera mein catch karne de please.

Akash ne Manju ke badan ke har jagah ke video lena shuru kar diya.. Manju ke choot or boobs uske khaas attraction rahi.. Akash itna exited ho chuka tha ke usne camera bed per rakha or bola Yaar Amar don’t mind mein bhaut exited hoon ek kiss to jaroor karoonga.. Manju ne sharam se apni ankhen phele hi band kar rakhi thi.. wo soch rahi thi ke shayad Akash uske lips per kiss karega..

Magar Akash ke mind mein kuch or hi tha.. Akash ne jaldi se Manju ke choot apne moonh mein bhar le or around 5 second tak suck bhi kar diya.. Manju ko pata chal ke wo Akash hai to wo uchal kar beth gaye or boli.. This is not fair Akash.. dont touch me .. Tum movie bana rahey ho or wo hi kaam karo..

Phir Akash ne camera le liya or mein apna lund lekar Manju ke upar chad gaya. Meine Manju ke 1 hour tak jam kar chudai ke or Akash movie shoot karta raha. Meine missionary to kabhi doggy or kai style mein apni wife ke choot ko peeta. Chudai ke saath saath Akash muje kuch or steps bhi bata raha tha magar usme Manju ko problem hui to meine nahin kiye.. 2 baar Manju ke choot mein jharney ke baad Hum dono wahin per chipak ke so gaye or Akash apne room mein chala gaya.

Next day jab meri neend khuli to dekha Manju already shower mein naha rahi hai.. Mein bhi shower mein ghus gaya or dono ne saath saath bath liya.. Saturday ka din tha breakfast karne ke baad Muje yaad aya ke aaj to Akash ka birthday hai. Meine yeh baat Manju ko batai.. Phir hum dono ne Akash ko birthday wish kiya..

Akash : Yaar tum abhi tak mera birthday nahin bhooley.

Me : Yes my dear friends. Kaise bhool sakta hoon. Mein daily dairy padta hoon or sab friends ke birthday usme likh rakhey hain..

Akash : Yaad hai college time mein hum kis tarah ek doosrey ko birthday gift mein watches shoes etc dete they..

Me : Yes sab yaad hai..

Akash : To Aaj kya gift kar rahey ho.. ha ha haha .. I am just joking please dont mind

Manju : Chalo aaj Akash ka birthday saath mil kar manate hain

Phir hum teeno market chale gaye.. Humne birthday cake ka order diya or wine bhi rakh le.. Kuch der shopping karney ke baad hum ghar per aa gaye.. Manju ne special chicken for dinner prepare kiya. or humne saath mil kar 7 baje dinner kar liya.. Phir birthday cake kata or hum dono ne mil kar Akash ko cong kiya or ek ek pack wine ka bhi laga liya…Manju to mano mast ho rahi thi wine pe kar…

Akash : Yaar Maja aa gaya aaj to birthday ka. Kise ne koi gift hi nahin diya

Its already 10 pm .. sari market band ho gaye hongi, mein tumko kal gift kar doonga. Mein Akash se bola..

Akash : Yaar Amar I was just joking .. do not mind.

Akash keh kar guest room mein chala gaya. Mein bola Akash please aaj guest room mein mat sona. Aaj tera birthday hai or hum tumko akele nahin chor sakte, so please come in the bedroom and sleep with us..Akash yeh sun kar humarey bedroom mein aakar bed pet let gaya.. Meine neeche aakar dekha to Manju drawing room mein hi bethi TV dekh rahi thi.

Me : Darling Manju yeh accha nahin hua..

Manju : What ?

Me : Hum Akash ke liye present lena to bhool hi gaye..

Manju : Jaldi Jaldi mein kuch yaad hi nahin raha na jaanu

Me : Accha tum batao uske liye sabse accha present kya ho sakta hai.

Manju : Muje kuch nahin pata. Shayad usko new shirt or pant ke zaroorat hogi.

Me : Nahin ! Usko sabse jayada jaroorat Choot ke hai… Or wo humarey pass available bhi hai..

Manju : Kya matlab ?

Me : Manju tum janti ho ke usne 1 saal se choot nahin mari hai.. or mein yeh chahta hoon ke birthday gift mein usko saturday night to monday morning itni choot de de jaye ke wo apna birthday gift humesha yaad rakehy

Manju : Magar Kaise?

Me : Darling mein chahta hoon ke tum uska birthday gift ban jao.. Tum apna pura badan usko as a birthday gift mein present kar do aaj raat. Mein usko bina kise gift ke nahin chor sakta.. Tumhari body ko paney ke liye wo itney din se bekara bhi ghoom raha hai.. Tum to janti hi ho… Let him experience the sexiest woman in the planet My beautiful wife MANJU.

Manju yeh sun kar ek pal ke liye hakki bakki reh gaye.. Phir boli.. Darling mein tumse bhaut pyar karti hoon Why you want this.

Me : Manju darling its not love .. yeh koi pyar nahin hai,,, yeh to sirf mein apne friend ke sex ke bhook ko kam karna chahta hoon..Tum se accha birthday gift uske liye kuch ho hi nahin sakta darling.

Manju : Magar uska lund bhaut bada hai.. Usne agar muje chod diya to tum phir meri choot se maje nahin le paoge..

Me : Its not right Manju.. Choot mein se itna bada baccha bahar aa jata hai or phir wo wapis apni shape mein aa jati hai..

Manju : Magar wo mere saath sex karega to kya tumko accha lagaega..

Me : Yes darling its my fantasy..

Manju boli OKey darling As you wish I am ready for making myself his birthday present.

Mein khush ho gaya or bhag kar jaldi se apne room mein gaya. Akash wahan per bed per leta hua TV per movie dekh raha tha.. Meine almirah se flismy red color kepanties of bra ka set nikal or makeup ka saamaan bhi rakh liya. Mein drawing room mein aya paint se bra per ‘Happy Birthday’ or panties per ‘Gift’ Likh diya..

Meine Manju se inko pehene ko kaha.. Manju ne apne sare kapde utar diye or unko pehen liya.. Phir meine apni wife ko makeup karne ko kaha.. Usne lips per pink lipstick, toes or fingers nails per red color ke polish ke, body per perfume lagaya, pairon me payal pehne or around 1 ghantey mein Manju ne guest room mein ko tayyar kiya.. Jab mere wife makeup kar bahar aye to meri ankehn phati ke phati reh gaye..

Yeh to kise bhi mard ke liye sabse accha birthday gift hai. Manju ke baal khule huai uske back tak phele they. Pink lipstick, Nails red color polished. bra se boobs bahar jhaank rahey they… or Happy birthday lika saaf nazar aa raha tha.. Panties per ‘Gift’ , Manju ke sexy thunder thighs dekh kar do namard ka bhi lund khara ho jaye.. Nange paon mein payal se cham cham karti wo mere paas aye or boli.. now what you have in your mind..

Mein Manju ko apne saath saath upar bedroom ke taraf le gaya.. Meine Manju ko bedroom ke bahar hi rukne ko kaha. Phir mein andar jaakar sofe per beth gaya. Wo bed per betha hua TV ke channels palat raha tha..

Me : Akash yaar I am sorry but aaj tumhara birthday hum dono acchi tarah se nahi mana paye

Akash : No yaar Amar its alright. Muje koi gift nahi chaiye .. Mein to sift majak kar raha tha..

Me : Akash meine bhaut socha ke tumharey liye sabse achha gift kya ho sakta hai.. Phir muje dhyan aya ke ho na ho sabse accha gift to tumharey liye ek aurat hi hai..Kyonki wo hi tumhari needs ko pura kar sakti hai… Isley My dear friend Akash mein tumhey ek gift present karney ja raha hoon.

Akash : Where is the gift.?

Me : Manju Plese come inside I shouted.

Manju ander aa kar Akash ke samney khadi ho gaye.. Akash Manju ko is halat mein dekh kar hairan ho gay.. or bola what is this Amar..

Me : This lady my sexy mast wife is your birthday gift today Akash … Ab se lekar Monday morning tak meri sexy buxom wife tumharey saathi hi rahege, saath soyege,, saath uthegi, saath nahaige, jo tum chahoge wo yeh karegi.. Ab se lekar Monday morning tak tum dono couple ho or mein gair mard.

Akash yeh sun kar jor se chilaya.. Wow Amar Wow My dear friends What a gift you have given to me.. Kya gift kara hai tumne muje yaar. Is cheez ke to muje sabse jayada jaroorat thi.. Great Amar I am very thankful to you… Yaar

Me : Ab mein ek gair mard hoon tum dono couples ke beech ,,,, Agar tum chaho to muje sofa per soney ke permission de do warna yahan se bhaga do mein guest room mein jakar so jaoonga..

Akash : Nahin gair mard aaj raat tum yahin sofe per so jayo or haan muje or meri wife koi bilkul bhi disturb nahin karna warna gaand pe laat mar kar guest room mein phenk doonga.. SAMJEY

Me : ok sir.

Akash Manju ke saamne jakar khada ho gaya or uske khoobsoorti ko charo taraf se ghoom ghoom kar dekhne laga.. Phir bola Manju my darling my wife Aaj aa gayein tum meri mutthi mein ab to Monday morning tak jam kar tumhari is choot ko maroonga..Manju ke panties per apne hathon ko ragarta hua bola….

Manju ke halat to dekhne wali thi.. Moonh sharam se lal ho raha tha,,,, nervous honey ke waja se nangi gori thighs thar thar karke kaanp rahi thi.. pink lipstics lage lips slowly slowly thar thar kar rahey they..Gora badan bilkul sawdhan positon mein Akash ke agey chudney ke liye tayyar khada tha. Akash Manju ke saamne jakar khada ho gaya or apne dono haathon se patli kamar ko jakad liya or kas ke apne lips ko Manju ke lips per chipka diya…

Kissing shuru ho chuki thi.. Akash lips ko itne takat se choos raha thi ke Manju ka pura badan peeche ke taraf jane laga. Manju ja kar side ke deewar se chipak gaye… Akash regular mere wife ke badan ko apne haaton mein jakde huai zor zor se uske lips ko choos raha tha.. Manju chatpata rahi thi or koi response abhi tak uske taraf se nahin dekh raha tha….

Akash : Wah Amar Wooooo .. Kya maza aa raha hai iske hoton mein.. Aisa lag raha hai jaise ice-cream choos raha hoon…

Keh kar phir Manju ke honton se chipak gaya.. Ab meri wife ka pura face apne dono haanton mein bhar kar Akash ne chumban jadney shuru kar diye. Chumta chumta Akash Manju ke neck or shoulder ko jee bhar kar chatney or kaatney laga. Manju ke moonh se ab sex ke siskiyan nikalne lag gaye thi.. ouuuuu.. ooouuu aaaaaaa aaaaaaa.. ouuuuu ammmm. aaaaaahh.. ouuuuuc. Tabhi Akash ne apne haathon ko Manju ke back per phertey huai uske red bra ka hook khol diya. Manju ke boobs ke wajan se waja se bra sarak kar gir gaye.

Wow What a magnificent Boobs… Kya mast mommey hain meri jaan.. Akash bola

Akash ne thora peeche hokar Manju ke breast ko kuch der tak dekha or bola.. Yar Amar kahan se lekar aya tu aisi mast biwi.. Mein to aaj jee bhar kar in boobs ko choonsonga…

Akash ne Manju ke dono boobs ko apne dono haanton mein bhar liya or dheere dheere dabaney laga.. Manju ke siskiyon ke awaz badal kar karhaney lagi.. Muje pata tha ke meri wife ke boobs agar ek baar koi press ya suck kar de to phir bina chudai karwaye wo reh nahin sakti. Akash ne phir apne lips se boobs per kissing marni shuru kar de.. Wo kabhi left boobs ko databa or right ko choosta to kabhi right ko dabata or left ko choosta..

Manju bhi ab kafi garam ho chuki thi.. Dono mast couple dekh rahey they.. Akash ne apne saare kapde utar diye.. Uska lund 9? lumba or coke ke bottle ke tarah mere wife ko mano jaise salute kar raha ho.
Manju itna mota or lumba lund dekh kar dar gaye.. Usko pata lag chuka tha ke ab yeh iske choot ko taar taar karne wala hai.. Akash ne Manju ka face dekha or samaj gaya ke wo dar rahai hai…

Akash : Daro nahin darling you are my wife.. or wife ko to hubby ka lund apni choot mein lena hi padega.. Ab chahye choot ka size bada hi kyon na ho jaye.. he he he

Manju ko goad mein utha kar wo mere marital bed ke taraf gaya.. Akash ne mere wife ko peeth ke bal bistar per leta deya or uske legs ke pass beth gaya.. Manju ne sharam se apne ankhen band kar rakhi thi.. Mein sofe per betha saaf nazara le raha tha.. Mera lund bhi phatkarey maar maar kar pareshan ho rakha tha..

Akash : What a beauty .. what beauty is my temperoray wife….

Akash ne Manju ke toes ko utha kar suck karna shuru kar diya.. dono legs ke beech betha mera dost aisa lag raha tha jaise koi mard apni suhagraat mana raha ho.. Manju ke dono legs ko khol kar Akash ne thighs per kissing jadne laga..

Dono thighs ko suck karta karta wo beech beech mein panties mein chupi choot per bhi kiss mar deta.. Manju ab sex mein itne utawli ho chuki thi ke uske kamar bed per lachak maar rahi thi… Uske face per sex expression saaf dekh rahey they… ouuuf seeeeeee aaaahhhhhhh woowwwwww oh darling you are great karkey uske awazin nikal rahin thein……

Tabhi Akash ne meri wife ke panties ko bhi utar diya…. Panties ko meri taraf uchal kar bola… Le rakh le ghar ke naukar, or aaj is panty ko apne lund per ragar ragar kar muth maar, Kyonki is panties ke peeche rehney wali choot to aaj meri hai..

Akash ne apna moonh mere wife ke legs ke beech ghosa diya…. Apne angle se muje aisa lag tha tha ke shayad Manju ke choti se choot poori ke poori uske moonth mein hai.. Apne bade se moonh ke ander usne mere wife ke poori choot ko bhar rakkha tha… Akash meri wife ke pink choot aise choos rha tha mano koi bhain ka baccha uske than ko moonh mein bhar kar zoor zoor se choosta hai. Manju to paglon ke tarah se karhaney lagi thi..

Manju ke haath Akash ke sar ke balon ko pakad ke zoor zoor se kheech rahey they… Kya scene ban raha tha.. Dono masti mein joom rahey they or mera lund muj se keh raha tha ke ab jhad ja jhad ja…. Magar mein chudai ko dekhne ke liye utsuk tha.. Akash ne 15 minute choot ko chatney or choosney ke baad chor diya…..Maine sofe se utha kar dekha to nahin magar itne buri tarah chusney ke baad Manju ke little pink choot ab laal color ke ho gai hogi.

Tabhi Akash mere wife ke upar chad gaya or apney lund ke position ko choot ke taraf kar diya.. Sabse pehle mein apni wife ko missionary position mein chodonga Akash bola.. Akash ne apna loda Manju ke choot per tika diya.. Manju lund or choot ke is takkar se uchal gaye…

Manju : Akash Please take it easy.. Yeh bhaut bada hai .. Aram se karna warna yeh lund meri choot ko phad dega…. aaahhhh

Akash ne apne lund ko haat mein pakda or Manju ke choot ke upar ragarna shur kar diya…Manju samaj gaye thi ke ab usko chudney se koi nahi rok sakta..

Akash : Badi besharam aurat ho tummm.. Apne husband ka naam leti ho.. Chalo chup chaap muje honey ya hubby keh kar bulao..

Manju : Please my dear honey.. Muje easily slowly slowly chodna warna meri choot phat jayege..

Akash kafi der tak mere wife ke choot ke lips per apna lund ragarta raha…. Mein samaj gaya tha ke wo achanak se lund dalney ka plan kar raha hai..Tabhi Akash bola

Akash : Upar Dekho chat pe chipkali bethi hai..

Manju ka dhyan chat ke taraf gaya.. Akash samaj gaya tha ke ab mere wife ka mind chat or chipkali per hai.. Jaise hi mere wife ka dhyan bhatka Akash ne apne hips ko peeche kiya or jhatka maara. Akash ka poora 9? lumba mota lund Manju ke pink choot ko cheerta hua andar ghus gaya.. ahhhhhh maaar daaaalaaaaaa…… aaaah phaaar diyaaaaaaaaa. Manju cried in pain.. Aisa laga mano manju ke virgin choot ko dobara se khol diya gaya ho.

Akash tumne to meri choot ko phar diya re .. maan mein mar gayeeee.. ooooouuuuuu..

Akash : ha ha ha ha kaisa laga surprise… Darling agar mein achanak se ke choot ke size ko bada nahin karta to tum subah tak is lund ko apni choot mein nahin janey deti..

Manju or Akash ka sexual parts ekdum chipak chuka tha… Pura lund Manju ke choot mein ghusa betha tha….

Akash ne mere wife ke shoulders ko apne haton mein tha liya, face or lips per kissing karne laga.. Shayad wo apne lund ko kuch der mere wife ke choot mein ghusa kar rakhna chahta tha.. Shayad is tarah se Manju ke choot uske lund ke size ki tarah ho jaye…. Akash ne pura lund dheere dheere pehle baar choot se bahar nikal or phir jhatkey se pura ander daal diya.. Manju pain se phir chilla uthi..

Akash ne koi 10 – 15 dhakkey is tarah marey… Dhere dhere Manju ka dard kuch kaam honey laga tha… Phir usne Manju ko chodna shuru kar diya.. Meri wife uske bahon mein padi chup chaap chud rahi thee.. Thori der mein Manju ka dard bilkul khatam ho gaya or wo bhi ab Akash ka saath dene lagi.. Manju ne Akash ko apne legs se lipet liya… Manju ke sexy legs, un legs per payal, or sexy red painted nails chudai ke time bhaut mast lag rahey they.

Mere ko sirf side view hi dekh raha tha.. Akash slow or tej dono tarah se regular manju ke choot chod raha tha… Manju bhi Akash ko same respond kar rahi thi.. Dono ka sexual scene itna perfect dekh raha tha mano ye couple ek doosrey ke saath kai saalon se sex kar raha ho.. Dono ke sexy awazon se pura kamra goonj raha tha….

Akash : Wow Manju meri Jaan Kya maja aa rha hai… Teri choot to bhaut hi tight hai.. lagta hai Amar se choot ko chodna hi nahin ata .. tabhi to aaj tak yeh itne tight or small hai….. ha hahaha…

Akash : Hey you Ghar ke nukar.. idhar aao..

Mein bed ke saamne aa gya…

Akash : Yahan bed per let jao or chudai dekho…

Mein bed per beth gaya or Manju ke face ko dekhney laga. Manju ka face se ab saaf dekh raha thi ke usko bhi mere dost ke saath sex karney mein khoob maja aa raha hai.. Akash ne apne dakhaoon ke speed ko bada diya.. Tabhi Manju boli fast fast fast please I am coming I am coming .. Mein Jhad rahi hooon … Aaaahhhh Aaahhhhhhh ouuuuuu….ui maa mar gayeeee….

Manju : Akash Kya Mast lund hai tumhara mere jaan.. Or chodo muje or chodo … Meri choot phad do .. meri choot phad do…. Aaj is choot ko itna bada kar do ke phir kabhi isko tumhara lund lene mein koi problem na ho…..

Akash : Haan Haan meri jaan .. dont bother.. Ab tumhari choot ko kise chotey lund se maja bhi nahi ane wala.. (Akash meri taraf dekh kar bola)

Regular dhakon se Manju ke hips bistar mein dhas chuke they..Uske sexy payal pehne legs kabhi to Akash ke hips per hotey,,, to kabhi hawa mein ,,, or kabhi Akash unko apne shoulder per rakh kar choot ko chodta.,,, Akash ke dhakkon ke saath saath Manju ke payal ke bhi slow slow aawaj sunai deti….. Jis jagah Manju ke hips they wahan per se mattress bhi neeche ghus gaya tha.. Akash bina rukey dhakey per dhakey laga raha tha.

Muje laga ke shayad Akash ka lund bhaut jaldi pani chor dega, kyonki 1 saal baad kise choot ke darshan kiye thi uske lund ne.. Magar mein galat tha.. around 20 minute ho chuke they or ab bhi regular mere dost ka lund mere wife ke choot ke gehrai naap raha tha.. Akash fucking ke saath saath kabhi Manju ke boobs ko choosta to kabhi lips ko suck karta..

Muje is couple ko sex karte dekh bhaut hi maja aa raha tha.. Shayad itna accha sex meine bhi kabhi apni wife ke saath nahin kiya tha…..Meine bhi apna lund pant se bahar nikal kar ragarna shuru kar diya.. Manju ne mera lund apne haath mein le liya… Usne socha shayad mere lund ko bhi jhad degi.. Akash se yeh dekha nahin gaya or usne Manju ke gaal per ek tappar jad diya..

Akash : Kutiya ! .. gair mard ka lund pakadti hai..

Manju ne mera lund chor diya.. Meine apne haath se hi lund ko ragarne laga… Mein itna exited tha ke 1 minute se pehle hi mein jhad gaya.. or sara sprem mere haton mein reh gaya.. Mein uth kar apne haaton ko dhoney bathroom mein chala gaya… Bahar akar dekha to Akash ke face ke expression change ho rahey they.. Mein samaj gaya tha ke wo ab Jhadney wala hai.. Tabhi koi das dhakkon ke baad Akash gurraney laga..or usne Manju ko apne badan is tarah se chipka liya ke mano hawa bhi paar na ho paye. aaaah aaahhhhh I am coming

I am coming… .. apne pura lund ka pani meri wife ke choot mein daal diya….Manju bhi saath saath cheeck uthi .. aaaah mein bhi Jhad rahi hooonn … I am coming tooooo.. uuuui maa mar gayeeee.. aaaaaahhh., Jhadney ke baad Akash mere wife ke upar he dher ho gaya.. Manju ke boobs mein uska sar pada tha … Wo bhaut thak chuka tha magar lund ab bhi choot mein hi ghusa betha tha… 10 minute baad couple ka badan alag hua.. Akash Manju ke side mein let gaya…

Meri nazar Manju per gaye to dekha .. wo bed per tange khole position mein padi thi… Aisa lag raha tha ke jaise dono sexy legs 1/2 hour ke regular chudai ke baad band honey ka naam hi nahi lenge.. Manju ka badan paseeno paseeno ho raha tha.. Akash or Manju ke coupling ke passeeney ki boondey purey milky badan per chamak rahin thein. Baal geele ho kar shoulders or face se chipak gaye they… Akash ne khoob jam kar lips ko choosa tha, islye lipstic ka to kuch pata hi nahin tha or lips ka size khul kar double ho gaya tha..

Boobs or shoulder per katney choosney ke waja se khoon jam gaya tha.. Poore badan ka color white se pink ho gaya tha. Meine dono taango ko or khaul diya or choot ke darshan kiye. Oh my god. Manju ke pink choot ka color badal kar poora red ho rakha tha… Mote lund se chudney ke waja se choot ke lips khuley ke khuley hi reh gaye they.. Choot ke ander kai inch tak saaf dekha jas sakta tha.. Akash ka sprem bhi mere wife ke choot se ris ris ke bahar aa raha tha.

Manju behaal bed per padi thi.. Aisa lag raha tha mano kise ne uska rape kiya ho… Manju ke choot ke neechey ke chadar poori geeli ho chuki thi ,,meri wife chudai ke doran 4-5 baar Jhad gaye thi or saara pani chadar per hi beh gaya..

Meine camera nikal liya or is halat mein uske kuch snaps le liye.. Dono besudh bed per pade thi.. phir Akash ne mere wife ko apne badan se chipka liya .. Darling kuch der rest kartey hain..Akash bola…around 1 ghantey dono ek doosrey se chipke rest karte rahey…

Akash : Chalo nahaney chalte hain..

Manju : Yes mere badan ka bura haal hai.. Garam pani daloongi to kuch relief hoga…

Akash : And you .. ghar ke naukar hum don ke liye kuch khaney or tea ka praband karo… itne hum apni wife ke saath naha kar ate hain ( Akash muj se bola)

Dono ek doosrey ke bahon mein bahein daley nahaney chalye gaye… or ander se door lock kar liya.. Mein neechey kitchen mein aa gaya or omlete or tea bananey laga.. raat ke 2 baj rahey thi.. magar mein janta tha ke itne chudai ke baad dono ko bhook lag rahi hogi.. or abhi agey bhi Akash Manju ko chorney wala nahin hai.. Mein khana le kar room mein pahuncha to dekha Manju or Akash ek doosrey ke bahaon mein liptey padey hain .. Dono ke badan per kuch bhi nahin tha.. Akash Manju ke nipples suck kar raha tha or uske finger choot per design bana rahi hain.

Me : Sir or Madam .. Aapka khana..

Akash : Theek hai table per rakh do or wahan sofe per apna bistar le kar so jao… Abhi humne or masti karni hai..

Phir dono ne saath beth kar omlete bread khaya or tea pi… Mein apni rajai lekar sofe per let gaya.. Muje neend bhi bhaut aa rahi thi.. Akash or Manju dono ek hi rajai mein ghus gaye.. Thori der tak dono ke halki halki awazen aa rahi thi or muje neend aa gayi.. around 4 baje meri neend khuli to dekha Akash mere wife ko doggy style mein chod kar rha hai.. Manju dard se chilla rahi hai.. Aaahh Akash yeh position to bhaut dard de rahi hai … Please upar se hi chod lo na…… Akash bola Nahin meri darling Manju thori der mein tumhe is position mein bhe maja ane lagega…

Mein samaj gaya ke shayad poori raat yeh couple sone wala nahin hai… Muje phir neend aa gayi… Phir meri neend 8 baje khuli to dekha Akash bed per leta hai or Manju uske lund per beth kar chud rahi hai..Wah Wah kya maja aa raha hai meri jaan Manju… Apne gaand ko gol gol ghumao phir mere lund ko or maja ayega Akash keh raha tha.. Mein phir so gaya shayad raat kafi late soya tha islye.. Subah jab 11 baje meri neend khuli to dekha dono bed per nahin hain or shower mein se awazein aa rahi hai..

Mein samaj gaya ke ab ke baar chudai shayad Shower mein ho rahi hai..Mein uth kar doosrey room mein nahaney ke liye chala gaya.. Shower lene ke baad mein kitchen mein breakfast tayyar karne ke liye aa gaya.. Meine dekha ke dono purey nude halat mein already dinning table per bethey hain.. Dono nude bath le kar shayad mera hi wait kar rahey they..

Akash : Hey servant. Please jaldi se breakfast lagao..

Meinen jalde se breakfast tayyar kiya or table per laga diya.. Dono ne jam kar khaya.. Khaney ke baad Akash or Manju mere bedroom mein chale gaye.. Jate Jate Akash bola

Akash : Servant hum dono ke liye lunch or dinner tayyar kar ke rakhna… or haan disturb karne ke jaroorat nahin hai.. Neend aye to guest room mein hi so jana.. Muje or meri wife ko koi bhi disturbance nahin chaiye. SAMJE..

Me : Okey sir..

Phir dono ne ander se room band kar liya.. Meine lunch or dinner ka order bahar se de diya or guest room mein akar so gaya.. Dono ne khoob jam kar poorey din or next raat ko chudai ke.. Mere guest room tak bhi kabhi kabhi Akash ke lund ke Jhadney ke or kabhi Manju ke siskiyon ke awazein ati rahin…..

Monday morning Akash ne Manju ko muje wapas de diya.. or bola .. Thank a lot dear friend AMAR.. Agar tum muje yeh gift na dete to mein pagal hi ho jata.. Tumhari wife Manju ek real beauty hain .. Muje iske badan ke saath bhaut maza aya.. or mein yeh gift humesha yaad rakhoonga.. Keh kar Akash apne personal work se bahar chala gaya.. Monday night uske return flight thi…

Mein Manju ko apne room mein le aya or phir Manju ne muje apna experience bataya.. Manju ne Akash ke bhaut Tareef ke or bataya ke kis tarah usne usko 10-12 baar choda..

Manju : Akash ka lund hi ek real lund hai… Yeh dekho usne meri choot ko real woman choot banaya hai…

Meine dekha Manju ke choot khul kar kafi badi ho gaye thi.. or Akash ke real lund ke waja se lips regular opened dekh rahey they…

Manju : He is a real main .. Akash ne muje pyar bhi kiya or choda bhi… Uske har naye action mein shuru mein to muje dard hua.. Magar phir maja bhi bhaut aya

Phir Akash ne monday night apni city ke liye flight pakad le.. Jate jatey Manju se bola .. Please Manju bura mat maana ek baat kahoon..

Manju : Haan bolo..

Akash : Ek kiss karna chahta hoon..

Manju ne apne lips ko agye kar diya..

Akash : Arey pagli yahan nahin…..

Manju : to phir kahan… and she start smiling..

Akash ne mere wife ke sari ko utha diya or nangi choot per dheere se kiss karke bola.. Good bye.

Sasurji Ka Swadisht Virya Aur Peshab Ka Cocktail

Hi mera naam hai kanchan hai. Ye meri pe pehli hi lekin dhamakedar story hai jo apke lund aur choot ko pani chhodne pe majboor kar degi. Mai dikhne mein kafi khubsoorat hu. Gora chitta rang, unnat uroj aur sexy niyamb meri khasiyat hai. Mera figure 36” 26” 38” hai. Dekhne wale aur mere jankar muze aksar kahte hai ki mai asin ki tarah dikhti hu. Ab mai aapka jyada waqt jaya na karke sidhe story pe aati hu.

Yeh baat tab ki hai jab meri shadi ko 2 saal ho chuke the Aur mai aur mere pati jo hamesha hi sexk bhuke hote the kisi ko hamare bich mein aane nahi dena chahte the. Aap meri baat ko samze nahi mera matlab hai family planning ka, sex ka bharpur maza lene k liye hamane shadi k agle paach saal tak bacche ko taal diya tha. Jab kabhi mere patideo muze chodte the to jhadne k waqt vo apna lawda mere muh mein dete the jise main chus chus kar unka safed garha virya apne muh mein nikal k chaw se kha jati thi.

Unke lund maharaj ka Prasad hota hi itna tasty tha ki main hardam use pine k liye mari jati thi. Unka takriban 1 katori virya nikalta tha safed safed garha garha jise main billi ki tarah chat jati thi. Aise 2 saal tak main unka hazoro litre virya gatak chuki thi. Abhi to story shuru hone ki hai aur tum sabka pani chhut gaya arey sabra karo aur rok kar rakho baad mein aap sabhi ka bhi ek katori nikalega. To baat tab shuru hoti hai jab mere sasurji hanumant singh pehalwan hamare ghar rahne aaye the.

Meri saas ka swargwas hone k baad vo gaon chhodkar hamare hi paas rehne aagaye. Jaise ki naam hai waise hi unki kadkathi thi. Sale ka badan abhi bhi jawan launde ki tarah tha kasa hua. Wo vaise to bahut sharmile swabhaw k the aur main to har kisi se jald hi ghulmil jati hu. Shuru shuru me main to unki kafi respect karti thi par Baad me muze pata chala ki vo kis had tak tharki tha. Ek baar mere pati ko kisi jaruri kam k liye foreign trip par jana tha ek mahine k liye

Mere pairo tale to jamin khisak gayi kyuki agle ek mahine tak mai bina chude aur bina virya piye rehna tha. Muze aisa lag raha tha ki kash vo apne lawde ko yahi chhod ke jaye aur phir mai din bhar use apne muh me liye rahu par uska kya matlab hota unka lawda led( virya) kaha se paida karta. Jate jate unhone do bar mere muhme apne karodo bacche chod keg aye jinhe me kha gayi. Unke jane k baad muze bahut suna suna lag raha tha. Me rat ko aksar apne chut main kakdi ya

Lauki daal k shant hua karti thi ye karte hue main aksar unke lund ko yaad karti thi.ek din mai apne gaun ko utha k kakdi apne chut me dala karti thi lekin us rat muze mahsus hua ki aisa karte hue muze koi dekh raha hai vo koi aur nahi mere sasurji the.muze kato to khun nahi aisa lag raha tha.sasurji ko bhi pata chal gaya tha ki maine unhe dekh liya hai to unki himmat badh gayi vo mere pas aagaye aur kahne lage ki tum itne din se tadap rahi ho lekin ek bar bhi tumne muze kyu nahi bataya shayad mme tumhari madad kar deta.

Mai to sharma hi gayi sasurji k is khule nimantran pe lekin chut me aag bhi lag gayi ye sun k. phir unhone direct hi apna pahjama niche khaska diya aur apna 12” inch ka land mere muh k paas la diya aur kahne lage bahu ise apna hi samazo aur aisa kehte hi unhone apne lund ki chamdi pichhe ghichi aur unka lal lal supara jo ki ras tapka raha tha muze dikh gaya aur mere muh me pani aagaya maine bina soche samze use muh me le liya aurlagi chusne. Vo awaze nikalne lage. Aisa me unhe 20 min tak chuste rahi tovo bole are me kahi jar aha hu kya chhod de bad me muh me leke so jana ratbhar.

Mene unka lund muhse nikala phir unhone mere kapde nikale aur mere muh me apni jibh dal di jise me maje se chus rahi thi is tarah hum 10 min take k dusre ki jibh chuste rahe.phir vo mere stan pe bhid gaye aur is kadar chusa ki mere nipple lal lal ho gaye. Aisa karte hue vo mere chut me ungliya bhi kar rahe the. Phir eka ek unhone me4e chut me lund daal diya mana ki vo bhosda ban chuki thi par phir bhi unke ghode jaise lundne to meri cheekh hi nikal di. Phir vo meri chut marne lage.

Aisa unhone muze kayi style me choda aur me tin baar jhad gayi par vo to tas se mas na huye. Phir unhone kitchen me jake ek pani ka khali jug lekar aaye. Me unka irada samajh nahi payi. Vo phir se mere chut pe bhid gaye aur 15 min chodne k bad unhone apna lund mere chutes nikala aur jug me lejake muth marne lagi phir ek chikh me unhone jaise virya ki peshab hi jug me kar di. Mein unke hath se jug lene hi wali thi par unhone kaha ruk ja abhi tere liye dish puri tarah tayyar nahi hai.

Mai bus halki si hasdi . phir unka lund aur tan gaya aur vo meri gand par bhid gaye jaise hi unka lund meri gandki deewaro ko phadta hua andar gaya meri cheekh hi nikal gayi. Phir vo muze kas ke chodne lage aur 15min bad vo phirse jug me jake jhad gaye takriban 1 glass to garha safed pure taja virya jug me tha me to muh pe jaban pher rahi thi bus. Phir vo kahne lage cocktail piyegi kanchan bahu. Maine kaha ha shuk se piyugi jitna doge utna kam he. Phir vo us jug me mutne lage jug bharta gaya aur baki ka unhone mere muh me direct hi chhod diya kafi maja aaya

Muze ki kais eek lund mere muh me peshab chhod raha hai. Phir vo bole le bah uteri dish tayyar . maine dekha matmaila pila rang ka juice tha sasurji k lund ka. Aur me use pine lagi, aah kya swad tha uska maja aagaya. Mai pura pi gayi aur sasurji se kaha ki roz muze 5 bar to bhi cocktail pilana.phir mai unka lund bacche ki tarah muh me leke so gayi. To dosto kaisi lagi kahani agar aap muze mail bhejoge to agli kahani aur romanchak hai ek hint detihu ki sasurji ne mere sath food sex kiya aur apne virya ka omlet khilaya peshab k sath. So please reply me..

Bhabhi ne mere ko aur maine apni sagi bhabhi ko kaise choda

Kaise maine apne bhabhi ko choda ek sacchi kahani. Hi ke dosto bahut sari kahaniyo ko padhne k bad mere vi khayal aaye ki kiyu na mai apne sath bite hue ghatne ko aap logo ko batau dosto ye hakikat hai na ki koi kahani to dosto ab mai aap logo ko apni sexy bhabhi jo ki hemamalini ki trah dikhti hai uske bare mai sunane ja raha ye meri apni bhabhi hai enka nam rupa hai aur. jiske sath maine pahla chudai kiya aur kaise aap log sunye

Ye bahut hi romanchak ghatna hai jise sunkar aapke lore vi khare ho jayenge. mera nam mai enka pyara devar asish hu.bat un dino ki hai jab mai 10th class mai padhta tha mai us samay tak chhadi nehi pahanta tha kiyu ki mujhe ye sab kuchh pata nehi tha mai us samay 18 years ka tha aur meri bhabhi 25 years ki hogi jo ki meri apni bhabhi thi bhabhi mujhe bahut pyar karti thi apne bete k jaise mai jab vi hostel sai ghar jata wo mere liye achha -2 khana banati mujhe apne hatho sai khilati

Aur dosto mai tha bhi ek masum bache ki trah mai hamesa bhabhi ki god mai ya fir hamesa un k pass hi rahta tha wo mujhe bacha samjhti thi aur aap log soch rahe honge ki mere bhaiya k bare mai to wo gaw mai nehi rahte thai wo delhi mai rahte thai aur wo sal mai 1 ya 2 bar hi gahr aate thai mai jab vi ghar jata bhabhi mujhe bahut care karti thi ek din ki bat hai ye december ka mahina hoga 2002 ki bat hai mai bahar mai ghar k barmade mai so raha tha mai wahi soya karta tha us samay mujhe ek ganda adat lag gaya mastram ka digest padhne ka jisme ki bhabhi related bahut sara story hai maine bhabhi ko wo story padh

K chodne ka plan banaya fir kiya tha mai ek rat ghar pe savi k khana khane k bad bhaabhi sai bola bhabhi mujhe aaj oil malis kar do mujhe pura body dard kar raha hai maine aapko pahle bataya ki bhabhi mujhe bahut manti hai so bhabhi boli haan thik hai sab ko kha lene do fir mai aapka malis kar dunga savi kha liye mere ghar pe ek bara bhai aur maa savi kha k sone chale gaye fir mai entjar karta raha utna thand mat puchho kitna aur us thand mai maine pre plan banaya maine apna sara kapra utar k sirf ek patla sa towel

Phan k so gaya bhabhi 1 ghante bad savi ko khila k khud vi kha k aai aur sarso k tel (oil) ko gram kar k lai savi so rahe thai fir bhabhi nai puchha kaha tel lagana hai maine bola mera pura per hath chest savi jagah laga do bhabhi to mujhe bacha samjhti thi so unohne khud rajai k andar ghus k tel lagana chalu kiya pahle per pe fir ghutne pe fir janb unhe fil hua ki mai andar kuchh nehi pahna hu to unhone ek bar anjane mai mera lora (lund) ko chhu di jisko ki mai care nehi kiya fir wo esi trah tel lagati raahi fir jab unhe pata

Chala ki mai jawan ho chuka hu to mere kambhawana ko bharkane k liye apni sai ki pallu hata di jis sai unke orange colour k blouse saf dikh rahe thai fir mai vi to ek larka tha mera vi kambhawana jag utha wo mazak sai boli ki udhar vi tel laga du kiya maine bola nehi fir wo mazak sai mere lund (lora) ko pakar li jo ki us samay 6 ya 7” lambi hogi mujhe exact pata nehi hai but avi mera 9” jayda ho gaya hai fir kiya tha wo jab mere lund ko pakri mai kuchh nehi bola aur wo uske sath chher chhar karne lagi thora bahut uska

Vi malis ki mera wasna jag chuka tha aur mai sirf bhabhi ki chuchi hi dekh raha tha chuchi dekh mera wasna aur vi jag raha tha dil kar raha tha avi enke blouse ko far du par koi vi kam dhire sai karne mai maza aata hai so maine wait kiya fir mai bola bhabhi pls aap mere sir k pass betho mujhe aapke godi mai sona hai waise to mai hamesa unke godi mai soya karta tha but avi mera niyat kharab tha wo jab sir k pass aai mai unke godi mai sir rakha unhe vi thand lag raha tha but wo ese bardast kar rahi thi pata nehi sayad

Unka vi man hoga mujhse chudwane ka kiyu ki unko vi bahut dino sai lora nehi mila tha fir mai unke godi mai so gaya aur muh ko unke pet (navi) sai sata k kisss karne laga jab mai kis kar raha tha waha tak maf tha bhabhi kuchh nehi bol rahi thi bcaz that was allowed fir mai apna ek hat unke kamar k pichhe le ja k khub jor jor sai kis karne laga aur unko bola bhabhi puppy do na to unhone apna gal badha diya fir mai ek hath jo unke kamar k pichhe tha usko ghuma k unke blous k upper sai hi unka boobs yani ki unka chunchi press karne laga sayad unhe vi maza aa raha tha esiliye usne kuchh nehi bola fir jab mai unke

Chunchi ko press kar raha tha aur unke belly yani ki peyt mai kiss kar raha tha sayad bhabhi sai bardast nehi hua aur wo apna honth mere honth sai sata di fir mai kafi der unka honth chusa pagal ki trah unhe vi maza aa raha tha aur mera kam aur unka jayda chal raha tha ye 10 minute tak chala hoga fir bhabhi uth kar jane lagi to unke gale ka chain jo ki gold ka tha shadi wala wo mere gale k chain sai fans gaya jo ki bhabhi ko rukne pe sayad majbur kar diya fir maine unka hath pakar liya bhabhi boli ruko mujhe ye

Chhudane do nehi to tut jayega fir bhabhi jaise hi chhudai mujhe honth pe fir sai kis dene lagi mai kis mai madhos tha ki bhabhi sudden uthi aur chali gai unka room bagal mai hi tha barmade k bagal mai maine unse bahut request kiya par wo nehi mani aur fir boli mai tumhe rat mai jagaungi avi agar bhaiya ya mummy uthenge to pakre jayenge fir bhabhi chal e gayi aur mai kisi trah hath sai hila k soya jab bhabhi jane lagi to maine unhe apni kasam diya mujhe yaakin nehi hua wo rat k 1 baze mere honth pe apna

Anguli ghuma rahi thi jab mera neend tuta to mai chownk gaya aur maine bhabhi hath pakar liya bhabhi boli ruko mai bathroom sai aati hu wo bathroom gai aur wo turant apne room mai ghus gai jo ki mere bagal mai tha jab bhabhi uthi thi to sirf orange color ki peticot aur orange color ki blouse mai thi jo ki bahut sexy lag rahi thi meri pyari bhabhi jab wo apne room mai ghusne lagi mai unka ek hath bed par soye soye hi pakra magar wo chhitak k nikal gai tab mujhe bahut dard hua aur mujhse bardast nehi hua

Wo ja k apna room lock kar li fir maine unka room ko sirf ek finger se nok kiya kiyu ki jayda awaz hone sai bhaiya ya mummy jag sakti thi so mai sirf ek finger sai nok kiya aur bhabhi nai vi aram se room khol di fir kiya ek ek lamp jo ki gaw mai jalta hai adhiktar gaw mai light ka problem hota hai aur maine wo light mai dekha bhabhi ko peticot aur blouse mai dekhkar mera lund 90* k angel mai mere towel k andar khara ho gaya kiya movement tha yaro mai ja k unse lipt gaya jo ki aam bat tha mere liye wo mai hamesa

Kiya karta tha but on sari not in peticot aur blouse fir maine unke galo pe hontho pe aur gale k charo traf kis karna chalu kiya karte karte bhabhi ko mai bola bhabhi agar aap ye blouse ko khol do aur jayda sexy lagogi bhabhi sirf muskra rahi thi mai bolte bolte unke blouse k huk pe hath chala gaya aur 1 2 3 4 savi ko khol diya fir andar mai ab mere pyare sai gora mast chunchi jiski avi vi yad aata hai to lund khara ho jata hai white bra k andar tha jo ki bra sufficient nehi tha usko dhakne k liye fir maine bhabhi ka blouse ko

Dono hatho sai nikal diya fir meri bhaibhi aur vi sexy dikh rahi thi dil to kar raha tha khare khare chod du magar mai koi vi kam aram sai aur achhe sai karta hu to for mai bola bhabhi agar aap esko vi khol do bra k upper hath rakh k to aap aur vi jayda sexy lagogi bhabhi ne kuchh nehi bola aur mera hath pichhe chala gaya bhabhi k chuchi ko azad karne k liye sayad bhabhi k salo ki echha aaj puri hone wali thi kiyu ki wo salo sai nehi chudwai thi jo ki aaj mai unka pyara sa devar pura karne ja raha hu fir kiya mai ne bola

Bhabhi k kamar mai hath dal k bhabhi aap aur sexy dikhogi babhi boli ab aur kiya kholna bacha hai maine bola bhabhi mai aapko model banata hu aap avi mere liye model banogi fir ek hi jhatka mai bhabhi k peticot ka rasi maine kheech diya aur wo pura niche gir gaya avi mer bhabhi ek sexy chhadi colorfull chhadi mai jo ki mai hi bazar sai unke liye kharid k laya tha sirf usme bachi thi aur sath sath mera chunchi k sath chusan vi chal raha hai fir mai ek hi jhatke mai bhabhi ko god mai uthaya aur bed pe la k patak diya aur khud unke upper aa gaya fir mai bhabhi k chunchi (boobs) k nipple ko dant sai kat raha hu chaba

Raha hu chus raha hu bhabhi ko vi maza aa raha tha wo vi mere lund ko pakar li aur hath sai khichne lagi main unke boobs ko etna chusa ki wo pagal ho gai aur boli dal do pls dalo mujhe bardast nehi ho raha hai mai unke chhadi ko khol k nikal diya aur wo mere lund ko pakar k khud apne andar dali jab mai unka chhadi khola udhar bahut sare bal thai bhabhi k jhant bhabhi ne un jhanto ko saf nehi karti kiyuki wo gaw mai rahti hai bhabhi apne chut (boor) k andar khud mera lund le li ab mera bari tha mai jaisa hi dhaka

Lagaya bhabhi rone lagi sayad unko dard hua tha wo boli pls nikal lo mujhe dard ho raha hai mai nikal liya fir dubara mai dala esbar vi unko dard hua but esbar mai nikal nehi paya kiyu ki mai khud bahut jayda excited hi chuka tha mai thora aur jor lagaya to adha k aas pass lund andar chale gaya fir bhabhi rone lage bhabhi boli dard kar raha hai mere raja but mai unka sun nehi paya aur mai unke boobs ko chusne laga fir unko thora sayad aram mila hoga mai jor ka ek aur dhaka lagaya pura nadar bhabhi k muh

Sai jor sai awaz nikal gaya aur mai dar gaya ki kahi koi jag na jaye aur hum dono waise pare rahe but koi jaga nehi bhagwan ka lakh – lakh sukr hai fir mai bola karu ya nikal lu bhabhi boli karo magar dhhire dhhire mai karne laga dhhire dhhire fir wo khud bolne lagi aur jor sai karo mere raja aur jor sai mai vi apna jor laga diya sata sat pachapach awaz thap thap ho raha tha jo ki sayad room sai bahr nehi nikal raha tha fir kuchh der bad maine apna sara virya unke chut k andar hi chhor dala fir bhabhi ne uthkar apna chut

Apne dono hatho sai dhakne lagi mai bola sarm kiyu mere rani avi to mai tumhe choda hu fir sarmati kiyu ho fir maine unke hath ko unke chut aur jhanto jo ki saf nehi karti hai us pe sai kheech k hata diya aur dekha ki kitna virya nikla hai uke bad wali rat maine kaise apne bhabhi ko lund chusbay jo ki wo karna nehi chahti thi but maine unse apna lund chusaya agar aap janna chahte hai to mail me mai likhunga nehi to mai samjhunga aap logo ko achha nehi laga so mai nehi likhunga. kiyu ki ye lund chuswana k liye

Mujhe bahut mehnat karna para kiyu ki gaw mai ye sab possible nehi hai but maine kiya aur kaise kiya ye bahut hi romantic hai .ye 100% real story hai aap logo ko viswas karna hai to karo nehi to mat karo but yehi hakikat hai.